160424 - The Long Way Home.

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United Federation Starfleet
SS Tranquility
SS 001
=A= XO's Log =A=
Capt. Talas Shran(Jamie Czavicevic) Recording

== Prelude ==

XO's Log:

Stardate: 160424

Location: Astraios Colony, SS Astraios

Alert Status: Green

We are in orbit of Astraios Colony preparing to head home, Security has a lead on the missing woman from our orion murders investigation. According to her financial statements she has returned to Trill. I have elected to take the long way home though the Bajoran wormhole. we are making preparations to leave the Colony now.


In service
Capt. Talas Shran(Jamie Czavicevic)
XO SS Tranquility
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