Art Exhibit Opening stardate 220807 (7Aug22), log

The Denkiri Centre for Creativity was established on Astraios Prime in the early months of 2422 as a means of outreach to the scientists, philosophers, artists, engineers, and designers who dwell in the Gamma Quadrant. Its philosophy was inspired by the Terran author Gene Roddenberry, who had, in the 20th and 21st Century, envisioned a universe in which sentient life forms would gather to share knowledge, conduct research, and improve the quality of life for all. The Centre hosts brainstorming sessions, organizes an open lecture series, manages artistic exhibits, conducts tours, and works to enhance the immersive environment through building, scripting and developing knowledge of the sector and quadrant.
Meeting Times: Tue 1030 hrs & Fri 2200 hrs Pacific 2x/month
Commanding Officer: Poison Toocool
Executive Officer: Astro Balut

Moderators: Poison Toocool, Astro Balut

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ACTIVITY: Art Exhibit Opening
HELD: Stardate 220807, 12 noon 3RG/SLT
LOCATION: Astraios Art Gallery, UF Starfleet Astraios.

Artist: Lizzy Austen / Lizzy Gracemount
Host: Poison Toocool
Ali Gator
Alia Soulstar
Breydon Lane
Dolfke Barbosa
Ellemir Maven
Han BoShi
JayR Cela
Kassi Quandrii
Keely Scrumptious
Lan Nakajima
Pauline Nova419


[12:19] Poison Toocool: We are here today to open the third art exhibit we have at at Astraios since this lovely building became our Art Gallery. Today I am pleased to present Commodore Lizzy Gracemount, aka Lizzy Austin, aka Diana Hickman. Lizzy is not only a long-time member of United Federation Starfleet, as demonstrated inside the gallery, she is a talented real life artist. Lizzy, would you like to say a few words?
[12:20] Poison Toocool: smiles
[12:20] Lizzy Austen: smiles
[12:21] Keely Scrumptious: **Applauds**
[12:21] Lizzy Austen: I'll just share a little about my process and reasons why I do art.
[12:21] Lizzy Austen: Each piece captures an emotion poured onto the page in a meaningful way. It has become a way to escape the realities of my life.
[12:21] Lizzy Austen: There are days when I miss a loved one so deeply that I drown in it. These are the days that I turn to art to express my emotions. My usual go-to for relief is a canvas and medium representing what I am feeling at the time.
[12:21] Lizzy Austen: It is a chaos wrangler that pulls me out of the abyss of whatever pain I feel.
[12:22] Lizzy Austen: My biggest inspirations are butterflies, roses, and cats, but also my loved ones and movies or shows on Television.
[12:22] Lizzy Austen: Cats are unique in that they are simple creatures. That simplicity can bring order to the world around you. Roses are inspiring because they are beautiful but yet they have thorns.
[12:22] Lizzy Austen: They show that everything has a good and a bad.
[12:22] Lizzy Austen: That with beauty comes the ugly.
[12:22] Lizzy Austen: That with care and love, even the thorniest rose can become something beautiful.
[12:23] Dolfke Barbosa: (( /me doubs heavely Cats are just "simple" creatures ... ))
[12:23] Lizzy Austen: Butterflies have to be the most inspiring.
[12:23] Lizzy Austen: My art represents my struggle with PTSD and anxiety. My art is deeply emotional and meaningful to me.
[12:23] Lizzy Austen: I usually start with a light pencil drawing. I want to get the shapes down and what the piece will be before I lay pen to paper. I want to capture my feelings without the interference of color or ink before I begin.
[12:23] Lizzy Austen: Once I have the piece shaped out on the canvas, I begin to decide how I will capture the emotion.
[12:24] Lizzy Austen: I either go with the ink, oil pastels, or watercolors. Sometimes I will include all black with a splash of color representing an emotion I am facing.
[12:24] Lizzy Austen: Basically, art is my therapy.
[12:24] Breydon Lane smiles.
[12:24] Keely Scrumptious: **Applauds**
[12:25] Poison Toocool: Thank you Lizzy, for saying those lovely and moving thoughts with us, and for allowing us the privilege of having your beautiful work here to grace the Gallery for the month of August.
[12:25] Ellemir Maven: Thank you for sharing your work with us Lizzy
[12:25] Kassi Quandrii: Your work is exquisite - and thank you for telling us of your process
[12:25] Lizzy Austen: I'm glad I could share it with you all.

Don't miss this beautiful exhibit! Pop by anytime to check it out.
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