TranqRP-A003 - A Royal Problem

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Stardate: 220731 (Sunday) @1000 hrs SLT
Prepared by: Rich Lombardia
1. Mission Briefing
2. Status Report & Current Orders
3. Important Participation Notes
4. Supplemental Information


Admiral's Log,

We have manged to locate and secure Ul’Raq shortly before a second assassination attempt was carried out. The fleet flagship Intha’Qod will be arriving within the hour with expectations to take their new Empower home. Ul’Raq has asked for political asylum and does not want to return to Quelthonia nor become the next Emperor. He just wants to marry and spend the rest of his life with his love, a Bolian woman that is dear to his heart. This is a simple matter of duty versus love. The solution, however, is not so simple.

I have to weigh the needs of the many. The trade arrangement is critical for the Federation and a step closer to securing an alliance. Should one of Quelthonia xenophobic competitions take the throne, it could undo everything we have achieved. There is also the fact of an assassin that is loose on the station and has already killed one Starfleet officer in their attempt to kill Ul’Raq. I want this person found and learn who hired them.

Computer, end log

Location: SS Tranquility
Report for Duty: Tranquility Ops
Alert Status: Green
Damage: None

STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)
Note: if your name is not listed, do not worry. We will add you to a team.

Operations: Attend briefing
Engineering: Attend briefing
Science: Attend briefing
Medical: Attend briefing
Security: Attend briefing
Intelligence: Attend briefing
Marine: Attend briefing
Cadets: Assist the relevant dept
Civilians: Be Civil
Guests: Report to Department Chief of assignment

Ships Assisting: None

1) Joining in late? Not sure what to do? Talk with others in your branch/division/department to be briefed. If they are unavailable, contact the CO/XO to get an update and request assignment.
2) Have a major twist you'd like to implement? IM the Mission Creator (who wrote the briefing)
3) Don't want to participate? Make sure to observe only and not interrupt the Roleplay

Confused about the mission? In this section, you'll find background supplemental information about our mission, the area of space we're in, supporting ships, and so on that you can use to help build atmosphere and add detail when participating or to your logging, if you like!

Quelthonian Empire
Quelthonians are humanoids with golden eyes and horns sweeping back from their foreheads. They classify themselves as an Empire that rule about a dozen star systems. Their technological level is slightly below that of the Federation. They are ruled by an Emperor, a title that is passed down to the oldest born heir, male or female, who then marries from one of the great families.

There isn't much more known about their history or culture, as they have been previous very xenophobic. Even after opening up trade, they prefer to use a proxy destination called Charon's Beacon to conduct all their trading. Non-Quelthonian ships are prohibited from entering Imperial space.

Ul’Raq is well liked and a respected composer/ singer that performs weekly at various places on Tranquility. He has performed on a few Federation owned worlds, but tends not to stray too far from Tranquility. He's as well known for his debauchery as he is for his singing. Post performance parties are extremely exclusive. The stories of what happens behind closed doors are vastly becoming legendary. There have been more than a few angry husbands, wives, mothers and fathers that have sought him out after they learned of a loved one attending his party.

Overall, he hasn't had much of a run in with Security except to request protection from the above-mentioned situations. He is a lover not a fighter as he quotes. He is the 8th child of the late Emperor, and had no thought of ever needing to fulfil a duty in the line of succession.


"Fear of failure is the greatest hurdle to achieving success." - Rich Lombardia

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RAdm Rich Lombardia CO
Fleet Capt Jorden Allen XO
Cmdr Kestral Roffo 2nd officer
LT Cmdr Oola Quan OPS
LT Cmdr Erika Lancetti Intel
LT Cmdr Romy Magic Tactical/Security
LT Ellemir Maven OPS
LT (jg) Ferre Flamand Science
LT Cmdr Dr. Narek Siva'nek Medical

Mission Name: Alpha-Shift - A Royal Problem
Stardate: 220724 10.00
Report by: LT Romy Magic
Link to Mission: viewtopic.php?f=986&t=33757


=/\= MISSION LOG =/\=

Today we gather at Tranquilliy's Ops Center, at the mission brief would continue with the issue of the assassination attempt of Ul’raq,
The eighth in line for the Quelthonian throne was reluctantly left after a massive natural disaster killed all seven people before him. Ul’raq is a known musician and playboy type, more interested in parties than ruling. We learned that he recently fell in love with Agna, a Bolian woman and was planning to leave together and marry, something his people forbid. Ul’raq had obtained a device that hides his life signs from sensors in an attempt to escape unnoticed. Someone is trying to kill him and we need to find out who is behind it.

Someone is using explosive drones to target him based on DNA. The investigation thus far revealed the drone is a Dopterian model, but some sleuthing revealed the explosive was Flaxian. Only one casualty so far which was a member of JAG that shared an interest in Agna. However, we ruled out his involvement. He was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time when the drone exploded.

Since we have secured Ul’Raq who has now requested political asylum. He has no desire to return to Quelthonia and be crowned Emperor. From a political standpoint this puts us into an awkward situation as we only recently opened trade with his people after his predecessor went against his people’s native xenophobia. Although this decision didn’t receive as much widespread opposition as he expected there were still several vocal groups, especially among the noble houses. The Federation is concerned that if Ul’raq doesn’t become Emperor, someone from the opposition will take the throne and end their relationship with the Federation

However we cannot allow our own needs to dictate the fate of Ul’raq. His request for Asylum has to be taken seriously and measured against his situation with the Quelthonian Government.
RAdm Rich Lombardia will be meeting with him shortly but we have a major investigation to locate the assassin. The Quelthonian flag ship should be here within an hour or so.

We have a lot of things to do:
- Intelligence and Ops: need you to go through the files of every Dopterian and Flaxian on the station or on Pinastri. Start with the ones who have criminal records or known associations with criminal or ‘questionable’ organizations.
- Security, needs to check flight plan and logs of all ships that have been to Dopterian, Flaxian and/or Quelthonian in the last two weeks. This is a long shot, but we might get lucky.
- Science and Medical, these drones are tracking Ul’raq by his DNA. We need a way to mask that so they can’t lock on to him. There is also the ‘how’ we need to discover. Those drones can’t have the sensor capacity to find one person’s DNA over 1550 decks and thousands of people unless they are plugged into our own internal sensors or have a massive network of private sensors located on each deck.

After the briefing RAdm Rich Lombardia retreated to is office and began to speak to Ul’raq and we began our own tasks.
LT Cmdr Oola Quan, LT Cmdr Erika Lancetti, LT Ellemir Maven and i stayed in OPS, while Cmdr Kestral Roffo, LT (jg) Ferre Flamand and LT Cmdr Dr. Narek Siva'nek went to the new Science lab to do there tasks.

Oola Quan, focused on the Dopterians and Ellemir Maven worked on scanning the Flaxians, and i picked up my PADD and starts checking the flight plan and logs of the past week. Scrolled down to the whole manifest .... nothing so far. Ellemir Maven started to bring up records of all Flaxians currently on the station, or who have visited in the last 48 hours, focusing on those who may have brought in explosives.
Then Ellemir Maven asked me if we have a list of Flaxians who have diplomatic immunity and whose baggage was not inspected when they arrived? I want to focus on the last 48 hours to start. checked the diplomatic records ....not what i saw in the 48 hours
Went back to the check the flight logs .... no logs known .... maybe they are her longer then 2 weeks, Oola checked and saw three ships actually came here and the week before that two ships.
Ellemir Maven continues investigating whether Flaxian explosives can be made using local materials instead of being brought in ready to use. and brings up the chemical formula for the explosive the science team identified, it can't be made with the available material. It must have been brought in. Elle thinks for a few moments, then sends out a subspace message to the flight control centers on flaxia and dopteria to pull 30 days of flight logs and return them to Tranquility to aid in our investigation and she suggested to me, to request a dump of the logs from the systems we are interested in. It might be worthwhile to see if we have any ships that recently visited that do not report they visited one or the other. i said ..... yes please do, we need all the information we can get.
Oola Quan suggested that we look over the record of those ships from the last three weeks and see who or what stayed behind.
And there it was, indeed 3 weeks ago, i tapped on on my her PADD ... but i dint i get any specifications on those flights, dint flight ops asked for more information?

In the meanwhile RAdm Rich Lombardia was in a secure channel with Ul'raq to speak with him about the current situation.
RAdm Lombardia: Ul'raq, Are you there?
Ul'raq: I am Admiral, have you accepted my request for Asylum?
RAdm Lombardia: Its not that easy. I need to understand why you are requesting asylum?
Ul'raq: I thought that was clear. They want to force me to be the ruler of the Empire. I do not and have never wanted to rule the Quelthonian Empire. I hate their rules and xenophobia. It's why I left in the first place.
RAdm Lombardia: You late father was making great strides in changing that xenophobia. It's because of him that you were even allowed here. If you allow another to take the throne, they may undo all the work he did to bring us to that point.
Ul'raq: That can't be my problem. I'm not a leader. I want to marry Agna, do you think they would every allow an Emperor to marry a non-Quelthonian? I'll lose her, I lose my freedom, I lose my right to go where I please. Being Emperor is a prison sentence.
RAdm Lombardia: Your people need you. Your father showed them the benefits to interacting with outsiders and how it can help the empire grow and develop. You may not want your birthright but that is the hand that fate dealt you. It's your duty to take the throne and be the best ruler you can be..... Don't like some rules, why not change them? You will be Emperor. Someone is trying very hard to ensure you never take the throne. Even if you decline your birthright, the royal blood in your veins make you a threat. Whomever is out to kill you will not stop until you are dead. Don't you think you will be safer on Quelthonia?
Ul'raq: Safer? Tell that to the Royal family.
RAdm Lombardia: That was a natural disaster. Fate can be a cruel mistress. One which we can't escape. You are not being persecuted by your government. You are being appointed to their highest office. I don't see how Asylum applies in your case. I'm recommending to Starfleet Commadn that we decline your request. The official word should be ready in the hour.
Ul'raq: You are making a mistake Admiral. and he cuts off the Comms.

RAdm Lombardia came out of his office and asked for a report,
Erika Reported nothing interesting from planet database, Oola Reported looks up and says 'we've found some ships that have stopped here within the last three weeks. Ellemir reported The internal sensors are reporting movement in access tube 4B271 That is adjacent to the secure room where you placed Ul'Raq and i reported we do get some logs, but those where 3 weeks ago and not much specifications

Elle's sensors indicate there are at least three sources moving in the access tube. There are no life signs. Heat signature indicates it is likely to be mechanical. Size is approximately 1 meter x .5 M by .6M. Same approximate size as the devices found outside the station. The devices appear to be moving closer to Ul'Raq sir. she could not confirm they have explosives but it seems a likely scenario.

Most likely they where still tacking them, RAdm Lombardia Contacted Cmdr Roffo, what the status in masking Ul'raqs DNA or altering the sensors was, and had to clear the area as well. We need to minimize casualties. Set up forcefield in there path and when something is in proximity activate another on the opposite side to box them in.

Cmdr Roffo thought thay have a solution, but are waiting on the doctors final say, the doctor said the hypo is set and ready for use.

in de meanwhile elle had opened a channel to the section, had all personnel evacuate level 275 immediately. and sounded Yellow alert for Decks 272-277. As soon as they inject him, i had instruct my security detail to move him to location Gamma, Security inspected location Gamma, and i told them to keep there eyes open.
RAdm Lombardia told me that i was going to need to have the security detail take the "long way" to Destination Gamma. And had to plot a route they can move quick. I calculated the quickest route for my security team, and told them to follow the route that was quicker. Security reports they where following my route and went down the nearest jeffreys tube toward the Gamma location.

Elle reported something interseting. The cousin Cha’Thop, recently returned from a trip to Flaxia. He appears to be on the home planet now though. Cha’Thop would have the money, power and connections to make all this happen. The cousin was travelling on a tramp freighter called the Grevo. And the Grevo is docked at Tranquility right now". according to the passenger manifest from the Grevo. It seems that the trip that Cha'Thop took also lists a passenger named Agna. No other ID given.

Then we heard a Robotic Voice and told: Well done Admiral. I commend you on your ability to keep Ul'raq alive. which the Admiral answered, Who is this and why do you want Ul'raq dead? and uses hand signals to tell ops to trace the call. Elle was able to trace the call and locks the external sensors on the incoming signal to confirm the source, letting the computer plot it on the sector map.

Robotic Voice: Who I am is irrelevant. Why he must die is irrelevant. What is relevant is where I am and what I am willing to do. You re undoubtedly tracing this call. I'll save you the trouble. Its coming from a passenger liner called "The Last Resort". Its ferrying about 2000 people to Pinastri. Scan the ship's hull. I'll wait.
Rich Lombardia mutes comms and asked Oola if he was telling the truth.
Elle reported, the computer confirms the electronic signature on the incoming signal is the passenger liner "Last Resort" estimated course 2654 mark 22 distance 80 million kilometers
There are 30 of those drones all along the hull. Then they suddenly vanish from sensors... possibly stealth tech
Admiral unmated: I take it you wanted me to see 30 of your pet explosives covering the hull?
Robotic Voice: Indeed I did. Don't bother sending any ships to intercept us. The passengers are blissfully unaware that today might be the last day of their lives and that is solely rest on your next decision. It a simple trade. You will hand of Ul'raq and in return I'll remove the drones. AS you can tell you are not able to track these upgrades so removing them manually is impossible. What will it be Admiral 2000 innocent people or one irresponsible playboy who doesn't even want to be Emperor? You have five minutes to make a decision or every sole on this ship dies. and the comms go out.

We went from Yellow Alert to Red Alert, Blast doors are closed. Operations is on local power. Station shields are online.

Logic dictates the needs of the many out weight the needs of the few...... or the one. But the Admiral thinks the right decision is to let Ul'raq know the situation. so we opened a Comm to Ul'raq.
Admiral Lombardia: Ul'raq, do you read me..... are you there? We have a situation and we need to speak immediately.
Admiral Lombardia waits not hearing a response and tries again
I know you are upset with me right now but a mad man has taken 2000 hostages and will destroy them all if we dont turn you over. Do you hear me? we still hear nothing.

The Admiral ordered me have the security officers enter his room and find out if he can hear him, my Security team reports he is missing, the transporter inhabiter he was wearing will be found on the floor.

Which was very bad news ... the admiral slams his hands on the command table hard, echoing through ops. We needed to find him, and medical and science just altered his DNA so we can't track him with internal sensors.
He contacted Cmdr Roffo,We needed another miracle and have minutes to make it happen. Ul'raq is missing. He ditched his transporter inhibitor and is in the wind. we need a way to track him. they will get to work on it right now.

Robotic Voice: Times up Admiral. What's it going to be?
Admiral Lombardia: We have chosen to comply with your uh....request... to turn over Ul'raq. How do you want to make the exchange? Right now we are at red alert since you have 30 explosives on the hull of a passenger liner. I hope you weren't thinking of casually docking that ship for an in person exchange
Even it was just to buy them time to locate Ul'raq.
we did magaged to put the DNA changes into the computer and science data is correct, Ul'Raq is not aboard Tranquility the question is now where the hell is he and how did he escape Tranquility.

That's the ship you mentioned Agna and the cousin were on, he must of used his Cousin's name to hide him on the manifest. TRak them as long as our sensors are able. Have the USS Temperance ready to depart in 10 minutes, skeleton crew.
Agna is no longer showing on our sensors and she appears to have left the station. We had the Grevo on long range sensors. Traveling at warp 5, destination unknown.

Robotic Voice: You are going to lower your shields and you will bring him to the docking ring. I'll provide you further instructions when he is in place. Once we have visual confirmation we will let these people go free.
Admiral Lombardia: So, I was just informed I am unable to give you Ul'raq because he is no longer aboard the station. HE has escaped in a freighter called Grevo. We dont have any sensor data on it at this time. There is no need to harm those people. They have nothing to do with Ul'raq and you are now free to pursue him.
Robotic Voice: after a long silence ......... they may live. and Comms cut and the drones appear on sensors. They are detected leaving the hull of the Last Resort and disparaging again, possibly docking on an undetected ship. Something goes to warp.

Admiral Lombardia have us all report to the transporter room. We need to intercept the Grevo before they do.

=/\= END LOG =/\=

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