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Tai Galicia


~gazes into her tea~

"Computer, begin recording.....

I think about how my journey at UFS has brought me back to the Medical Branch. It's been a long journey which has taught me a great deal about what it means to be a leader.  I've gained a confidence in myself and my skills.  

~smiles quietly and takes a sip of tea.~  

My heart has always been in medical, and it is very rewarding to practice medicine again.  I've missed it dearly.  

Medical command has plans for very effective changes in the branch.  And I look forward to being a part of the change.  However, change happens slowly....and sometimes I find it hard to understand why.  I know the value of patience. My PCS orders will come through and the changes will happen.

~closes out the cadet exam logs~

The new procedures instituted by LT Vaniva-Mistwallow have streamlined the cadet exam procedures.  After weeks of hard work, cadet physical are not only caught up, but ahead.  I'd like to note the hard work of Dr. Laren in help with the backlog.  She's truely been invaluable.  Now to motivate the rest of the Senior Duty Doctors....

~stands and carries her cup to the kitchen unit~

Attendance at the Tai Chi sessions continues to be good.  Those that attend appreciate the calming effect of the exercises.  It must be doing some good since folks keep coming back :)  

~sits and pulls off her boots~

After many months on hold, I was finally able to get the Diplomatic Corps permission to turn in the Orion and Orion Syndicate classes to the academy.  It's quite exciting to be able to present background information on the development of my culture.  I think students will be surprised to learn what a complex history has shaped the Orions.  When it's on the schedule, I hope to be able to teach it.

I've also contacted the academy about joining staff development. Soon after I graduated from the academy, I completed the Instructor Trainer course and applied to staff development.  However, at that time I was not accepted. After 9 months of patience and persistance, I may now be able to give back to the academy which has given so much to me.  :)  

~yawns and stretches out on the bed~

Compter, end recording"
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Tai Galicia


======= BEGIN LOG ======

Dr. Tai Galicia, Lieutenant, Personal Log, stardate 091118.1755...

*sits heavily in the chair beside the biobed*  Zia is sleeping again.  She cycles between waking bouts of confusion and fitful sleep.  *listens to Zia mumble in her sleep* 

Where to begin? 

Early this morning, Medical received a short, garbled message from Zia. The Attending Physician received no response from the return hail.  A medical team was dispatched to her and Kermie's quarters.  They received no answers to hails and were forced to use their Emergency Medical Override.  And still they couldn't gain entry.  The locking mechanism had been prevent entry. *gazes sadly at Zia*  What happened in her quarters before they arrived?

The medics reported that when they were able to get to Zia, they found her in the foetal position on the floor.  She was conscious but unresponsive.  She was still in this state when she was brought to  Tranquility sickbay.

Preliminary scans have provided few answers to whatever trauma has left her in this state.  *smooths back Zia's hair*  I do know that there seems to be no physical reason for her condition.  Scans of the symbiont show erratic psynoic activity.

I have spent the day combing the medical database for any case histories that might provide a clue as to what is happening.  Kermie will be here soon.  Hopefully he may be able to provide some information.

Computer....end log and save. *computer beeps*
Tai Galicia


*watches Kermie lean over Zia from the staff office* 

Dr. Tai Galicia, Lieutenant, Personal Log, stardate 091119.0630...

Computer, begin recording.....

LT Mistwallow has arrived at his wife's bedside.  The last few hours have been more peaceful for HER.  From the deep line of worry, the last few hours have been torture for HIM.

*turns to the desk and sits heavily*

I've started Zia on a regime of small doses of anti-psychotics.  This seems to have eased her towards a more conscious state.

*watches Kermie kiss Zia's head*

I still marvel at the good fortune that brought both Kermie and myself to Pinastri.  Years of the nomadic Orion lifestyle made it difficult to adjust.... at least for me.  *smiles and looks at Gijsjan's picture* Orions are nothing but....extreme.  Kermie and I are both so fortunate to have found such wonderful partners.

*rubs her eyes*

*computer beeps*

Computer, pause log.  Open incoming message....

*reads message "Effective this date and time, Tai Galicia you are hereby assigned to the position of: Vice Head of Medical..."

Tai Galicia


*computer beeps*

"Incoming subspace encrypted message"

Computer, display message.... Encryption T08-S22-BRAVO

*peers at the data.*

What is this?  *eyes grow wide*  Where did.....?

*closes eyes and counts to 10*

Computer, open encrypted communication to Lt Mistwallow.....

*smiles sweetly*
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Tai Galicia


*hesitates at the doorway.  Takes a breath and leans forward, triggering the door.  Leans inside to look.*


*takes a step inside.  The door closes on her back, pushing her forward.  Slowly walks forward, circling the desk.  Pokes the name plaque on the desk with her finger.


*sets down the bag of PADDs on the desk next to the Vice plaque. Turns as the Pinsatri shuttle zooms by the window*

Cool *smiles*

*brushes imaginary dust off the desk chair, turns and lowers herself into the chair.....*



*runs out into the sickbay.  Zia is sitting wide-eyed on the biobed*

Zia, oh thank the heavens.....We've been so wor-.....

*watches Zia's eyes widen in panic*

Zia can you hear me? *reaches forward to touch her.  Watches Zia shrink back*

It's ok, hon.  I'll fix you right up.

**picks up the tricorder from the tray and discretely scans Zia*

Now, you've had a hard time, haven't you Zia?

*studies the readings on the overhead monitor*

You're shivering, dear.  Here...... *puts her arms around her shoulders, lays her head on Zia's*

Kermie has been here day and night.  Let's give him a call, shall we?

*presses the comm panel*

Dr. Galicia to LT Mistwallow.  I have some good news.  Can you come to Sickbay ASAP?

*comm channel closes*

*laughs* I expect he'll run over anyone who gets in his way...

*watches Zia clutch her abdomen*

Zia?  *grabs the tricorder*   What is it?

Learta.... *Zia gasps and falls into a sobbing heap*

Who is Learta, Zia? 

*holds Zia in her arms as she rocks with sobs. Reaches for the comm panel...*

Dr. Galicia to LT Mistwallow.  What is your ETA?  We have a problem....
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Tai Galicia


*stands watching Kermie sit with Zia.  Quietly checks the biobed monitor and leaves the room.  Enters her office and sits at her desk wearily.  Spies the cup of cold liquid and takes a drink.*

Ugh...... coffee!

*swallows the cold coffee quickly*

Blech.  How can humans drink this?  It's what they make Klingons drink in the Nine Hells.

*puts the cup down heavily*

Dr. Tai Galicia, Lieutenant, Personal Log, stardate 091127.0623...

Computer, begin recording.....

*computer beeps*

I think I need a vacation. *laughs*  I have finally submitted the internal review of UFS medical.  There are many changes that will benefit patient care and efficiency.  Now the decision is in the hands of Command.  The Division Heads have been very receptive to the changes.  They amaze me the way they step up for the good of all.  I have scheduled a meeting with our Enlisted Liaison to discuss the new Paramedic program.  When implemented, this should provide another level of immediate patient care.

*looks at her medical PADD*

As for Zia....*sighs*

I can find no physical cause for her current condition.  Zia and her symbiont are both in good physical shape.  All chemistry levels are normal....except for one.  Her symbiont is displaying an elevated level of neurotransmitters.  Amost as if it is "broadcasting" continuously.  This may be what is causing Zia's  altered state of reality and memory loss.  The symbiont's heightened neural activities may be overloading Zia's ability to filter them.  I can only conclude that the symbiont is attempting to deal with some traumatic event and it is affecting Zia.  I have decided that the best course of treatment is to treat the symbiont's elevated levels and use Zia as a conduit to deal with the psychological event. 

*gets up and crosses to the replicator*

*watches as tea appears.  Take the cup and walks to the window.*

Kermie has his own secret to reveal.  I heard of an altercation with Orions on Alexandria.  I know he's involved somehow.  I've settled my scores with the Syndicate, but I'm not sure about Kermie.  He's avoided my attempts to bring up the issue. 

*drinks the tea*

Computer...end log

*cmputer beeps*

Computer, begin Engineering work order.....

*computer beeps*

Wyp, would you please delete the coffee program from my replicator?  I'll make you pancakes.
Tai Galicia


Medical Log, SD 091205.2026....

Today I can confidently state that we have made progress in treating Zia and her symbiont.  The drug regime have allowed the symbiont to communicate clearly with Zia.  Counseling sessions have allowed Zia to probe the memories of the symbiont and get to the root of the trauma.  Working together, they have made remarkable progress.  However, I suspect they have just begun the walk down a long road. 

Tomorrow I will release Zia from sickbay.  She has concentrated her efforts on healing the symbiont.  Now she must give herself the same care and time. 

Computer, end log....

*computer beeps*
Tai Galicia


======= BEGIN LOG ======

Dr. Tai Galicia, Lieutenant, Personal Log, stardate 091222.1632...

*looks at the PADD on her desk and smiles*

Another cadet has graduated into the medical branch today....and another will be completing his Senior Project.  Bless the heavens, some of our ships could surely use more personel.  And HQ, well it's amazing what we manage to do with a skeleton staff.  *smiles*  I'll be meeting with Recruiting to start conducting "Medical Day".  Get UFS members a look at a "day in the life" of a doctor.

*Take a sip of tea* 

The Betazed Delegation has left Pinastri.  Their counseling sessions with Zia were able to unlock the mystery of her past trauma.

Computer..... log and store Counseling Report ZVM 091217.  Lock entry

*computer beeps*
Imagine being the keeper of a dozen lifetimes of memory.  To live and feel the experiences of many hosts....  *gazes out the window*   I'm surprised that such a traumatic event escaped the notice of the Joining Committee.

The symbiont within her seems so benign, but has such an effect of the host.  Now Zia will have to help her symbiont deal with the trauma which took the life of someone she loved.

*toes off her boots*

Sunday I was promoted to Lt Cmdr.  Imagine that. *shakes head*  So was Kermie.  Zia was unable to attend because of her sessions with the Betazoid doctors.  He denies it, but I swear he was wearing her boots.  I like to think that I've settled into my new role well.  I've seen the effect that pressure has had on some other officers.  I thank Gijs and my friends for helping me keep things in perspective.  I also have a wonderful group of Division heads who do a geat job keping this branch running.

*looks at the stacks of billets*

Preparations are still being made for the medical reorganization.  The plan is extensive, so I imagine it's taking Command quite a while to review.  No one has ever accused me of being "brief".

Computer....end log and save. *computer beeps*
Tai Galicia


======= BEGIN LOG ======

*shuts off the holograph and looks solemn*

Dr. Tai Galicia, Lieutenant, Personal Log, stardate 100106.1455...

When I was a child, my father gave me an copy of an ancient human story of a old man who wandered Earth following his fantasies.  Now this old man was a bit crazy, and the foe he chased was only in his imagination.  But those around him found themselves drawn into his adventures.  At first, they went with him to protect him from the dangers around him.  But as spent time with the old man, they found themselves starting to believe that they too could have grand adventures.  They began to rise above their impoverished, sad lives.  They started to 'dream the impossible dream".  Through the fantasies of this impaired old man they found the best of themselves.

Gijs found the copy of the book I left in his shuttle. :)  He was delighted at the tales of the old man chasing windmills.  In many way Don Quixotie and Gijs have many things in common.  I think he'll see that as he continues to read :)

Today, he arrived at the Wastelands.  ~sighs~ I wish he wasn't there alone.  He shouldn' t be there without backup.  His shuttle was fired upon when he entered orbit.  It seems there is an automated defense system left n place.  But what is it defending?  The population on the planet has been all but destroyed by the use of nuclear weapons.  

Before Gijs left, we discussed precautions he should take if he met a native.  Surely someone who is living in such desolation would be desperate enough to attack a stranger to their world?  I wish he had someone there to watch his back.

Even that crazy old Don Quixote had Sancho to look after him.

Computer....end log and save. *computer beeps*
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Tai Galicia



Dr. Tai Galicia, LtCmdr, stardate 100110.0813

Patient:  LtCmdr Kermie Mistwallow

During Orion raid, Tranqulity Sickbay received a call to extract Cmdr Mistwallow from Tranq Ops.  After beam in, I discovered Cmdr Mistwallow unconscious.  I assessed the following symptoms:  2 cracked ribs, left axial; open chest wound with indications of disruptor burns.  I extracted Cmdr Mistwallow to Tranq Sickbay.

On arrival there, I was assisted by Medical Cadet Andrayka Latte.  We administered a pain killer and stopped the bleeding from the chest wound.  I injected with Cmdr Mistwallow with synthetic antigens to prevent infection and closed the wound.  

The broken ribs were treated with the Osteogenic Generator.  

Cmdr Mistwallow was given a mild sedative to help him rest.  Lt Mistwallow-Vaniva was in surgery at this time.  After completion of her procedure, she visited her husband.  After he regained consciousness, she escorted him to their quarters.

Follow up treatment:  Light duty for 24 hours.

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Tai Galicia


======= BEGIN PATIENT LOG ======

Dr. Tai Galicia, LtCmdr, stardate 100110.0826

Patient:  Ens Fred McClellan

During the Orion Raid, Tranqulity Sickbay recieved a call from the Habitat Ring that Ens McCellan was down.  I was sent to traige.

On arrival, I discovered Ens McCellan unconscious.  The corridor was filled with heavy disrupter blasts.  A quick scan revealed that Ens McCellan had no heartbeat or respiration.  Orions were advancing on our position.  I evacuated Ens McCellan to Tranqulity Sickbay.  On beam out, I was grazed in the left ankle by disruptor fire.

On arrival at Tranq Sickbay, a treatment team was working on Ens McCellan.  I was treated by Lt Vaniva-Mistwallow.

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Tai Galicia


======= BEGIN LOG ======

Dr. Tai Galicia, LtCmdr, Personal Log, stardate 100110.0855...

Last night our fears came true.  The Orions attempted to kidnap Admiral Calhoun.  We had recieved intell and were able to make some plans.  Due to that Intell, we were able to fight them off.

In anticipation, Medical introduced a new "triage" treatment system.  Triage teams were dispatched from PRF Sickbay and Tranquility Sickbay to injured personnel.  They assesed the injuries, evacuated the patient, and assigned a treatment Level based on a color code. On arrival in sickbay, the patient is taken to a corresponding color section where they are treated.  This system enabled us to extract patients quickly and provide them with the needed level of care.  Patient movement through the sickbay was quick and efficient.  I'd like to commend Dr. Vanvia-Mistwallow and Dr. Tumin for their efficient work as Triage Officers.

Our Medical Trainees and medical cadets helped staff the triage centers.  I was impressed by their professionalism and team work.  I would be honored to have any of them on my service.

Deployed meidcal personnel had their share of action too.  Caracas had a few injuries to treat.  Aviator was pulled out of dry dock and.....well, she was lost in the conflict.  All crew were evacuated except for the Capt.  We are still waiting for word on her fate.  I would like to commend Dr. JinjerLynne Skytower on taking care of her crew during the evacuation.

Other deployed medical stood by on alert, ready to assist.  Knowing that we could count on them helped our morale.

In all, I am very pleased with the response of UFS medical during this conflict.  They communicated well, kept a cool head, provided backup to each other, and showed why they are the best.

End log.....
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Tai Galicia


*watches the Holo-image of her husband flicker out*

He's on his way home....with fish.


My husband has adopted two irradiated fish.

*tries not to smile*

Muppy and Guppy.  That's what he's named them.


I was just introduced to two glow in the dark, six eyed fish name Muppy and Guppy.


He is SO not bringing them in the house.
Tai Galicia


*looks at the reorganization padd sitting on her desk for over a month.... looks at the draft to Intro to Honor Guard.....looks at the intell on the Orions that wasn't used.....looks at the empty offices in HQ*

Computer, dim office lights to 10%

~computer beeps~

*sits back in her chair and closes her eyes....stifles coughing fit*

~Search complete .... unable to find correlation between spacesuits and meta game.~

Computer, end search.

*closes her eyes*
Tai Galicia


*picks up the reorganization padd and reads it over.  Hits delete*

Computer, begin log.....

*computer beeps*

"Sometimes you get so close to a project that you lose sight of it.  You do what you think is best, but it turns out to be wrong. It's a calculated risk and you hope you don't cause too much damage.  That others can continue what you started.  You pick yourself up and try to regain your reputation and self esteem."

*computer beeps*
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