170930 "Dire Straits"

Starbase Pathfinder is one of UFS’s longest existing commands. It was originally a ground-based command on the surface of Pinastri IV. Starbase Pathfinder is currently under the command of Captain Andromeda St. John who is served onboard Pathfinder since graduating from the Academy on stardate 090516.
If you’re interested in joining the crew Pathfinder or Academy student in which to observe her role play, please contact Commodore Andromeda St. John.

Roleplay Times: Saturdays 9am to 11am SLT
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Stardate 170930: The starship Vox Aura is in dire straits. Searching for resources to repair their wounded vessel, they are so low on oxygen that they are almost unable to concentrate on the task at hand. Will their Starfleet training and discipline save their lives?

Commanding Officer: Andromeda StJohn
Helmsman: RuaelleLionheart
Science Officer: jackray Toocool
Tactical Officer: Hal Jordan

[10:12:50] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Ru, find me a planet to rule.
[10:12:50] jackray Toocool: you driving ru
[10:14:38] TACTICAL OFFICER: Scan initiated...
[10:14:40] jackray Toocool: works for me
[10:15:34] jackray Toocool: checking computer data
[10:15:39] RuaelleLionheart: there's a few planets uncharted supports life n' easy pickings
[10:15:39] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): That is one angry looking planet
[10:15:52] RuaelleLionheart: 3.3 parsecs away
[10:16:01] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Really?
[10:16:06] RuaelleLionheart: mm hmm
[10:16:15] jackray Toocool: ya there like five in ths area
[10:16:19] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Well, get us there.
[10:16:34] jackray Toocool: sector 3
[10:16:38] TACTICAL OFFICER: Scan initiated...
[10:16:48] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Breathable atmosphere, but hot
[10:17:05] RuaelleLionheart: need my flight jacket
[10:17:07] jackray Toocool: like a class y planet
[10:17:22] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): It is listed as "Lava World"
[10:17:31] RuaelleLionheart: don't fly without it
[10:17:35] jackray Toocool: ya works for me
[10:17:39] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): The floor is lava
[10:18:04] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Ok, Ru, set course Warp 5
[10:18:16] jackray Toocool: I like moon alfa reno
[10:18:46] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Engage the warpy thingy!!!!
[10:19:03] RuaelleLionheart: checks engineering status, "All speeds available.. course heading Captain?"
[10:21:58] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): That sounds like a great idea for next week. End of summer beach party
[10:22:09] jackray Toocool: sweet
[10:22:18] RuaelleLionheart: awesome!
[10:22:52] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Sounds wonderful
[10:23:06] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Hal has to wear a bikini
[10:23:19] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): I can make him one
[10:23:34] jackray Toocool: I have speedo
[10:23:35] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): There are some things even Hal won't do.
[10:24:07] RuaelleLionheart: sets course, "Course laid in n' engaging warp drive! warp 5"
[10:24:11] jackray Toocool: miss kent as sexy swim wear
[10:24:54] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Engage Ru
[10:25:16] jackray Toocool: odd
[10:25:25] RuaelleLionheart: "engaged"
[10:25:48] jackray Toocool: we stuck
[10:26:04] jackray Toocool: we stuck in space
[10:27:44] jackray Toocool: we have a full readout we at warp but we see we not
[10:28:10] jackray Toocool: jack work on the numbers
[10:28:50] jackray Toocool: checking the readouts and going over power flow to use of power
[10:29:32] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Captain's log Stardate 170930. the Vox Aura is flying through space lost. Alone.
[10:29:44] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): It is a hopeless desperate situtation.
[10:29:56] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): The crew has not eaten in weeks
[10:30:07] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Nor slept in days
[10:30:25] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): most of the systems are not working. Hull taped together.
[10:30:58] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): All-most- out-of-air (In James Kirk slow speech mode)
[10:31:12] TACTICAL OFFICER: Scan initiated...
[10:31:19] jackray Toocool: looks over all readouts and works on keeping life systems going
[10:31:20] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Still nothing on the scanners
[10:32:01] jackray Toocool: we have good readouts of the warp bubble mam
[10:33:43] RuaelleLionheart: adjust course looking at sensors reading minor gravimetric changes in space area...
[10:34:05] jackray Toocool: what I would give for two weeks on risa
[10:34:26] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Like you need Risa
[10:34:43] TACTICAL OFFICER: Scan initiated...
[10:35:15] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Now reading something at the very edge of sensor range. Small planet or large spaceship, impossible to tell at this range.
[10:35:32] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): "That's no moon"
[10:35:38] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): What are you getting Hal?
[10:36:08] jackray Toocool: humm moon out here
[10:36:11] TACTICAL OFFICER: Scan initiated...
[10:36:58] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Getting more details now. It's a large moon with no associated star, just traveling by itself through space. Atmosphere shows breathable but cold. No life signs detected yet.
[10:37:30] jackray Toocool: not a place to crash on
[10:37:31] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Ru, alter course to intercept.
[10:38:25] jackray Toocool: wowo
[10:38:30] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Lets go find a moon
[10:38:41] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Here moony moony
[10:39:00] TACTICAL OFFICER: Scan initiated...
[10:39:11] RuaelleLionheart: alters course, "I have a sensor target lock... engaging pursuit"
[10:39:21] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): YAY
[10:39:26] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Picking up life form readings now. Thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of small creatures.
[10:39:30] jackray Toocool: o a honeymoon
[10:40:08] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): You know, small creatures ae never a good thing in Sci-Fi. They grow into big creatures that try to eat tyou.
[10:40:14] jackray Toocool: a money pit wth drafe minners
[10:40:21] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): They are concentrated in several specific areas where the temperature appears to be higher.
[10:40:32] RuaelleLionheart: sets course adjustments, "Shields on full decreased speed"
[10:40:32] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): do we have a Sci-Fi officer we can sacrifice?
[10:40:52] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Like a red shirt Ensign?
[10:41:03] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Oh no
[10:41:11] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): I do not sacrifice Red Shirts
[10:41:14] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): My shirt is gray
[10:41:18] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): I happen to be wearing one
[10:41:34] RuaelleLionheart: "i'mma yellow!"
[10:41:39] jackray Toocool: hal can double as one
[10:41:49] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): We tend to send in the blue shirts first.
[10:42:03] jackray Toocool: I am yellow with some orange
[10:42:11] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Maybe we could beam down a simulated warm body.
[10:42:45] VOX AURA COMPUTER: Did you know that the leading cause of death for security officers is Science officers?
[10:42:49] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): The creatures could be attracted to heat, or they are sentient and created the heat sources. We don't know yet.
[10:43:01] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): LOL
[10:43:01] jackray Toocool: some training is medical
[10:43:32] VOX AURA COMPUTER: Science offices like to explore and reach out and touch things. sometimes, those thing like to touch back. Then Science Officers call for Security Officers.
[10:43:36] jackray Toocool: can build medical tools
[10:43:50] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Heh, that's The Starfleet Way
[10:44:02] TACTICAL OFFICER: Scan initiated...
[10:44:28] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Scans are detecting power sources deep underground with shafts leading to the warm spots on the moon's surface.
[10:44:47] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Hmmm
[10:44:54] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): ETA Ru?
[10:46:11] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Also there is considerable plant life on the moon's surface. Possible food source for the ship's replicators.
[10:46:26] RuaelleLionheart: sensor readings, "Eta 3 minutes"
[10:46:47] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): We will do a more in depth scan once we reach orbit
[10:47:21] jackray Toocool: standed orbit I bet
[10:49:28] RuaelleLionheart: comes outta warp n' engages impulse, "we're at destination "
[10:49:40] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): "Life forms. you little life form. Precious little life forms, Where are you?"
[10:49:42] jackray Toocool: maybe there rich ore there
[10:50:51] TACTICAL OFFICER: Scan initiated...
[10:50:53] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Standard orbit, Ru.
[10:51:33] jackray Toocool: all read out say it a class g planet
[10:51:48] RuaelleLionheart: "Aye captain... were coming in to standard orbit"
[10:51:57] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Scans indicate 12 hot spots on the moon's surface, spaced out equally around the moon. Total life form count is approximately 427,000.
[10:52:21] jackray Toocool: big then a moon and high gravity then a m class
[10:52:23] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Not bad for a moon
[10:52:53] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): I'm seeing trails or roads connecting the hot spots, with the life forms traveling back and forth between them.
[10:53:13] jackray Toocool: running science scans on planet
[10:53:56] jackray Toocool: run wide science scans on all life and metals
[10:54:59] jackray Toocool: 90% life of all kinds and 9% high in gold tin and other metals
[10:55:17] TACTICAL OFFICER: Scan initiated...
[10:55:33] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): No detectable communications in use.
[10:55:52] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): What is their technology level?
[10:55:56] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): No constructed cities or other technology
[10:56:06] jackray Toocool: mam the planet is 90% life on the surface
[10:56:10] RuaelleLionheart: "maintaining stable orbit"
[10:56:24] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Possible nests or burrows detected near the hot spots.
[10:56:31] jackray Toocool: yes
[10:56:47] jackray Toocool: and a planet full of metals too
[10:56:56] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): The vegetation appears depleted near the hot spots and along the trails between them.
[10:57:27] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Indicates possibly that the life forms are herbivores.
[10:58:01] jackray Toocool: sciences scan say there 99% high in gold and tin and other metals like silver
[10:58:28] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): That could be good news for Engineering who needs to repair our damaged systems.
[10:58:51] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): Raw materials to manufacture parts replacements.
[10:59:15] VOX AURA COMPUTER: That is a relief. We do not have to worry about the PD
[10:59:25] jackray Toocool: ya if you can mine it without letting other folks on the planet know
[10:59:25] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): You be quiet
[11:00:17] jackray Toocool: sea life like fish and other life like whales do use the planets seas
[11:00:45] jackray Toocool: the planet is 87% water and 98% land
[11:00:59] Andromeda StJohn (andromedastjohn.aeon): Well, we will have to explore the planet next week.
[11:01:10] Hal Jordan (greenlantern.excelsior): That's 185%
[11:01:28] jackray Toocool: ya and good fishing
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