Investagation leads to an Ambush

USS COURAGEOUS, NCC-75469, is a Defiant-Class escort,science, survey, support vessel based out of Pinastri Colony in the Second Life world.
We are presently in the Delta Quadrant, starting the very first missions of a vessel of this class. Tasked with seeking new lifeforms and new civilizations, And to support and defend the Pinastri Colony, and any other station ship, and outpost that is needed. The USS Courageous is a small powerful determined Vessel . the Courageous gets her name from Ameila Earharts phrase about “Courage”.
This small ship will be Courageous on her missions and journeys.

With the young hands of T’Preea as CO, and Turak as XO with a fresh crew and stars to guide by we shall set the quadrant ablaze with our exploration and bold missions.

“Courage, is the price that life exacts for granting peace”.
Amelia Earhart.

Roleplay Times: Saturdays 10:00am to 12:30pm SLT
Acting Commanding Officer: Miriamnataliakon Resident
Acting Executive Officer: Billdwire Resident
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Billdwire Resident


XO log
Stardate 200713

The Courageous was ordered to investigate a near by nebula where several freighters had gone missing , Upon arrival science launched a probe to obtain readings. During the scans the Science officer discovered a ship laying silent at the starboard side of the nebula.
Continued scans showed no signs of damage or flaws with the ships power system , it was like it was shut down on purpose. The ship was emitting a very weak distress signal. This setup had trap written all over it. The captain orders us to yellow alert and moved closer to the Kazon vessel . Suddenly we were hailed and angrily told to leave the area or be boarded. We explained we were only there to help since they were broadcasting a distress signal. Comms cut off and the Kazon ship suddenly powered up and fired at us. Our Helmsman did an excellent job managing to avoid most of the Kazon weapons fire. One hit close to the port nacelle caused minor damage and some crew bounced around a bit. Tactical launched two torpedos which appearded to knock out the Kazon starboard weapon turret. They came at us again and the Captain ordered tactical to fire two more torpedoes and helm to go to warp five, leaving the Kazon ship far behind. Science had picked up two unidentified ships heading in the direction of the Kazon ship and our Captain was fairly sure they were back up for the singale Kazon ship and would be more than our ship could handle since a second hit earlier on the starboard nacelle had damaged our emitters and weakened the shield in that area. She ordered Ops to send logs and other data to Fleet headquarters via encrypted subspace message.

End Log
In Service
LtCmdr Turak
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