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Wolfton Foulsbane


Stardate 160727

In light of recent developments in the Alpha Quadrant, I have been appointed Commanding Officer of the Aldebaran Colony. Starbase Yelchin, SS 389, is to be the facility. The Yelchin is still under construction but the design specs are inspiring.

I will be triple-hatred as I retain my role as the Director of Starfleet Intelligence and assume the roles as Colony and Starbase Commander. While these roles are typically reserved for - or warrant promotion to - the rank of Rear Admiral, I am more honored to assume them as a Captain and retain the privilege to earn my next few promotions individually.

While I remain the Intelligence Director and move from Starbase Tranquility in the Delta Quadrant to Starbase Yelchin in the Alpha Quadrant, the Intelligence Headquarters will remain on Starbase Tranquility. Captain Talas Shran, my former First Officer, will watch over them as Tranquility'so new CO.

My request that Lieutenant John Aries, my most recent First Officer aboard Tranquility, be assigned Colony Executive Officer has been approved. We are both growing into our roles as we visit the different postings throughout the Colony.

I was pleased to run into my old friends Brigadier Allen Blactchford. He had been commanding a Marines Detachment ((otional, NPC)) operating more and more around the Aldebaran Sector and once he learned I was taking command, he had his entire detachment transferred in.

There is a bit of a lag in propagating my accesses to subspace relays in the sector, but the Network Technicians assureally me that this should be cleared up in the next day or so.

End Log.
Wolfton Foulsbane


Stardate 160731

Things are beginning to click. We are working on a Fleet-wide uniform refresh and consolidating to just duty, dress, and excursion uniforms. We are prioritizing them in the order of dress, duty, and then excursion. The dress and duty uniforms need to be ready prior to the Admiral's Banquet next month.

The station construction is coming along nicely, albeit slower than I'd hoped.

End Log
John Aries


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