The Wrath of Khan Expanded Edition Soundtrack 2009

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A new film, a lot less money to make it with.

Unable to afford a big name composer like Jerry Goldsmith, a fresh talent, 28 year old James Horner, was given the musical helm. The result was magic.

This is a great soundtrack to listen to, even without the film images. A vibrant, dynamic, and absorbing score. Horner embraces the nautical influences director Nicholas Meyer brought to the project. Close your eyes and you can almost imagine, instead of starships, great naval vessels sweeping across the sea in cues such as "Enterprise clears moorings" It's not all bombast though, there's the quiet beauty of "Spock" which scores the scene in Spock's quarters. There's also the dark menace of "Khans Pets", the suspenseful "Inside Regula 1" Standout cue for me is "The Battle of the Mutara Nebula" Music fit for two mighty adversaries to do battle to the death.

This release is remastered from the original mixes and contains music previously unreleased, including the electronic "Genesis Project" by Craig Huxley. Also, unlike the original soundtrack album, the cues are presented in the order they appear in the film (hey, that matters to some people). There is also a vinyl release.

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