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David7 Bravin
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Time seems to have flown past since I graduated from the Academy on Astraios Prime. Looking back I now realise just how much has happened since then.

As regards my career in Starfleet, I have now risen to the dizzy heights of being a Commander, as well as having being appointed Astraios’ 2nd Officer and Chief Science Officer.

I have been on numerous Away Missions, where I have visited strange new worlds and met new life & new civilisations. In true Starfleet tradition, I hope to continue to boldly go where no one has gone before. (This of course is certainly possible, being based as I am in the Astraios Sector of the Gamma Quadrant).

So far, the alien object, that is still embedded in my brain, does not seem to have caused any major problems. If anything, it has on occasions proved to be an asset, in that it has protected me from mind controlling influences of various aliens I have encountered on Away Missions. However I would still prefer to have the object removed, in the hope that my memory prior to arriving on Astraios Prime might as a result be restored. Then I may be able to discover who I am and where I came from, as well as who put the object in my brain and why.
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