Medical Logs and Checkup Status Report!

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I decided to make a new topic for this subject. I am trying really hard to get this started. This is where my daily medical logs will go as well as status of checkups which are due again. If you see this post, reply to let me know when you will be available to fill out a medical card/have a medical checkup.
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Medical Log 20140416:
PRF staff who are up to date on Medical checkups:

Lieutenant Chakat Northspring
Marc Seven
piper730 Resident


=A= Begin Log =A=

Stardate: 141107
Lt. Rosalind Rage
Chief Medical Officer
USS Pathfinder

We have received word that the starfleet ship transporting supplies to Pathfinder II has been hit. I am putting all medical staff on toes ready to go and making sure all the equipment is tested and that we have each station loaded with vials for the hypospray and all tricorders be tested as well. I've instructed nurses and other doctors to make sure they are ready for anything. Could be from 1 - who knows how many injuries. As for most have them getting the stuff organized and ready for crew physicals.
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