Formation of Marine Detachments.

Forces Command (FORCECOM) is charged with the administration of the units of the Corp as well as overseeing all detachments and marines in the Corp. All Marine OICs report to the FORCECOM Commanding Officer via the Monthly Status Report (MSR). The MSR that reaches the COFORCECOM starts from the Detachment and Task Force level. Each Detachment or Expeditionary Force OIC sends an MSR to their Ship CO and Division or Regiment OIC.
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There has been confusion since I've taken over as CO of Forcecom as how proper protocol and procedure is with the creation of detachments. This post is to help eliminate that confusion.

First the requirements of OIC is as follows:

-Officers in Charge Requirements:

1.Detachment and Marine Task Force Officers in Charge in the UF Starfleet Marine Corps are required to be a minimum of 16 years old, must have taken and passed OCTS and Officer In Charge Certification (OICC), as well as being a member in good standing of both UF Starfleet and the UFS Marine Corps. Section 4. Detachment OIC ... pqYMaQ/pub

-Detachment requirements:

-In order to start a Marine Detachment aboard a Chapter you will need to have permission of the Commanding Officer of your Ship of the Line.
-The OIC must be certified through TRACOM. 3.1.1. Marine Detachment
-Choosing a one single Marine Branch of Service (infantry, aerospace, etc.) 3.1.1. Marine Detachment
-Marine units all get a unique number and name. 3.3.1 Selecting a Unit Number
-FORCECOM also oversees approval of all new units, as well as disbanding of all defunct. 2.4.1.Forces Command ... dcyu2y6dow

To Summarize:

This means that the OIC has to be an officer not enlisted and passed all the requirements. Have gotten approval from the ship/station CO. Have a detachment number, name, and insignia. Decide on what branch that the detachment will focus on and be the primary MOS. Finally contact the CO of Forcecom with all this information for official and final approval of said detachment to be formed and an MSR created so that the OIC can do the monthly reports. Any additional questions feel free to message me.

Colonel Penney 'Fireball' Lancaster

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Hello Sir Officer In Charge Certification (OICC), isnt on the Academy
Tracom list, so how can i do this course Sir to become an OIC?
i am definitely older than 16 and have passed OCTS, having just graduated a 2nd Lt i would say im a member in good standing of both UF Starfleet and the UFS Marine Corps.
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