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*stands in the middle of his new quarters and looks around for a moment as if to check if anyone else was around, it felt weird that he was about to talk to thin air*

Computer Begin Personal Log, Ensign Brian Jones

*the computer beeps as Brian looks on*

Well the Launch seemed to go well, I did not have much time to meet the crew as it was all ceremonial before we got to take the ship out. That Vice Admiral Mistwallow seems like a demanding person, we where completly unprepared but pulled of the test flight with ease.

Our First Mission, a meet and greet with the crew, I got to listen in to the stories on how people joined starfleet, while there are some veterens among the crew there are quite a few fresh faces including myself, even though i was a transfer from the Sheppard I am still fairly new to my role.

Moving on to the Holodeck we began a team building exercise in asort of test of mettle with a few sceanrios, although this turned out to be much more fun that i expected. I completed the first 2 trials first, not that i am competetive but YES FIRST!

After i finished the first trial i watched and waited, i must say it was quite amusing to see the ohter crew curse in thier native tounges when they got hit by a trap.

The second trial was even funnier, i may of gotten eaten by a splurch, and Rik may of been impregnated by a few ... i'll leave that for science to explain. But I probably ned to remind myself not to get on securities bad side, that klingon half of her really showed and i learned some new cuss words. Overall it was a really fun opportunity to get to know the crew and established that bondthat will guide us when we recieve our first mission.

Computer End log and save
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