Mission #080: A Privari Courtroom Pt. 2 (Maxwell Arc Finale)

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Mission Name: A Privari Courtroom Part 2
Stardate: 240226
Prepared by: Drewski Northman and Nora Gerhadsen
1. Mission Briefing
2. Status Report & Current Orders
3. Important Participation Notes
4. Supplemental Information


The trial of Admiral Gerhadsen continues! After a short recess, Captain Northman is back on the stand to answer what happened 3 years ago to cause the destruction of the Privari fleet. Te'ellis is using every trick she can to absolve Nora of guilt, while the crew of the Maxwell holds a couple of powerful aces up their sleeves....

Location: Privar Prime, Main Hall of Justice
Alert Status: Yellow
Damage: None

STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)
Operations: Manage power levels and maintain flight operations.
Engineering: Maintain and repair ship systems.
Science: Use ship sensor systems and scientific methods to ascertain clues.
Medical: Assess health of crew members.
Security: Secure ship internally and externally.
Intelligence: Observe societal and potential threat issues.
Cadets/Ride-alongs: Fill in area of interest
Civilians: Be Civil
Guests: As directed

Ships Assisting: USS Mjolnir (NPC ship)

OOC Notes:

- This briefing was done before the fact! **ANNOUNCEMENT** Be sure to stop by the USS Atlas transporter room before the mission start. We have a beta combadge update to grab. The version we are using tonight is v4.28 The SLURL to tp there is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/U ... 1/156/2017

-->We are a long range science and survey ship. That means we find weird stuff sometimes. Create! Let's see what we all can come up with!

* Please allow people to do their jobs and be thoughtful of the fact that people join departments and divisions to do their jobs. Try not to step on their functions. If you have something to help someone (advise that they may or may not follow) instead of saying something publically, it might be more useful to IM them and discuss it with them.

* Departments should be working together. There should be enough possibilities for everyone as long as they all work together and cooperatively. Do not be afraid to do OOC planning in IM.

* This is more or less freeform, but please don't have it as "Q did this". We need to get ourselves out of our own jams (not that this has ever been a problem with this crew).

Remember that the point of all this is to have fun! Good luck and have at!
In Service,

Captain Drewski Northman
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Siobhan Crystal
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Command - Commander
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*Crew Roster*

Commanding Officer: Fleet Captain Drewski Northman
Executive Officer: Captain Siobhan Crystal

Ship's Culinary Director: Te'ellis (xxFadeIntoMistxx Schism)

Chief Engineering Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jim Schmidt (Jimmbo Resident)

Medical Officer: Lieutenant Jr. Grade Tatumn Dubrova (tatumnz.resident)

Science Officer: Lieutenant Commander Candi Quick
Science Officer: Lieutenant Jr. Grade Rouhbius (Rouhbius.resident)

Marine Officer in Charge: Brigadier Kyle Asbrink
Marine Officer: Second Lieutenant John Paulse (kingcool222.paulse)


Chief of UF Starfleet Operations: Rear Admiral Nora Gerhadsen
Commanding Officer USS Veracruz (Archon Velkreeti VII) Vice Admiral Kinney Randt
Commanding Officer SS Tranquility (Constituent Kumitan) Rear Admiral Rich Lombardia
Membership Compliance Officer Fleet Captain Jayce Rebel

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