Special Project 001 - Cascadia Relocation

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((This post area is for the creation of logs and status reports regarding the Cascadia relocation project.))

Project Parameters: This project is being initiated to relocate Cascadia Shipyards from Synchronous Orbit with Pinastri VIII to Geosynchronous Orbit of Pinastri IV directly over the HQ Facilities on the surface. The Project will be completed in three stages. Stage One will consist of HQ personnel working shifts at the Shipyards to perform required preparations. Stage Two will involve the process of towing the station and its drydock assemblages into position. Stage Three will consist of setting the station back up once in orbit, and the successful transfer of system traffic control to HQ.

Tasks by Branch:

Engineering: Work shifts will be dispatched to Cascadia Yards immediately to begin condensing superstructures, and preparing the station and it's drydock facilities for towing. This includes assisting in overseeing the drydock spaceframe condensing, and ensuring Cascadia's main station is sufficiently structurally re-enforced for transit.

Operations: Assisting Cascadia personnel with the relocation effort, including the transition of system traffic control to automated buoys on the outer edge of the system, and ensuring traffic is able to approach both the station and Pinastri Prime orbit.

Security: Ensuring the security of all personnel involved in the project, including regular system scans for hostile vessels, and ensuring all personnel involved in the relocation have proper security access.

Science: Perform regular system scans for anomalies that could pose a threat, as well as ensuring correct course plotting for the tow groups through the center of the system and the Humboldt Belt

Medical: Be on standby for any medical issues that may arise given the complexity of the operation, be that accidents, or stress related injuries.

Intelligence: Perform regular scans of comm chatter on known frequencies, keeping Command apprised of any unusual activity from non-aligned species and groups in the region. Intelligence should also endeavor to work alongside Security in vetting all personnel involved in the relocation project.
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