110611 - USS Sheppard - Escape

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mulgrave Dwi


Captains log stardate 110611

Its time to move and find out more about who we face and if possible make a run for it, our warp engines are back online and repairs completed as much as they can be in the current conditions, we are ready to go, i only wish i knew more about what to expect when we get out into open space.

Did Lt Coswell get through? can we expect the cavalry to be waiting for us? or can we expect to be running again. Well ones things for sure we are not going out unprepared, Lady Byrna has prepared several of her fusion devices, primitive but effective weapons, that will give us the edge in any ongoing battle.

Also after crawling over the sensor logs science believes they have located how the relknoks are detecting us when leaving the nebula, there are several anomalies present around the exterior of the nebula giving off some interesting low level subspace signals, not anything the federation normally uses and if it wasnt for our advanced sensor array we probably would not of even noticed it was there. In anycase it will be worth investigating before we break from the nebula,if they are sensor arrays, we may even be able to take down such an action will ofcourse alert them to somthing odd, but if we are lucky we will have a few minutes to escape before we draw any attention.

I guess the question i have to ask myself is, do i feel lucky?

**The captain smiles to herself then ends the log**

Computer End log
Kaelin Odriscoll


Crew Manifest

Commanding Officer - CAPT Mulgrave Dwi
Executive Officer - LTCMDR Kaelin Odriscoll

Chief Of Security - LTCMDR Jess Hamelin
Asst. Chief Of Security - LT Ponce Zapatero
Security Officer - LT Kainin McDonnell

Chief Operations Officer - LT April Coswell
Operations Officer - LTJG Rich Lombardia
Helm Officer - LTCMDR Cordova Marabana
Helm Officer - LT Frostbite Pikajuna

Engineer - ENS Faorel Fiertze

Nurse - ENS Suzie Setsuka
Nurse - CA Anastasio Luminos
mulgrave Dwi


United Federation Starfleet
USS Sheppard
=A= Engineering Log =A=

Stardate: 110611
Location: Class 2 Nebula Sector 003E

Log entry: The mission began with myself at the main engineering station on the bridge. We were still trapped within the nebula hiding from the Relknoks. The Captain decided that it was time for action. We had previously detected some strange structures just outside the nebula emitting strange subspace signals. It was determined that these were most likely the Relknoks eyes and ears.
I then assisted Lt Cmdr Hamelin with modifying two of our shuttles to replicate the radiation of the nebula. This was done by bypassing the dampeners of the engines to let some of the natural radiation leak (Lt Taylor was since dispatched with a team to correct the modification). Once the shuttles were ready, I joined Ms. Hamelin, Lt. Cmdr. Marabana, and Nurse Luminos on an away mission out to see the structures.
Upon arrival, my first though was that those structures were not natural to the Relknoks, but must have been somehow modified to their needs. It was hard to tell their age but it was clear they were very old. Team 1 took a transporter in the main room, while my own team 2 managed to force a hatch open and climb through that. We emerged on what seemed an observation deck. The only odd feature was a keypad that despite my best effort I could not crack. We then used an available transporter pad to join team 1. We forced another room open once we'd joined them, and were attacked by a laser turret. It was dispatched with no major injury. Once in the room we found a console, I tried once again to get into it but to no avail. So I left my pack there primed to blow in 10 minutes or when the outside atennae had been destroyed. We quickly left and did destroy the antennae. From there we returned to the Sheppard and the Relknoks soon retreated afterwards.

Logs: N/A


Individual Reports:


Damage and Repairs Timetable: Damage from the previous Relknok attacks was still prevalent on the Sheppard. It is not in too bad of a condition but will take quite some time to restore to 100% without the help of a starfleet maintanence station.


In Service
Fae Fiertze
mulgrave Dwi


United Federation Starfleet
USS Sheppard
NCC - 74679
=A= First Officers Log =A=

Stardate: 110611
Location: Nebula near Urechtan space

Team Deployment:
Two strike teams investigating and trying to disable a listening post near the edge of the nebula
Team 1: LtCmdr Odriscoll, Ens Setsuko, Lady Byrna, LTjg Lombardia
Team 2: LtCmdr Hamelin, CA Luminos, Ens Fiertze, LtCmdr Marabana

Log entry:

We had encountered strange anomalies near the edge of the nebula sending subspace signals to each other. Given the fact that the Relknoks always knew when and where someone left or entered the nebula we concluded that this might be some sort of listening network. We set course for one of the central points of the signals to find out more and if our theory was correct take out part of that network.

In order to sneak in and not to alarm the Relknoks we deployed two strike teams which approached the relais post using shuttles. We docked at two air locks and made our way up to the command deck. The station seemed to be on automatic, no lifesigns on board.
We had to open two doors to control rooms and tried to hack into the first computer which was not successful as the computer detected the attempt and deactivated itself.
When trying to open the second door we were attacked by an automatic weapons turret which we had to disable. We didn't risk any more attempt of hacking into the computer so we just attached explosives to the two consoles. This combined with a destruction of the antennas of the station would take out at least part of the network.

When the teams came back to the Sheppard, we saw that the ship was on read alert and that there had been a battle with Relknoks. The team led by LT Coswell was already back on board and the Sheppard was able to leave the nebula.

Since the Relknoks had detected the rescue team by LT Coswell and the Sheppard before we could take out the station and the network our work was useless in the end. However the data we were able to get and download before the console shut itself down might prove valuable in finding out more about Relknok tech. We should send it to Starfleet HQ at Pinastri for further investigation and analysis.


In Service
LtCmdr Kaelin Odriscoll
mulgrave Dwi


United Federation Starfleet
USS Sheppard
=A= Operations Log=A=

Stardate: 110611
Location: Midgar Sector
Mission: Escape

To: Captain Mulgrave Dwi, CO, USS Sheppard
From: Lieutenant April Coswell, Chief of Operations, USS Sheppard

Stardate: 110611
Mission Name: Escape

It took the Uretchan convoy a few days at warp 2 to reach the system with the class-M planet one of the two merchant ships had been talking about. While on our way there, we did what work we could to the patrol ship Krieg-Ta. Once at the class-M planet, which happened to be a Uretchan colony, I managed to broker a deal under which a fleet of seven fighters would accompany the Krieg-Ta, under my command, back to the coordinates where we left Sheppard. In exchange, we would give them the cure for the mutagenic virus.

When the fleet joined us, we got under way at a much faster warp 5, which would put us at the Sheppard's last known coordinates in a bit over an hour. On the way there, we kept scanning for the USS Luranza - we had been continuously broadcasting calls for help and Lieutenant Zapatero thought the Krieg-Ta's sensors had registered a Starfleet signature.

As we got close to the arrival coordinates, I put the Uretchan fighters under strict orders to not shoot unless I gave the order. We slowed to warp 3 and came in weapons hot, sending standard hails to Sheppard as we arrived - with no response. As we went in closer to the nebula, the Krieg-Ta was suddenly fired upon by what turned out to be a Relknok vessel. The good news was, we almost simultaneously got a message from the Luranza - saying that they were getting here at high warp with an ETA of 5 minutes - and from the Sheppard, which was coming out of the nebula to help us face the two bioships we were up against.

We kept the bioships busy until Sheppard and Luranza got to our location, losing one fighter in the process. When Sheppard arrived on the scene, Captain Dwi informed us that they had one effective shot at taking the bioships out and that she needed us to get both of them as close as possible. The Luranza arrived at that moment and, along with the Krieg-Ta, teased the second bioship back next to the first one. Sheppard fired a fusion bomb and some torpedoes between the two bioships and, although the Krieg-Ta hightailed it out of the way, we were still grievously hit by the resulting shockwave. With the patrol ship's core losing containment and Lieutenant Zapatero injured and semi-unconscious, I called to Sheppard for a beamout.

Once onboard Sheppard, I called for medics to look after Lieutenant Zapatero and made my way to the bridge, where Captain Dwi informed us that the Krieg-Ta's arrival had coincided with an away team's being on a listening post attempting to disable the Relknok sensor net. Apparently the Sheppard had now lost contact with them, and Captain Dwi asked me to work on trying to re-establish comms. I tried out a trick that had worked on the Krieg-Ta, funneling comms through the ship's deflector, which created a resonance tunnel through the interference and did allow Captain Dwi to contact the away team and order them back to the ship.

With the Luranza preparing to accompany the Uretchan fighters back to their planet, all we had left to do was get underway ourselves, but I suddenly detected an enormous Relknok ship headed our way. This vessel hailed us and congratulated us for excelling on their "proving grounds", but warned us that we had not experienced the full might of their empire and that they would crush us. Curiously, the ship then turned and left.

I had Lieutenant j.g. Lombardia call in beta shift and went off duty for a long-overdue shower.


Lieutenant April Coswell
Chief of Operations, U.S.S. Sheppard

Frostbite Pikajuna
Civilian Mission Advisor

Combat Report, Stardate 110611

Message As Follows:

A successful attempt to break the Relknock Blockade was lauched.

While Sheppard distracted the Relknock warships, two away teams were launched to attempt to disable the sensor network around the nebula.

The station did not appear to be organic in nature. We breached using EVA Suits in the lower airlocks. After spending some time to examine a site-to-site transporter and a Turbolift, we proceeded upward to locate the control center. Team one consisting of myself, Commander Odriscoll, Lieutenant Lombardia, and Nurse Setsuko found the Command Center behind two closed blast doors.

After careful examining of the locking mechanism, I was able to force it by overloading the circutry with a Type-II Phaser Blast set for Level 8.

In the first compartment, we located what turned out to be environmental and docking control systems. Attempting to access the computer resulted in triggering a security protocol. By this time, Team 2 joined us, attempting to access the second compartment. After sharing my discovery, they breached only to come under fire from and outdated Sentry Turret which caused only minor injuries before it was taken down by massed phaser fire.

We located the control node for the station in this compartment. Ensign Fiertze had explosives with which to rig the console, a Type-II Phaser was rigged to the first. Both were set to be detonated by an overload in the Comms Arry connecting the station to others, which would be initiated by a burst of Phaser Fire from one of the shuttles. We then evacuated the station, which was last seen suffering catastrophic structural failure from the overloads. We returned to the Sheppard which had finished a space battle with the Relknok Warships resulting the loss of several Unrechta Warships. After recovering the away teams, Sheppard formed up with the surviving ships and set a course for friendly space.

End Report


Stardate: 110611
Mission Name: Escape
The following information is in CHARACTER information.
Location: Class 2 Nebula Sector 003E
Helmsman Log: LT CMDR Cordova Marabana

I would like to give a full report but feel as though most of my mission I was a bit confused. So I'll report the following.

The mission started with us flying I believe still in the type 2 Nebula and approaching an Anomaly. I was approaching at full impulse but do to shield fluctuation, the captain had me reduce speed to half Impulse.

As we got closer to our destination, I was relieved of helm to help with the shuttle teams. I was assigned to Lt CMDR Hamelins crew, We followed Lt CMDR Odriscoll's Shuttle to the Anomally which appeared to be some sort of data station. We entered through 2 different air locks. And began to explore the ship.

We didn't seem to find much most things were locked down really good. Until one door came open and I don't know it was something we did or something someone else did. But doors open and then all hell broke loose. Laser fire shot through the door. I tried to give support fire but soon found myself frozen in place.

When I was able to respond again we had taken the security system down. It was decided that we would blow the ship in hopes to bring whatever it was doing down. At least that's what I thought we decided. Next thing I know we are booking it out of there back to the shuttle. Once on the shuttles we opened fire on there antenna then hit top speed back to the Sheppard.

End Helms report


To: Lieutenant April Coswell, Chief of Operations
From: Rich Lombardia, Operations Officer

Staraate: 110611
Mission Name: Escape

We have completed repairs to the warp drive and as much of the other damage to the Sheppard as possible. Science believes the Relnoks are using some kind or sensory system located on the edge of the nebula.

Lady Byrna and I were assigned to try adn discover a way to disable these devises. Since they are bionic there was some biologgical component to them and initally were thought of usingthat to our advantage but there wasn't enough time to develop anything.

The Sheppard approched one of these Sensor towers and two away teams invaded via shuttle craft. My Team, commanded by Lt. Commander Odriscoll disovered a computer terminal but were unable to do anything with it due to incompatiblity of technology. The Second Team eventually cought up to us and we enteredthe second room on our level only to be attacked by an automatited turret. Once disabled we were able to look at the terminal inside.

Although unable to access the terminal I was able to determine that it was exactly what we were looking for. With the Assistance of Lady Byrna we decided that destroying the terminal along with one of the exterior arrays. Lady Byrna riged theterminal with an explosive. As a precuation, I rigged my phaser to over load and used my tricorder as a timer.

We returned to our shuttles, destroyed the exteriro sensor aray and flewback ot the Sheppard as the explosives went off, leaving a hole in the network and allowing us to escape.

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