200313 - Medical Cadet Roundel Mission Log

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United Federation Starfleet
USS Goddard
Medical Cadet Rowan Roundel's Mission Log
Medical Cadet Rowan Roundel recording
Stardate 200313
While stationed above the USS Goddard NCC-?????? for medical training and internship, my duty shift began with the Goddard on location to repond to a distress call from the USS Victoria. I was assigned to intern under Chief Medical Officer Chedy Artis. Mission logs prior to my duty shift indicate that due to high levels of radiation, Doctor Chedy Artis administered a prophylactic dose of Kelotane and L-Hyronalin to everyone on the ship. Further indicated is that there were only three survivors from the Victoria, and one died aboard the Goddard.

The Doctor had me take the Medical Station on the bridge as we returned to the site of the now derelict Victoria. Kelotane and L-Hyronalin were again administered to the crew to prevent radiation poisoning. Upon arrival, the CO asked me to scan for radiation. I reported that levels were still toxic, and that any exposure required EVA suits and should be limited to fifteen minutes or less exposure. Lt Williams, Cadet Turak and a medical officer suited up and beamed aboard. After a few moments aboard the Victora, Lt Williams reported fatigue, and his life signs began to deteriorate. The away team was transported directly to sickbay.

Upon their arrival in sickbay, their EVA suits were removed and Doctor Chedy Artis and I began a thourough examination. Radiation burns were found to be covering a great deal of their bodies, despite not having been exposed beyond tolerable limits. I also discovered what I believed to be wounds from weapons fire due to the deep gouge and cauterization surrounding. Dermaline was administered to the affected away team members both in hypospray and in gel form to encourage tissure regrowth in the effected areas. Hyronalin was administered to them as well to decrease the effects of the radiation. Doctor Artis and I were successfully able to stabilize the affected away team members.
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