Meg and Manel's Hope

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Manel is a Vulcan OC I came up with from the Kelvin Universe films. He falls in love with Meg and they have a very, very complicated relationship. I'm going to take all the blurbs and random things I wrote for them and make it a proper story as I figure out how posting here works. As of now this is mostly blurbs from roleplays and ideas.

Even by Vulcan standards Manel is serious faced. Extremely so. But he is also curious and fascinated by other forms of life. He grows to want to see the galaxy and other ways of life beyond Vulcans much to the dismay of his family.

Meeting Meg and eventually falling in love only made that much worse.

For now some angst.


Thinking about Star Trek Beyond and the destruction of the Enterprise. Meg and Manel have had a skirting relationship. Keeping distance and never really knowing how the other feels. She becomes convinced that it could never work and after the destruction of Vulcan she forgets the idea entirely. It’s selfish to even dream of otherwise. Of course he would leave to help his people why would she doubt it?

But Manel joined Starfleet to learn about life outside of Vulcan. He wants to live and see the galaxy from other perspectives. He loves her genuine view of the world and how openly she expresses herself. He comes to love the ways the galaxy exists so freely. He loves her but knows their relationship would be complicated and painful for her. And his refusal to be married on Vulcan strains his family. He regrets it even more now. He tells her all of this and quite frankly breaks her heart. Then suddenly everything changed.

When Vulcan is gone and his family is dead he’s lost. He doesn’t know what to do and stays with Starfleet as he tries to decide. He knows his duty and the logical thing to do. But he’s scared and feels like his choice was taken from him. He wanted to talk to Meg as he always felt he could but he knew she lost interest in him. At such a desperate and painful time he's ready to collapse and almost dies from the loss of familial Bond and all the others. His brotherhood with his crew and love for Meg keeps him alive.

When she found out he might die she gave herself for a mind meld without question. Their complications and fighting didn't matter so long as he was alive.

When Krall destroy the Enterprise everything changed. All that mattered was surviving and finding her. She needed to live. After everything he lost, even if they couldn’t be together, he couldn’t lose her too.

The entire ship began to keel over sending everything flying to the wall. In an instant all was fire and screeching metal. Sense of direction and gravity getting ripped away and shattered.

Meg: screaming she grabs onto a console as her crew mates fall and hit the rails with horrible crunches. Thinking fast she grabs onto Dylan’s collar as he slides by and uses all her strength to pull him up. Her joints snap in pain from the effort but she ignores it her fingers clawing at his shirt, “HOLD ON-”


Manel: in the engines he watches people fall and hit the pipes hard, having just caught his own balance fast enough to not join them. They become unmoving corpses on impact. Bellowing over the crashing sounds he knows the protocol, “GET TO THE PODS.” He grabs an older mans hand and lifts him up to safety ignoring his muscles straining in pain.


Meg: helping as many into the escape pods as she can, she fights through her bleeding shoulder. Tears sting as smoke pierces her eyes. “GET IN.” So many are dead. She can hear the hull ripping open. Screams get sucked out of people’s throats. Realizing it was too close to engineering she cries out in horror, “MANEL-” She can’t hear the others telling her to come back and get in a pod.


Meg: she grabs Manel bythe face their hesitancy no longer important. “Your alive-”

Manel: taking hold of her hands he looks at her seriously not letting his emotions of relief distract him. “Get into the pod-”

Meg: she fights his grasp and touches his face shaking her head “Not without you!!”

Manel: he reaches for hers and nods once “Meg. We have seconds before another wave-”

Meg: crying in terror scared she was going to lose him like she thought she had when Vulcan was destroyed “Please-”

Manel: leaning in closer his forehead touching hers knowing she needed the comfort and doing his best not to shake. “I will find you after.”

Meg: sobbing now, she grabs at the back of his neck holding him close “Don’t lie to me!!”

Manel: easing her into the pod firmly

“I could never.”

Meg: shaking hard she nods once and grips his hand hard. Terrified it would be the last time. But she trusted him, whispering was all she could do, “o-okay-”

Manel: he let’s go of her hands with a nod as the door closes and she takes off in an instant
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