Current Marine Detachments

Forces Command (FORCECOM) is charged with the administration of the units of the Corp as well as overseeing all detachments and marines in the Corp. All Marine OICs report to the FORCECOM Commanding Officer via the Monthly Status Report (MSR). The MSR that reaches the COFORCECOM starts from the Detachment and Task Force level. Each Detachment or Expeditionary Force OIC sends an MSR to their Ship CO and Division or Regiment OIC.
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For those wishing to join marine detachments the current is a list of approved detachments with number, ship/station, and the OIC or officer in command.

92nd Detachment - Pathfinder Research Facility - Vacant (Colonel Penney Lancaster)
55th Detachment - USS Thunderbird - 1st LT. Alric14 Resident
112th Detachment - USS Veracruz - Major Kyle Asbrink

These are the only detachments in UFS as of present.

Colonel Penney 'Fireball' Lancaster
Pyro Blazewood


Given that this post is now four years old.

Is there an updated list?
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