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dana offcourse


Stardate 140129

Not sure of the date anymore. This time shift has scrambled my body. One moment I was my normal self, and the next I became an arthritic, flatulent, bent over, hard of hearing old hag. Not only that, but my usual happy disposition has disappeared and I became a bitter angry and short tempered person. I forget things, including where I am and who are the people round me. All of a sudden, I see horses with a humanoid torso, cats standing up on two legs, a blue person, and a geezer with dove-like wings for goodness sake! Am I losing my mind? :twisted:

During the last dutyb shift, I couldnt stand being around all these strange people, and I isolated myself in the Science Deck. I spent time in the library and my lab, and I think I came up with a way to get me back to my normal self. It's just a start, but I need to do a lot more work before I experiment on myself.

I hope the medical types (who I usually avoid like a Klingon a fluffy little tribble) can help me clear my mind up, so I can complete my work and cure my body. The tell me I have some sort of dementia, and they suggested some medicines I can take. I hope they are right.

I have to stop. My hand hurt, my back hurts, and my knees are killing me. I promised myself I'll find out who caused this time shift, and I'll have it out with them.

OOC Note: No tribbles, Centaurs, Caitians, Avians or Deltans were harmed in the preparation of this Log
dana offcourse


Stardate 140205 Supplemental

I have found a way to reverse my ageing, and have been successful in applying it. I am currently flying my runabout back to PRS. The process took place in interstellar space, 5 ly from then Station. When I arrive back, I will write a full report for the Captain.

On a different note, PRS is once more absent from the Awards lists.
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