200316 - Medical Cadet Roundel Mission Log

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United Federation Starfleet
USS Maxwell
Medical Cadet Rowan Roundel's Mission Log
Medical Cadet Rowan Roundel recording
Stardate 200316
While stationed above the USS Maxwell NCC-21873 for medical training and internship, my duty shift began with the Maxwell having been diverted to the Tiratus System in order to have a fancy electronic library fabricated. Upon reporting for duty, Commodore Gerhadsen ordered me to sickbay to provide updated medical examinations on four crew members, culminating in her, herself, arriving for an updated physical.

I began with a civilian scientist named Auranum. I made several interesting discoveries from his examination which I included in his chart. He had no obvious medical condition and was given a clean bill of health. Next up was Lt. Commander Sinbad Naiver, the ship's chief of security. Of note is the presence of a left side cybernetic eye implant. He had no medical abnormalities and was returned to his duty station. After Lt. Commander Naiver, I examined Lieutenant Talon Silvercloud, a security officer. Exam discovery of note: Talon shows a slightly different quantum signature from the known universe. I consulted his medical record and found records indicating the reasoning, so no further consultation was required. I detected no other abnormalities were discovered, and he was released to his duty station.

What I thought would be my final exam, Commander Jak Forcella, chief engineer, was a fairly standard exam. I note that his family medical history is inconsequential as borg implants mitigate affected regions. He does have a left ocular implant. It appears to be a mixed technology. Externally, it is Federation in design. The patient has multiple other borg implants. His ocular implant, however, appears to require phase adjustment. As I am only a cadet, I did not feel qualified to complete the procedure. The patient was released to his duty station. As I completed Commander Forcella's examination, Commodore Gerhadsen arrived. I thought that she needed to speak with me about something, but she stated that she was present for an updated examination. I noted a tattoo under her left eye and other skin markings. Upon being questioned, she explained her tattoo to me. Upon learning its meaning, I was rather embarrassed and found myself moved with pity and simultaneously impressed with her courage. I noted several other bone and skin peculiarities, but all were explained in detail in her medical history, so nothing further was required. With no new medical abnormalities and all vitals within acceptable parameters, she was released to her duty station.

After completing these physicals, I provided each of them with a copy of the updated medical examination record to provide their CO. I also entered the records into the sicbay internal crew database. This completed my shift, so I retired to guest quarters.
Commanding Officer: Commodore Nora Gerhadsen
Executive Officer: Captain Jayce Rebel
Chief Engineer: Commander Jak Forcella
Vice Chief of Security: Lt. Commander Sinbad Naiver
Security Officer: Lieutenant Talon Silvercloud
Science Officer: Ensign Drewski Northman
Civilian Scientist: Brad Mills
Intelligence Officer: Lt. Commander Liara Kross
Subere Lieutenant Sir Harald FitzHubol Guvadris Porpington
Viscount Tweeton: Commander Kristoff Jameson
Security Officer: Commander Ruaelle Lionheart Tairov
Medical Cadet: Cadet Rowan Roundel
Civilian Scientist Auranum
Ensign Beollain, Medical Officer
Assigned to Pinastri Headquarters Medical
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