The Voyage Home - Expanded Soundtrack 2011

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Same director - New composer

Coming after the action packed and dramatic TWOK and TSFS, Leonard Rosenmans score for The Voyage Home is a different beast entirely. Like the film, it's more of a lighter tone than it's predecessors, the Main Title theme sets out the stall perfectly: fast, lively, it lets you know this films going to be fun.

One thing that sticks out is just how short the score is, only about 40 minutes. A lot of the early cues are short little scenes brought together (track 2 is called "Starfleet Command/On Vulcan/Spock/Ten seconds of Tension) as a result it feels disjointed and doesn't really flow very smoothly. Which is a shame as there's some good music here, albeit breif. The brevity of the score also means that there are fewer moments that stay in the mind the same way Goldsmith and Horners do.

But that doesn't mean what's here is completely forgettable. "Chekov's Run" is a wonderfully comic piece, as is "Hospital Chase" "The Whaler" is dramatic and tense. The best cue, for me, is "Home again/End credits" which plays over the finale of the film. Mixing the classic Alexander Courage theme as our heroes arrive at their new ship, it's a moving, stirring piece, which brings the film, and the story arc begun in TWOK, to a close on an emotional high whilst also whetting the appetite for more journeys in the final frontier.

As mentioned above, this expanded and restored score is only 40 minutes long. The CD contains an additional 30 minutes of alternative and unused cues, one of which is an alternate main title which is an interesting arrangement of the Courage theme. Some of the cues are very 80's which you might like, or might not.

To sum up, a little lightweight compared to the first three, but taken on its own terms, is still a fun listen.

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