The new SLSF Database Project

Mateo Infinity


I have resurrected the old Database Project board, deleted a bunch of junk. I've left a few of the thread for review purposes temporarily just in case it would be of any benefit. The old threads are however locked.

The Database will run component of the Communications Divisions with long term maintenance oversight by the Internet Resources (Web) Team. During this initial development phase it will however be running as in independent team within Communications until the project can successfully complete both the Alpha and Beta stages.

For this project Security Vice-Chief LT Gawyn Philbin will serve as project team lead, reporting directly to the Chief of Communications. All active and up and coming members of the Web Team with experience in this field will be working with LT Philbin on various aspects of the project unless they are directed to work on other projects currently in progress for me(yes we have a lot of irons in the fire).

Access to this board is restricted to Communications Division personnel, Senior Staff, and any personnel that will be working on the project that are members of other divisions.

Once LT Philbin, myself, and Cadet Kappler iron out a few initial things we will be posting the initial proposed structure so we can begin to get needed input from the various Division Heads, and the Senior Staff as a whole. Besides the obvious core aspects of membership tracking the database will offer, several other key components will be developed with specific emphasis on the Academy and the Security Division (Incident Reports, and more).

Obviously the key goal here is to make our lives easier and not harder. Intense emphasis on reducing duplication of efforts and an ease of use is paramount in the project goals. In addition to the web based interface, an in world component will also be developed
in the next phase of the project which will make things a lot easier especially for the benefit of Academy and Security personnel.

More to come.

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