Personal Log Lt Commander Mcdunner

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martian dunner


Martian enters his room and takes off his uniform and slips into the sonic shower, emerging after a good cleaning and puts on a robe . Crossing across to the bed area he sits at the desk .
Computer open Personal Log McDunner!

Log McDunner open
Stardate 192119
Well it has been quite a week the crew from Pastrini has finished installing the new system through out the ship. The Captain and crew spent last evening going through all the new commands . Our newly graduated Cadet came aboard and i had him sit at the bridge engineering station to get a first hand experience with the new system. He was really excited over the new improvements.
Over all the crew seems to be impressed with all the new features.

Martian sits back and yawns . It has been a long day .

Computer close log

Log McDunner closed
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