Attendance for task force Tarok

Forces Command (FORCECOM) is charged with the administration of the units of the Corp as well as overseeing all detachments and marines in the Corp. All Marine OICs report to the FORCECOM Commanding Officer via the Monthly Status Report (MSR). The MSR that reaches the COFORCECOM starts from the Detachment and Task Force level. Each Detachment or Expeditionary Force OIC sends an MSR to their Ship CO and Division or Regiment OIC.
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Kyle Asbrink
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Marines - Colonel
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Alright Marines,

I went through all the logs for the task force. From what I can see we had 10 marines in total participate. I just wanted to say how proud I am to serve along side all of you. It was great to see the corps out in force. And the way I see it...there is no reason to stop the positive momentum. There will be a mix of marine RP's and training events coming out in the months to come. I hope to see the lot of you in attendance.


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I know the detachment on the sheppard will be continuing to have side rps outside the shppards scheduled role play times and oue 1 or 2 times a month beta shift rps
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Thank you Major Kyle for doing all you can to get Marine RP going and thanks for getting us in on the Task Force
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Hoorah Sir,i enjoyed it,bring on the next one
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