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The idea of this board is for people to give reviews of shows, movies and books Star Trek.
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Attention Hew-mons!
Liquidator Miles!
F! C! A!

It has come to our attention that sales are down! After a detailed analysis it has been discovered that this has been caused by poor marketing! Rule of Acquisition number 47 says Knowledge equals profit! So you need to know about it for us to profit! So we have opened up this Product Review board and for a very reasonable price you are able to access it and see about out amazing selection of products! For an unbelievably low price you can even share your own reviews! Once they pass FCA review of course.

I hope my Ferengi impression got a good chuckle out of you! So here is the idea:

The idea of this board is for people to give reviews of shows, movies and books Star Trek.
The thread will be the Item and each post will be a person’s personal reviews and have fun with it if you want, rate them 1-5 bars of Latinum, do an in character review such as if you read the Gorkon books do a review as a Klingon and such.

Reviews are to be critical, be honest. Say WHY or WHAT you liked or didnt like. The next person will post their own opinion. Don’t reply to other’s opinions share your own so people can decide if they want to try it or not. I hope people will see other people talk about one and decide to see for themselves if it is good or bad.

If you intend to post Spoilers WARN AT THE TOP FIRST THING!!
Don’t comment or criticize others opinions, just share your own.
One thread per “product”
They can be general such as a Star Trek Series or specific to an episode.
You must have seen or read the product to reply, no second hand opinions.

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