Mind Meld Log, stardate 220510

The Denkiri Centre for Creativity was established on Astraios Prime in the early months of 2422 as a means of outreach to the scientists, philosophers, artists, engineers, and designers who dwell in the Gamma Quadrant. Its philosophy was inspired by the Terran author Gene Roddenberry, who had, in the 20th and 21st Century, envisioned a universe in which sentient life forms would gather to share knowledge, conduct research, and improve the quality of life for all. The Centre hosts brainstorming sessions, organizes an open lecture series, manages artistic exhibits, conducts tours, and works to enhance the immersive environment through building, scripting and developing knowledge of the sector and quadrant.
Meeting Times: Tue 1030 hrs & Fri 2200 hrs Pacific 2x/month
Commanding Officer: Poison Toocool
Executive Officer: Astro Balut

Moderators: Poison Toocool, Astro Balut

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ACTIVITY: 'Mind Meld' brainstorming session
HELD: Stardate 220510 , 10:30am 3RG/SLT
LOCATION: Colony Cafe, UF Starfleet Astraios.

GOAL: lively discussions about Space, Creativity, Science and Community.

TOPIC - "a creation/innovation hub, what does that mean? What does innovation look like in a Trek simulation?"

-the Astraios build is an innovative creation
-guest speakers educate/share about real world issues
-we are on the edge of canon, writing a new chapter of the Trek story
-we have xenobiology labs and xenolinguistics labs for people to play with
-also need creative writers to enhance the backstory and flesh out the current situation ICly
-Trek themed events can express why we are and what we are doing
-new scripts & new experiences can stretch the limits
-value adding is an innovative process
-encourage people to rent land, some real advantages over SL

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