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Commodore Rich Lombardia is sponsoring a "What If" Roleplay. Seek him out for more info

"What If" these two words conjure up lots of emotions for some. For one to think of all the possibilities of a situation could easily drive a person insane. It's these two words that also allow us to explore some incredible alternate turnouts.

What if the Americans lost the Revolutionary War?
What if Hitler won world war II?
What if the Russians beat the Americans to the moon?
What if the Dinosaurs never went extinct?

There are books, comics, TV shows and movies that explore all kinds of "What If" scenarios. I wanted to take this "What if" mentality and apply it to Star Trek to allow us to explore what it might be like if certain situations turned out differently. One might even argue the entire UFS timeline is the result of a "what if"

To avoid polluting our timeline, the "what if" role play will be under the guise of a holodeck novel. Our creative engineers have bene hard at work to create an alternate reality that will spin from a single "What if" question. This will be a limited series roleplay that is open to any UFS Second Life Metaverse member.

So what alternity are we exploring you ask?

The year is 2293. Members of the Federation and Klingon empire are conspiring together to prevent peace. We saw how this played out in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country….. but….

What if Kirk never saved the Federation President at the end of the Undiscovered Country?

These are the events that follow this "what if" question:

The USS Enterprise was destroyed while fighting the IKS Dakronh (this was General Chang's Bird of Prey that can fire while cloaked).

The USS Excelsior arrives too late and the Federation President is assassinated. Chang evacuates Chancellor Abzetbur from Camp Khitomer and flee to Klingon space.

An emergency session was held to elect a new Federation president. A human named Maraboco Aries was elected President of the United Federation of Planets. Known for his 'steel wall' stance on aggression against the Federation, he quickly enacted new policy that promised to severely punished anyone acting against the Federation.

During this time, the Klingon Empire had been preparing for War against the Federation. Chancellor Abzetbur, still holding onto her father's dream of peace, attempted to reach out to the newly elected Federation President. President Aries cited the increasingly hostile nature of activity against the Federation in recent months and demands they immediately halted future aggression or risk destroying the possibility for peace.

Days later a massive explosion rocked Starfleet headquarters killing the current Commander in Chief and 12 others. Admiral Cartwright, off-world at the time of the explosion, was chosen to replace him due to his impeccable service record.

War was coming and it was time for the Federation to prepare. The Klingon Empire denied any involvement in the bombing of Starfleet Headquarters citing. Why destroy part of a building when we could take the entire planet?

President Aries demanded the newly appointed CinC, Admiral Cartwright, make an immediate response to the Klingon bombing. Cartwright sent the USS Excelsior to lead a Task Force to a nearby Klingon boarder station and destroy it.

Captain Sulu arrived with his task force and ordered them to evacuate with in an hour or be destroyed with the station. Time ran out with zero Klingons left the station. Captain Sulu couldn't bring himself to murder over 500 Klingons aboard the station, fearing it would spark an all out war.

As the Excelsior planned to withdraw with the fleet, a cloaked Klingon fleet de-cloaked an opened fire. The battle was vicious and the presence of the IKS Dakronh was over looked in the chaos. At the end of the battle the Klingon Station was destroyed along with several Klingon vessels. Most of the Federation Task Fore was destroyed, including the USS Excelsior. The Surviving three vessel limped back to
Federation space.

Within hours, the Klingon Empire declared war on the Federation.

A month later, a pair of transports carrying Al-Eurian refugees are destroyed in a massive space anomaly. The only ship in range was the newly minted USS Enterprise NCC-1701-B but due to extra construction priorities she was unable to launch to mount a rescue.

The USS Enterprise NCC 1701-B is launched (a month later than in Generations) fully equipped to avenge her predecessor. Originally Captain Harriman was going to be assigned as CO but due to the war, a more experienced Captain was appointed.

We will primarily be RPing aboard the Excelsior refit version of the USS Enterprise. I had it commissioned from Sailor V and have been dying to use it.

Stay tuned for more on dates, times and positions. We may even RP on both the Enterprise and a Klingon vessel to explore both sides of the war. While combat is arguably the most exciting part of a war, this is meant to be a story and there is a lot more to a war story than just fighting. Be prepared for a wide range of activities.
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Waiting for more news, its great
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is what if still running and at what time and day is it and where
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Hotblonde25 Resident wrote:
is what if still running and at what time and day is it and where
I have the same question.

Ensign Paolino
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