221029 - Duty Assignments

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=^= United Federation Starfleet =^=
=^= Standard Duty Assignments =^=
Stardate: 221029
Issuing Officer: Vice Admiral Kermie Mistwallow
Position: CO, Pinastri HQ, Deputy Commander in Chief, UF Starfleet

Location: UF Starfleet Headquarters, Pinastri Colony
Alert Status: Green
Damage: None

Operations: There is currently a leak in communications, all priority one alerts are being redirected to the waste reclamation department, look into this.

Engineering: The heat from the geothermal power plant that is being pumped through the central heating system is causing uniforms to become ruffled and sometimes shrink around the waist ... please lower temperature or redirect elsewhere

Science: There is a cluster of asteriods currently circling the shipyards, this is causing scratch marks on the Admiral's Shuttle, investigate origin and destroy

Medical: The symptoms of Boobonic Plague and Small Cox is arising again, please ensure all crew and visitors are innoculated.

Security: A trader from Charon's Beacon keeps trying to sell ship Captains extended warranty's on their seatbelts, please investigate and issue a cease and desist

Intelligence: A meme of Admiral Dagger in his swimsuit is currently making the rounds, when clicking this in sends people to a private collection of photographs with the intent of blackmail. Please investigate the source

Cadets: Fill in area of interest, avoid the volcano

Civilians: Be Civil
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