110618 - USS Sheppard - Tairis

Moderators: Rich Lombardia, Femafirefrick

Kaelin Odriscoll


First Officers log stardate 110618

We brought some distance between us and the nebula and no signs of any Relknok activity here so far.

However, we have detected some systems in the vicinity. The Urechtans intelligence reported viral infections in the area as well, but nothing more. So we will assess the impact of the virus on the civilisations in the area ourselves and help out if we can and if the Prime Directive allows it.

We have already sent out some shuttle teams to nearby star systems. As we are waiting for the first reports from the shuttles, the Sheppard itself is on its way to a system nearby with a desert-like L-class planet. Urechtan reports mention a developed, warp-capable civilisation in that system. Long range scans detected energy levels from it which support that but we haven't been able to trace any warp travel to or from the planet so far. We are preparing to send down an away team to investigate further.

Computer, end log.
Kaelin Odriscoll


Crew manifest

Asst. Chief Of Security - LT Ponce Zapatero

Operations Officer - LTJG Rich Lombardia
Helm Officer - LTCMDR Cordova Marabana
Helm Officer - LTJG Frostbite Pikajuna

Engineer - LTCMDR Chrystian Merlin
Engineer - ENS Faorel Fiertze

Nurse - ENS Suzie Setsuka
Medical Officer (guest) - CMDR Jorden Allen
mulgrave Dwi


United Federation Starfleet
USS Sheppard

To: Capt. Mulgrave Dwi, C.O. USS Sheppard
Cc: Kaelin O'Driscoll, X.O, USS Sheppard

=/\= Medical - Incident Report =/\=
Name: Setsuko, Suzie
Position: Nurse
Rank: Ensign
Stardate: 110611

Nature of Incident: Away Team Mission

We're currently conducting a survey mission, searching the sector for habitable planets and inspecting them for possible virus contamination.

The Sheppard discovered a L-class planet, a very arid, and hot desert world.
Cdr Allen discovered some life signs on the surface, by the look of the scans it was highly likely that this was a mining colony.
In order to investigate, we formed two away teams, myself leading one team, Lt Zapatero the other.

Upon arrival the two away teams split up to scout the immediate vicinity.
We found a number of devices Cdr Allen identified as moisture collectors or "vaporators".
A water sample from the planets atmosphere would be useful in determining the presence and extent of any viral contamination in the planet's ecosystem.
Lt Lombardia was able to bypass the security device on one of the collectors (water is afterall the most valuable commodity on a desert world) so we were able to take some samples for testing.
Once done, Cdr Allen thoughtfully replaced the missing amount from our own water supplies.

On our return to the rendevouz point, we happened across a small livestock enclosure. Clearly these animals, equine in nature, were a hardier strain than your typical Earth horses, to survive such temperature extremes. They were clearly domesticated, so their owners could not have been far away.
I entered the enclosure with Cdr Allen as we tentatively obtained a blood sample from one of the animals, Lt Lombardia was given the honour of collection samples from the manure.
We returned to Team 2, who were looking over some kind of "gate" technology with Lady Byrna, when she noticed a cave entrance in the mountains.
Both teams made our way of the mountain path and entered.
When entering the cave, we found ourselves in a form of trading post - primitive by Federation standards

One of the "colonists" was present and quite wary of us.
I asked a couple general questions regarding any illness whilst taking a close look at her, I did not use the tricorder as she already seemed quite suspicious of us and our motives for being there.
She mentioned that a couple visitors had arrived just over a week ago, both looking decidedly unwell, as well as agitated, itching, etc. Symptoms common with the "mudball virus". They headed out in to the desert but she had not seen them since.
The woman stated that nobody that was part of the community was currently or recently ill in anyway.
Throughout observing her, I found the woman to exhibit no symptoms herself, any rash, legions on her limbs or face, suggesting at a glance she
If she was exposed to infected people as long as a week ago, then symptoms would have manifested.
This raises a number of questions - were the visitors infected and if so why was the virus not transferred to the colonists?

Feeling decidedly uncomfortable that we had outstayed our welcome (These outland trading posts are not big on neither outsiders or browsers) we left and rejoined the Sheppard.
Analysis work on the samples we took will commence as soon as possible.
All away team members in good health, post-excursion checkups were all nominal.
mulgrave Dwi


United Federation Starfleet
USS Sheppard
=A= Operations Log=A=

Mission: Tairis
Stardate: 110618


To: Lieutenant April Coswell, Chief of Operations
From: Rich Lombardia, Operations Officer

Staraate: 110618
Mission Name: Tardia

As the Sheppard put distance between itself and the Nebula several there have been several new systems detected. Shuttle have been sent to investigate as teh Sheppard itselfwent to investigate an L-Class planet with a newly warp-capable civiliazation. We detected the planet being a desert like world but no warp signatures. I was able to intercept seveal commications from a lesser technology. The messages from from a smaller area with several structures contained mixed material to a small group of life forms out in the desert. Lt. Zapatero commanded the mission and after evaluating the information on the planet decided it was safe enough to beam to the surface and investigate.

Lt. Zapatero Lead Team one and Ensign Setsuko lead the secoond team. I was assigned to team two. We beamed down to the planet to investigate, wearing clothing appropriate to the environment. The planet was extremely hot and uncomfortable...and sand stretched as far as the eye could see. Team two investigated one of six vaporizers we discovered. A doctor assigned to our team spoke with Nurse Setsuko to find a way to check if the virus had made its way to the palnet. The Doctor had recognized the Vaporzer from another ppanet he had been on and said a water sample might help determine in the virus was present. I was able to hack into the vaporizer and bypass thesecurity system to allow the doctor to obtain a sample. Afterwards, we replaced water and returned the vaporizer as we found it.

As we continued our investigation we found a pair of horses and a strangeavian bird create. Nurse Setsuko obtained a blood sample from oen ofhte horsesand the Doctor tooka bird feather. We then met up with team one at Star Gate type device but was currently inactive. Lady Byrna saw a cave with a life form beyound so we went to investigate. It was a alrge market area with a receptionist. Nurse Setsuko determined the receptionist was not infected. We did obtain information that a week ago several strangers came through who appeared not well. After we gathered all teh information we could we retunred to the Shepaprd.


Lieutenant April Coswell
Chief of Operations, U.S.S. Sheppard

Frostbite Pikajuna
Civilian Mission Advisor

Mission Report, Stardate 110618

Message As Follows:

While passing through Unrechta space, Sheppard located a Class L Desert Planet with a possible mining colony. It was decided to survey the planet for possible virus infection.

The planet contained a standard out-of-the-way mining colony. Technology level was low, with most power devoted to extracting valuable resources from the harsh desert environment.

Near the beam-down point, a anti-grav speeder was noted, along with some ruins and a interesting copy of a Stargate. The controls were online, but the gate was inoperative. Further investigation was hampered by sunset as the science team returned from investigation of the surrounding area having located some water vaporators and a livestock pen for sampling.

A cave habitat was located nearby containing a market and supply stores. Casual investigation was conducted along with questioning of the greeter where we learned that possibly infected people had passed through recently. They had subsequently vanished into the desert, and no visible signs of infection were found amung the locals.

We subsequently returned to the ship to analyse the samples taken.

End Report
mulgrave Dwi


United Federation Starfleet
USS Sheppard
=A= Engineering Log =A=

Stardate: 110618
Location: Dactes Sector, parsec 45

Log entry: I was manning the main engineering console as has been usual lately. We came across a system with an L class planet and quickly formed and dispatched 2 away teams down. My own team consisted of myself, LT Zapatero, and Lady Byrna joining us once we were on the ground.
The planet was harsh and not exactly a resort. However we did encounter some strange technology. The first thing we encountered was a dormant pad, like an enormous transporter pad, but I quickly lost interest in it as Lady Byrna had spotted a Stargate. We studied the Stargate as best we could but it lacked power and the console near it was shut down tight, even when I tried to splice into it with my PADD. The stargate was made of a strange type of metal/ceramic composite material (the information was scanned into my tricorder and had been forwarded to science.). Lady Byrna noticed something a bit off about the stargate and we both came to the conclusion that this was not a genuine Stargate, but another races attempt at recreating once. Though copy or not, it is likely it is fully functional.
We then enterted a cave on the mountain and found a very strange marketplace. It was full of......interesting, items and things we hadn't seen before. However we did not stay long and returned to the Sheppard immediately afterwards.

Logs: N/A


Individual Reports:


Damage and Repairs Timetable: No damage to the Sheppard logged, will run multiple diagnostics to be sure but all systems are green at the moment.


In Service
Fae Fiertze
mulgrave Dwi


United Federation Starfleet
<<U.S.S. Sheppard>>
=A= Tactical/Security Log =A=

Stardate: 110618
Location: Dactes Sector, parsec 45
Security Status: All Clear
Vice Security Chief <Lieutenent> Alexander Zapatero Reporting...

Log entry:

<The Sheppard Team was asked to investigate a planet that was rumored by Uretchan Intel to be infected with the Uretchan Plague Virus.>

Individual Reports:

Stardate - Lt. Alexander Zapatero
Security Teams After Action Report
Mission: Tairis

<Placed in Command, I placed the Sheppard on course for a Class L planet in the Dactes Sector. According to Uretchan Intel, this place was a desert wasteland used for mining ore from the planet crust. In addition, the people inhabiting this planet were quite hostile towards other species due to the very limited resource of water on the planet.

From the Sheppard, I asked Nurse Aid <Ensign> Suzie Seteuko to get together a medical team for this mission. This team consisted of her, Operations Officer <Lieutenent J.G.> Rich Lombardia and Science Officer <Commander> Jorden Allen. It was my hope that medical could determine whether or not the virus had affected this region.

While they were performing their priliminary scans, I formed a team as well to investigate the region. This team was comprised of Engineering Techs <Lieutenent Commander> Christian Merlin and <Ensign> Faorel Fiertze, and Alliance Ambassandor <Lady> Byrna. It was my hope that we might find some interesting new technology or something scientific.

One bit of particular interest we discovered was a type of portal device that could teleport people across large distances. According to the natives, this piece of technology was called a Stargate. Although we managed to get it operating, we still could not figure out precisely how it worked.


<As we were about to leave this planet, Lady Byrna happened to be quite curious about a cave near the area we were exploring. At first, I was quite eager to get us all back to the ship but she insisted. Curious to say, we walked into what appeared to be a kind of store. None of the merchandise seemed to be quite useful to us. However, we did manage to get a bit of information from the clerk of the store, although she wasn't in the least bit happy to see foreigners roaming thru her store. When we asked her in detail about the virus that was plaguing the surrounding planets in the sector, she had never heard of the virus. When scanned by Nurse Seteuko, she appeared to have no traces of the virus either.>


In service,
<Lieutenent> Alexander Zapatero
mulgrave Dwi


TO: Sheppard Command Staff
FROM: Lt. Cmdr. Merlin

SUBJECT: Mission Report 110618

I was called up from Engineering deck to join the 2nd away team down to the surface of the planet. Very dry, hot, desert-like conditions but obviously inhabited. Because of my unique physiology I scouted a broader range than the other members of the team were capable of. I found many machines that condense water from the air which seems a great feat since the air was very dry but the technology was very efficent at extracting & storing water. There were a number of structures in the immediate vicinity including a marketplace. Some rather odd mechandise was available including what appeared to be a replica of an old Earth, hydro-carbon combustion engine land vehicle.

There was a variety of discoveries to be made including a device similar in appearance to a Stargate, but with symbols unrecognized by anyone on the team. Engineering & Science are still studying the scans taken that day, but the material & technology of the device did indeed seem to be similar to other Stargates we have found. We have yet to determine whether it is compatible with known Stargate systems or if this is something unique.

Possibly the strangest discovery of all was a domesticated animal which was in both appearance and behavior to be a member of the family Equidae; a horse. Obviously either bred or genetcially altered to survive in this extremely harsh environment, they seemed quite well adapted & healthy. Medical took a number of samples for further study.

For all the signs of habitation we encountered, very few indigenous inhabitents were actually seen. There were some attendents in the bazar, but they seemed mostly concerned with the prospect of trade & commerce. They were patently unhelpful in most other inquiries. As the day progressed, so did the surface temperature and it became prudent, if not entirely necessary to return to the ship.

This concludes my report.
Lt. Cmdr. Chrystian Merlin

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