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*Enters the room he has been assigned. And turns to the computer on his desk. Rather than a mental cue to activate it or a gesture as much of his native species uses, he uses more common Galactic speech commands*

"Computer, begin recording". *Seating himself into a chair by the desk he divests himself of a tricorder and a small pocket multitool from his belt. And for the umpteenth time marvels at the lack of pockets on the service uniform worn by a fleet of explorers.*

"Just recently we attempted to infiltrate Charon's Beacon and gather HUMINT. The operation was only a partial success. I had spent a great deal of time working with the replicator and Chief Petty Officer Pegg to come up with an elaborate outfit to match my cover story. I will need to recycle most of it as several members of our team were, the old Terran phrase is, "made" by some of the sharp-eyed locals and our cover "blown". Unfortunate, but not unexpected due to the lack of specialized training most of the involved officers had in Intelligence and the somewhat unique appearance of my race."

*Unfastening the flap of his tunic he rolls his neck to loosen stiff muscles and continues*

"For the next operation on Charon's Beacon I will endeavor to "Up the Ante" on my preparations. I will need to create an entirely different persona from the flamboyant merchant "Sleipnir Jones" and with its associated appearance and identification. Next time, I will need to change my fur color and make sure that I spend more time around the locals to not only gather more information than before, but to allay their fears that I am not actually a member of Starfleet."

*He opens his desk drawer and removes a hefty knife. Idly he pulls it from its synthetic sheath and brushes a fingertip perpendicular to the sharp end to get a feel for its sharpness. Satisfied, the Equiner slides it back into its case and then returns it to the drawer as he continues.*

"When I first arrived to Starfleet I had some misconceptions. One of them was that the Phaser Mark II and Mark III were weapons. In retrospect, this was ridiculous. Their multiple power settings, variety of uses, and the terrible ergonomics for aiming and weapon handling lead me to realize they were tools first, and weapons only to be employed as a last resort. But if they are tools first, and Starfleet personnel receive extensive training in their use, then why are they so rarely issued? At a guess, it would be because of their incredible potential for destruction if used improperly."

*Reaching to his waist, he checks the hidden graviton projector in the uniform belt given as a gift by his people. This allowed him to maintain his health and strength for the heavy worlder in much lower-gravity environment. The small light behind a flap glowed green, letting him know it was a full charge and operating normally.*

"Our own military people issued the 'Public Service Volunteer Contact, Rescue, Patrol and Interception for Peace and Security Organization' or as I prefer to call it, "Militia Flotilla" phasers equivalent to the palm-sized Mark 1 issued to Starfleet personnel. Military high command balked for decades that it was a weapon was too dangerous to issue. Our chain of command countered that it was a tool first and a weapon second. One that was too valuable to not utilize."

"For instance, damaged bulkhead door keeping you from rescuing someone trapped in a room with a hull breach to the vacuum? You could use a breaching charge, which might hurt the individual inside. Or you could take the minute or more to hack the computer console (if it is not destroyed). Meanwhile, the person inside has died of asphyxiation. Or you could use a pry bar, which was heavy, clunky and no guarantee to open a blast door designed to withstand explosions and people trying to do what we were attempting. Or we would use a plasma arc cutter, which will take a while to cut a way into the room. Or, a trained CoRPIPS officer could find a good setting with a tricorder scan, and advisement from the artificial intelligence on all of our vessels. The entire process to prepare and vaporize the door may take no longer than twenty standard seconds. This is one example of a hundred possible scenarios where the phaser could have been, and actually was useful."

"Finally they relented but only after limiting its issue to officers actually about to deploy on a mission and after rigorous training. I do not expect Starfleet to follow suit. Because there is a difference between CoRPIPS and Starfleet. Starfleet is an exploration organization that may get into a situation requiring phasers. CoRPIPS was a rescue and peacekeeping organization that specifically handled situations that often necessitated the use of phasers."

*Rising, he stretches and begins to remove his tunic.*

"I hope that Starfleet never has to find a reason to issue all of their officers hand phasers. That would mean something has gone very wrong in the Delta Quadrant. And likely that those hand phasers will not be enough to resolve it."

"Computer, end recording."

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