Helm Officer's Log, Stardate 200425.1926 - Hot on the Trail Part II

USS COURAGEOUS, NCC-75469, is a Defiant-Class escort,science, survey, support vessel based out of Pinastri Colony in the Second Life world.
We are presently in the Delta Quadrant, starting the very first missions of a vessel of this class. Tasked with seeking new lifeforms and new civilizations, And to support and defend the Pinastri Colony, and any other station ship, and outpost that is needed. The USS Courageous is a small powerful determined Vessel . the Courageous gets her name from Ameila Earharts phrase about “Courage”.
This small ship will be Courageous on her missions and journeys.

With the young hands of T’Preea as CO, and Turak as XO with a fresh crew and stars to guide by we shall set the quadrant ablaze with our exploration and bold missions.

“Courage, is the price that life exacts for granting peace”.
Amelia Earhart.

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Tosses and turns on her bed, feeling nowhere near sleep. She sighs and sits up. She puts on her slippers and walks to the Mess Hall. Amongst arrival, she asks the replicator for some hot tea. She picks up the replicated tea and sits down at a table. She takes her PADD in hand and begins a new log...


My shift in the bridge began with the Second Officer ordering me to keep us on the trail of the ship we were following at Warp five. Tactical and Science were ordered to keep me advised on the coordinates of the ship, so we wouldn't lose them again. When we were close to arrival, Science said that the contact was a freighter of an unknown origin. Science was then ordered to scan for the Captain's Biosign. There was no sign of any Vulcan Biosigns. The Second Officer was pretty sure that wherever they were heading, was where they were holding the Captain.

When we arrived at the coordinates, we were greeted by a nebula. At that very moment, the Officer at Science gasped out and her hand was grasping her temple. I glanced up at the Science Station to see what was going on. She said she could see the Captain. Said that she was in pain and barely conscious. The Doctor offered his assistance but she said she would be fine. The Second Officer asked Science if she had the coordinates. She sent the coordinates to the Second Officer who then sent them to me and told me to go to full impulse to navigate around the nebula.

About halfway after navigating around the nebula, I started getting an odd sense. Almost as if the Captain was in trouble. I brought this up to the Second Officer who then in response said he was pretty sure that the Captain was not on board the vessel we were following. He thought we were being brought into a trap. Tactical was then told to trace their Ion trail to see if they would leave the nebula. I was told to continue navigating around the nebula and then go to full impulse to the coordinates.

Right before the nebula was cleared the Second Officer asked the Doctor if he had any experience with piloting a shuttle. He said he did and at that moment Operations said that we'd better hurry because she had found a hidden transmission that was covered by background radiation from the nebula. I was told to head to the Captain's coordinates at Warp five. The Captian needed our help. I set the coordinates and we were on our way. Tactical was asked if the ship we were originally following was still in the nebula. As it turns out, they still thought we were following them.

When we arrived at the coordinates, Tactical was told to run a scan on the planet for any structures. While Tactical was running the scan, Operations said that there was still a covered transmission and had no luck at decrypting it. The Second Officer told Operations to send it through the computer and wait a moment. Science was asked if she was reading the lifesigns on the planet. She said that she was and that her sense of the Captain's pain was growing stronger. The Doctor was then ordered to prepare a shuttle. As the Doctor headed down to the Shuttle Bay, Operations, Security, and Science was told to accompany the Doctor on the away mission.

Before the shuttle left, I was told to put us in orbit around the location that Science had found. Tactical picked up a small vessel leave the planet and go to Warp. The Second Officer said that they weren't of importance. I put us in orbit around the location Science had found and the shuttle launched. A few moments after the shuttle launched, Tactical picked up the freighter we were following. It turns out they had left the nebula and were heading right towards us. Red Alert was initiated, shields were raised, and I was told to take Evasive Maneuvers.

The Second Officer then commed the away team asking if they had found the Captain. It turns out, they found the XO of the Space Station. He was transported to the morgue and everything else that was found was transported to the Cargo Bay. We continued to fight off the freighter and eventually Tactical destroyed it. After the freighter was destroyed, I was ordered to put us back into our previous orbit and we stood down from Red Alert. After a few moments, the away team reported in. They had found the Captain.

Investigation of the technology showed that it was Romulans who had kidnapped the Captain and were holding her in a stasis tube. The Doctor focused on releasing the Captain from the stasis tube. when Security found something. It turns out, the Romulans kidnapped the Captain to try and gain access to her Command Service Records. They were trying to make a clone of the Captain to get ears into Starfleet. The Captain was then beamed directly to Sickbay and the away team came back in the shuttle. I was then ordered to set a course for Space Station Peedy Thor so they could help with the Captain. I laid in the course and we were on our way.


Finishes off her tea and heads back to her quarters to try to get some sleep...
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