USS Aviator-A 2385

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Graeme Debbel


United Federation Starfleet
UFS Academy

Proposed Class Name: USS Aviator-A 2385
College: College of History
School: School of Starship History
Author(s): Graeme Debbel

ALL Authors Must have had the UFSA Class Author's Guide Course.
If you need the course see the Dean or the Director of Curriculum Development.

College Dean consulted? [x] Yes
[ ] No

Branch Commander consulted? [x] Yes
[ ] No
(In this case, the Branch Commander is the Captain of the USS Aviator-A, Markus Tyrellium)

Class Synopsis/Outline: This class will look at the details of the Aviator-A including the information about the ships Design Specifications and the Vesta class, Captain Tyrellium's command and senior staff. It will also take a look at the ships key missions during 2385.
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Zed Drebin
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Approved. Please remember to keep it in character. I will look forward to your entry, Thanks!
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