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SS Peedy Thor RP 200625 - Positively Shocking

SS Peedy Thor, NCC 122355, is a Watchtower Class Station. We are in orbit above Pinastri Prime, and we officially opened our doors for operation on 180301. The station is named after one of our more prominent members, the late Admiral Peedy Thor. We strive to continue his vision and drive to make the station a crowning jewel of UFS. Admiral Peedy Thor, Gone but Never Forgotten.

Roleplay Times: Thursdays 1:30pm SLT
Commanding Officer: Draco Dimanovic
Executive Officer: 3249Rowena Resident

Moderators: Kermie Mistwallow, Draco Dimanovic

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=^= Mission Summary=^=

The sight of parachutes herald more unexpected arrivals: Lt Artis, Lt Silverfall and Fleet Captain Gracemount. Lt Artis quickly gets to work on the Captain, still lying unconscious, whilst the new arrivals are brought up to speed with events.

Lt Starsmith goes to the wreck of the shuttle, to see if there’s more that can be salvaged, keeping a look out for any trace of Ensign Elsa, who has vanished.

The water samples are analysed, the ones from the rockpool contain unrecognisable elements whilst ones from downstream show as being possibly suitable for consumption. Lt Silverfall gets to work trying to see if he can get the broken scanner operational whilst Cmdr Vandread-Rose and 1st Lt Firecaster go to examine the mysterious floating jellyfish-like objects. They find the electrical field growing in intensity and forks of lightning arc out, one hitting the Cmdr and knocking her to the ground. Fortunately, her EVA suit provided protection, although the tricorder was reduced to a smouldering ruin, having taken a direct hit.

With another storm incoming, the team once more take shelter in the cave. Lt Artis quickly examines the Cmdr finding no serious injury from the shock, whilst Lt Silverfall manages to get the scanner operational, albeit at a reduced capacity.

=^= Mission Participants=^=

Cmdr Rowena Luna Vandread-Rose
1st Lt LucyAnne Firecaster
Lt Chedy Artis
Lt Tiger Silverfall
Lt (jg) Albert Starsmith
Fleet Captain Lizzy Gracemount.
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