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Lan Nakajima
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Good Morning all!

As part of the reworking of the UFS Recruitment and Retention Division, we have restructured our support staff to best cater to each individual area's needs.

I have assigned:
Captain Drewski Northman as our SL R&R Officer
Fleet Captain Lizzy Gracemount as our 3RG R&R Officer

Due to the nature of membership in the metaverse and the Real World, recruitment should be done inside each area to fully utilize the space we are given.

A Ship or Station on Second Life should be taking advantage of the vast amounts of areas in the game to recruit from. Recruiting from 3RD Rock Grid would impact the growth in that area. This works both ways, 3RD Rock Grid recruiting from Second Life would be hindering advancement in that Area, while the hypergrid is massive enough to reasonably sustain the staffing needs of that grid.

This also goes for Real Life, Using Real life to recruit for a metaverse again hinders the capability to expand in that sector.

Be aware that we wish UFS to grow and Recruitment opportunities to follow with them, however it is understood that both Second Life and 3RD Rock Grid have enough players in each metaverse to support the UFS memberships, and if we can't bring in enough members in each respective metaverse, what's the real sustainability of either colony?

With that said, if you have any R&R questions or Concerns, feel free to reach out to me, or the respective R&R officer for your metaverse, and we'll gladly answer them!

In Service,
Commander Lan Nakajima
Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

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