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SS Peedy Thor RP- A Glitchy Start II - 200213

SS Peedy Thor, NCC 122355, is a Watchtower Class Station. We are in orbit above Pinastri Prime, and we officially opened our doors for operation on 180301. The station is named after one of our more prominent members, the late Admiral Peedy Thor. We strive to continue his vision and drive to make the station a crowning jewel of UFS. Admiral Peedy Thor, Gone but Never Forgotten.

Roleplay Times: Thursdays 1:30pm SLT
Commanding Officer: Draco Dimanovic
Executive Officer: 3249Rowena Resident

Moderators: Kermie Mistwallow, Draco Dimanovic

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Draco Dimanovic
Command - Captain
Command - Captain
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Last Time on USS Goddard....

The USS Goddard & Nightingale leave SS Peedy Thor en route to Outpost Mercy, whilst also searching for a stolen shuttlecraft, taken by a suspected saboteur.

The unstable Goddard suffers sudden and major system failures and is left adrift.

Hostile Romulan forces board the Goddard, searching for its former CO, Commodore Mistwallow.

Captain Dimanovic is wounded in an exchange of fire on the Bridge and is being treated by Doctors Johnson and Artis.

The crew retreat to main engineering and try to regain control of main systems.

Sensors and comms are brought back online to reveal USS Nightingale has been destroyed.

The Crew is deciding on how best to repel the boarders when the blast doors open suddenly and everyone dives for cover.

And NOW.....
Captain Draco Dimanovic
Commanding Officer | SS Peedy Thor
Vice Chief of Staff - UFS
Chief of Staff to the Deputy Commander - UFS
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Command - Commander
Command - Commander
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Ship/Station Posted: SS Peedy Thor
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CO - Draco Dimanovic
XO - Rowena Luna Vandread Rose (3249rowena)

Chief Operations Officer - Darktiger Silverfall
Computer Ops - Lizzy Gracemount

Chief Medical Officer - Chedy Artis

Chief Security Officer - James Williams (Adomsisko)

Engineering Officer - Albert Starsmith

Cadet Lucy-Anne Featherby (LucyAnne Firecaster)
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