200311 - Medical Cadet Roundel Mission Log

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United Federation Starfleet
USS Veracruz
Medical Cadet Rowan Roundel's Mission Log
Medical Cadet Rowan Roundel recording
Stardate 200311
While stationed above the USS Veracruz NCC-200808 for medical training and internship, my duty shift began with the Veracruz orbiting an M-Class planet. Several ship functions at that time were malfunctioning, including critical life support systems and bio-filtration systems. As a result, the CO was forced on multiple occasions to lower ship orbit, dipping into the planet's atmosphere, where the ship's bussard collectors and all airlocks and shuttle bay doors were opened to allow fresh oxygen to enter the ship's air circulation system. Because of the extreme threat to life, normal scans and tests were bypassed as time was critical to ensure that all crew remained conscious and functional.

As a result of the foreign atmosphere being taken in when bio-filtration was down, spores spread throughout the ship's internal air system. These spores were largely inert, though the Vulcans aboard, specifically, those without any human ancestry, found themselves getting ill with multiple symptoms. It began with mild skin irritation, presenting in most cases, around the wrist. That irritation increased intel one crew member had actually scratched their wrist completely raw and was bleeding. Next, fever and pulse/BP were elevated and the nodes of the lungs presented with wheezing. Those affected felt extreme temperatures where the rest of the crew noted no difference.

Analysis revealed the spores, and the CO came up with the idea of decreasing the humidity of the internal air to deprive the spores of moisture. While we had the Vulcan crew members in sickbay behind bio-containment fields to stabilize them, crewmen worked to deplete the air of moisture. Further testing revealed that this was an effective measure and that the spores were rendered powerless. Once the Vulcan's symptoms had decreased sufficiently and their vital signs were within acceptable parameters, the bio-containment fields were lowered and the Vulcan crew returned to duty.

Dr. McKay and I are taking all possible precautions with further "resupply" dips into the atmosphere until the Veracruz is back to functioning off of her own internal air bio-filtration system.
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