Relay Weekend Challenges - RFL 2021

Team updates, news and contest announcements regarding UFS Metamorphosis team and Relay for Life of Second Life.

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This relay we are posting challenges for the weekend...See below for details!

1. Choose several of the “*” hours to have some fun during. Remember some of the hours are more somber so be respectful too. There are several hours that are dress up and a lot of fun… visit the Caregiver/Survivor sim at Relay and take a picture next to your display (if you have one). Choose one of the displays to take a picture standing next to if you didn’t send in a display. Post it to the UFS Metamorphosis Flickr Group! You never know! Your pic may end up in a special gallery at Pinastri Colony!

2. Spend time at the campsite for our team greeting people who come to visit and have some fun hanging out with friends. Cheer on the relayers who walk by! Most of them have been touched by cancer at least once…. Some have been touched more than they can count by the cancer monster. Show your support to the Relay community by cheering them on during walk breaks!

3. Light as many luminary’s along the track as you can! Donate to the team kiosk at the campsite! Can you bring our efforts even higher? Let’s do this!

4. Walk the track with the team during the team lap! Show your support.

5. Visit as many campsites of other teams as you can through the night! They have worked hard! Take your pictures and enjoy! Post them to the UFS Metamorphosis Flickr group!

6. Attend the fight back ceremony (if you are awake)! Put on your crazy hat, hold your crazy flag and wave it proudly! We are UFS! We are UFS Strong! We are UFS Metamorphosis! Post any pics you take to the UFS Metamorphosis Flickr Group!

Do you see a theme here? Post pics to the UFS metamorphosis Flickr group!!!!! We want to see what kinds of mischief and fun you are getting up to at Relay Weekend.

UFS Metamorphosis Flickr group:

This group will be opened up to unlimited pictures for the duration of the weekend! Have fun! Take pictures!!!! We want to see how much fun you are having! Go RELAY!!!!

THEME HOUR SCHEDULE (* means important hours)

10 AM ~ Opening Ceremonies *

11 AM ~ Survivor/Caregiver Lap *

NOON - 12:30 ~ Survivor/Caregiver Lap *

12.30pm - 1 PM ~ Teams Lap *

1PM ~ Teams Lap *

2PM ~ Wizard of Oz

3PM ~ Prince/Princess/King/Queen

4PM ~ Under the Sea/Aquatic Animals

5PM ~ Sock hop

6PM ~ 80's Neon/Rollerskates

7PM ~ Christmas in June

8PM ~ Beach Party

9PM ~ Luminaria Ceremony *

10 PM ~ Unicorns/Fairies/Fantasy

11 PM ~ Tinies/Dinkies

MIDNIGHT ~ The clock strikes midnight-Fairy Tales

1 AM ~ Arrrr it be pirate hour!

2 AM ~ Real Life Heros

3 AM ~ Sci Fi Fun **

4 AM ~ Pink Power Hour

5 AM ~ Pajama's Curlers and Coffee

6 AM ~ Fight Back Lap *

7 AM ~ Friends Hour-matching

8 AM ~ Purple Hour! **

9 AM ~ Dancing in the streets


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