Gamma Quadrant Intel Briefing - Update on Treman System

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Starfleet Intelligence Briefing - Gamma Quadrant - Treman System

Subject: Intel update on Treman System


Operation Dark Shield recently provided scans that indicated a high likelihood that Jhalidex ships were visiting the Treman system, and this was confirmed by an interview with a Federation informant.

Due to the recent escalations in our encounters with the Treman, and the encounter with the Jhalidex that tricked them into losing an estimated 80% of their military forces in the quadrant, it is expected that the risk to Federation assets will continue to increase if these two factions have joined forces.


The residents of the Treman system now appear to be trading with the species identified as Jhalidex. It is unknown what resources are being traded, but the recent escalation in our interactions with Treman vessels (see logs) indicates that this may be creating an even more dangerous situation.

The Treman was able to blind the sensors of two Federation vessels using a device that produced a stream of exotic particles. That should be beyond their current technology.

The Treman attempted to attack the SS Astraios using this same technology.

The Tremanites are now known to be trading with the Jhalidex. Although the details are unknown, a trade agreement with the Jhalidex would explain how the Treman came to have their current spacefaring vessels.

There is unexpected activity on Treman IV and a probe has been dispatched to complete passive scans in an attempt to better understand the effect this could have on Starfleet.

Relevant History

On Stardate 220205, the USS Neil Armstrong received a distress call from the Vulcan Survey Ship VSS T’Androma, who reported a complete failure of their sensor systems. The T’Androma was on station, observing the Takarr nebula.

Upon arrival at the coordinates, the Armstrong also suffered a complete failure of its onboard sensors.

After some investigation, it was determined that a Treman frigate had used a beam of exotic particles targetting the computer core and disrupting the ability to process sensor data, resulting in the perceived failure.

The Armstrong’s Chief Engineer, Eboneezer Franklin was able to create an energy field that absorbed the exotic particles, resulting in sensors being restored and revealing the presence of the Treman ship.

The Armstrong then engaged the Treman ship, attempting to capture it, but the vessel was destroyed when its antimatter containment failed.

This represented a significant escalation in Treman activity, so the SS Astraios initiated Operation Dark Shield. As part of Dark Shield, two Class V “low observability” probes were deployed on an extended assignment in the Treman system, The sensor countermeasures package was installed, and, as these probes are the closest the Federation has to “cloaked”, it is believed they can not be detected by the Treman. The probes are serviced quarterly by a mission to the Treman system‘s Oort cloud to rendezvous with the probes for refueling and to update the probe's programming.

On Stardate 220327, Dark Shield I relayed a spectroscopic analysis of a spacecraft that entered the Treman system and entered geosynchronous orbit over the capital city. The profile of the ship did not meet any known Treman classes, and subsequent analysis of the data revealed that the unknown vessel was likely to be Jhalidex, of the same type encountered by the Federation on several occasions.

At that point, the commander of the Astarios, Capt. Kem Vala, chose to initiate communications with Colonel Nacca, head of the Treman military, in an attempt to gain more information.

On Stardate 220403, the USS Armstrong met with Colonel Nacca’s vessel at an agreed-upon location outside Treman space, and the Colonel was invited aboard. We were careful to show the Colonel only the deck 1 conference room, revealing little to no information about the Armstrong or its capabilities.

Although Colonel Nacca, appeared to be cooperative and has historically been a reliable source about the situation on Treman, he proved to be evasive and seemed unconcerned about this “new species” visiting his planet. He also claimed that the activity on Treman IV was unknown to him. Considering his role as chief of the Treman military, this does not seem likely.

However, he did confirm that a Jhaldiex ship did visit Treman III and that they are engaged in “some sort of trade” with the Queen, but he claims to be unaware of the specifics.

Despite our past history with the Colonel, he appears to be playing things close to the chest and seems unwilling to provide more information.

Colonel Nacca did confirm that the Queen is well-liked and supported by the Tremanites and that a coup or overthrow is unlikely to succeed. There do not appear to be any revolutionary forces in play.

The Colonel has committed to investigate both the details of the trade arrangement and to try to gather more information about the activity on Treman IV. We have provided the Colonel with a secure subspace communicator, built to resemble a regular Treman personal communicator, and designed to destroy itself if tampered with.

Unwilling to rely on the Colonel, Capt Vala had the Astraios operations team redeploy the Dark Shield II probe to survey Treman IV. After a complete survey of the planet's surface, it was discovered that rather than expected military facilities or weapons emplacements, a network of enormous warehouse-type structures had been built as well as spacecraft landing pads. Current capacity is estimated at 122 million square meters with more structures in the construction phase.

Treman IV is being visited by a variety of vessels, most of unknown origin, but that the computer identifies by size and capability as either freighters or personal transports.

We are left with no possible conclusion, other than the Jhalidex have set up a large trading outpost on Treman IV, and have begun trading with Gamma quadrant spacefaring races that are currently unknown to Starfleet.


Based on our experience with the Jhalidex and Zanduk, a trade agreement between Treman and the Jhaldiex is likely to result in Treman ships being given advanced technology that will replace their lasers and chemical explosives, and may provide the ability for their ships to exceed warp 4, which would increase the reach of Treman piracy operations significantly.

The Treman ships that recently displayed the ability to disrupt Federation sensors indicate that such technology transfers are already taking place.

It is expected that the Jhalidex trading operation will provide “any customer willing to pay the price” with advanced technology, and this will be highly disruptive to the quadrant, and if possible, should be stopped.

Prepared by:
Lt jg Ellemir Maven, SS Astraios
Chief Operations Officer
Stardate 220417
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