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Lan Nakajima
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Engineering - Commander
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<Stardate 221115>
<Log Recording Active>

Chief Engineer's Log, Commander Nakajima Reporting.

Progress on the Colony rebuild is proceeding smoothly, with the sub levels for the new Reactor Chamber, and Science Wing nearly completed. Through cooperation with Sciences, we've successfully constructed and tested the new reactor design, wherein the Deuterium needed to fuel the reaction is filtered from the primary lava chamber beneath the crust, directly below the colony site. Initial efficiency of the new design could use some tweaking, but I've managed to increase reactor output to 10 GW as an initial baseline, but believe with further modifications to the reaction control system, they can be raised to 20 which should provide sufficient power for the entire colony, pending there's no rapid expansion in the near future.

Along with the new Fusion Reactor have come a new set of current generation seismic stabilizers, which thus far have proven their worth several times over with a recent earthquake taking out one of the more remote weather modification stations. The stabilizers are installed alongside the new fusion plant, which should help prevent any geologic activity damaging the reactor or the colony itself.

I've ordered an Engineering team to work alongside Sciences to investigate the potential for mining some of the Benemite and Dilithium from the lower crust. I'm hopeful the follow up surveys prove the purity of the crystals as well as the benefit of lower seismic risk to the colony from removing crystal structures from the surrounding area. Pending the contracting out to civilian mining groups, I'll have to put a dedicated mining team together in the interim and see if we can help juice up the fleet a bit.

At present, all Colony systems are operating at normal capacity, with minor repairs cropping up as much as expected for a colony this size. With a recent influx of new Engineers from the Alpha Quadrant, we should have a good team put together that can handle anything that's thrown at us.

<Log Recording Ended>
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