Business as Usual (Part 2) - Mission Report - 141124

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Thallanor Rasmuson
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Mission Report - 141124

SS Tranquility started receiving reports of starships in the vicinity of the earlier-discovered rift disappearing briefly, only to reappear momentarily, but with the crew having indicated that days had passed by. This was outside of the originally-outlined exclusion zone, and so the USS Cheyenne was immediately dispatched to investigate. In the hours it took the Cheyenne to approach the region, reports of two more vessels having been drawn in had been received, with the perceived delays now being weeks, and further away from the originally marked region of space. As the Cheyenne approached the area and began taking in scans, it became clear that something was fuelling the rift, though they were unable to determine what. Sensors briefly detected a power fluctuation before the Cheyenne was drawn into the rift along with its crew.

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