TranqRP-A004 - A Royal Hunt

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Stardate: 220807 (Sunday) @1000 hrs SLT
Prepared by: Rich Lombardia
1. Mission Briefing
2. Status Report & Current Orders
3. Important Participation Notes
4. Supplemental Information


Admiral's Log,

Whoever put out a bounty on Ul'Raq has brought out the quadrants most devious assassins. They are getting desperate to kill him and willing to put innocents into harm's way. A passenger liner was surrounded by those exploding drones and someone using a voice disguise threatened to kill 2000 innocent people if we didn't turn over Ul'Raq. During this time, he managed to escape with his girlfriend Agna aboard the freighter Grevo.

With no choice left, we told the assassin what ship Ul'Raq was on, and they let the liner go unharmed. I immediately had the USS Temperance prepped for departure. With only a small operating crew, we have departed in a race against time to reach the Grevo before the assassin.

Computer, end log

Location: USS Temperance
Report for Duty: Tranquility Ops
Alert Status: Yellow
Damage: None

STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)
Note: if your name is not listed, do not worry. We will add you to a team.

Operations: Attend briefing
Engineering: Attend briefing
Science: Attend briefing
Medical: Attend briefing
Security: Attend briefing
Intelligence: Attend briefing
Marine: Attend briefing
Cadets: Assist the relevant dept
Civilians: Be Civil
Guests: Report to Department Chief of assignment

Ships Assisting: None

1) Joining in late? Not sure what to do? Talk with others in your branch/division/department to be briefed. If they are unavailable, contact the CO/XO to get an update and request assignment.
2) Have a major twist you'd like to implement? IM the Mission Creator (who wrote the briefing)
3) Don't want to participate? Make sure to observe only and not interrupt the Roleplay

Confused about the mission? In this section, you'll find background supplemental information about our mission, the area of space we're in, supporting ships, and so on that you can use to help build atmosphere and add detail when participating or to your logging, if you like!

Quelthonian Empire
Quelthonians are humanoids with golden eyes and horns sweeping back from their foreheads. They classify themselves as an Empire that rule about a dozen star systems. Their technological level is slightly below that of the Federation. They are ruled by an Emperor, a title that is passed down to the oldest born heir, male or female, who then marries from one of the great families.

There isn't much more known about their history or culture, as they have been previous very xenophobic. Even after opening up trade, they prefer to use a proxy destination called Charon's Beacon to conduct all their trading. Non-Quelthonian ships are prohibited from entering Imperial space.

Ul’Raq is well liked and a respected composer/ singer that performs weekly at various places on Tranquility. He has performed on a few Federation owned worlds, but tends not to stray too far from Tranquility. He's as well known for his debauchery as he is for his singing. Post performance parties are extremely exclusive. The stories of what happens behind closed doors are vastly becoming legendary. There have been more than a few angry husbands, wives, mothers and fathers that have sought him out after they learned of a loved one attending his party.

Overall, he hasn't had much of a run in with Security except to request protection from the above-mentioned situations. He is a lover not a fighter as he quotes. He is the 8th child of the late Emperor, and had no thought of ever needing to fulfil a duty in the line of succession.


"Fear of failure is the greatest hurdle to achieving success." - Rich Lombardia

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RAdm Rich Lombardia CO
Fleet Capt Jorden Allen XO
Cmdr Kestral Roffo 2nd officer
LT Cmdr Oola Quan OPS
LT Cmdr Erika Lancetti Intel
LT Cmdr Romy Magic Tactical/Security
LT Ellemir Maven OPS
LT Ferre Flamand Science
LT Cmdr Dr. Narek Siva'nek Medical

Mission Name: Alpha-Shift - A Royal Hunt
Stardate: 220807 10.00
Report by: LT Romy Magic
Link to Mission: viewtopic.php?f=986&t=33786


=/\= MISSION LOG =/\=

Today we gather at Tranquilliy's Ops Center, where we are moving to the USS Temperance for this mission.
But before we are going to the Temperance we had a photo-shoot for the alpha shift, it turned out pretty nice:

Now we take the transporter room to the Temperance, and have our briefing there in the conference room.

During our mission brief we go the following. We are approaching the Grevo and they have undoubtedly detected us at this range. Long range scans detect no issues which means we have managed to beat the assassin's ship here. Since we are unable to detect them we have no idea when they might strike. Our goals is to retrieve Ul'Raq asap. We need to scan for him and when we can get a transporter lock beam him aboard.
Since there were ties between the Grevo Captain, Hivik and Ul'Raq's cousin Cha’Thop. Ul'Raq may be in danger aboard the Grevo. We should have a boarding party standing by to retrieve the Emperor by force if necessary. Long range scans also show the Quelthonian flagship Intha’Qod is on route. Not as fast as us they may be pivotal in defeating this assassin should we fail before their arrival.
What we know about the enemy. They use drones that have some kind of stealth technology making them impossible to lock on. The drones explode on contact or when they detect a specific genetic source. The assassin ship appears to utilize not only the same stealth technology but a cloaking device as well. Let's hope that means they need to de-cloak to fire their weapons. Tee ship did de-cloak to retrieve its drones so that seems likely. The ship profile we briefly got was unidentified so this might be custom.

Now we are done with the Briefing, we went to our stations on the bridge.
Ellemir - OPS, Narek - medical, Ferre - Science, Ericka - intelligence and damage control, Eagles- Helm and i was on tactical, my favorite posting.
All stations where green and we where ready to leave, after a while we found the Grevo.

We opened a channel, they responds with Audio only.
Admiral Lombardia: Grevo, this is Admiral Lombardia aboard the USS Temperance. You are to immediately exit warp, cut all engines and turn over Ul'Raq with the utmost urgency.
Hivik (of the Grevo):Admiral, I don't know who Ul'Raq is but he isn't here. We are on a tight schedule I don't have time for Starfleet games.
The admiral had Ferre Scan the ship for Ul'Raq's genetic information,
and they where lie-ing, we had a positive scan.
Hivik (of the Grevo): Well tell them he isn't here. I'm sure they will think twice with a federation ship here to protect us.
Admiral Lombardia: Your immediate compliance is strongly recommended. There is a ship on an intercept course that is dedicated to his death and your ship along with it if necessary.
Admiral Lombardia: We have positive scans Ul'Raq is there. Perhaps under a false name. We'll send over some security officers to confirm his identity and take him into custody. Cut engines and prepare to be boarded.

In the mean while i noticed they where Raising there shields, i recommend the Admiral we do the same and so we did.

Hivik (of the Grevo): I'm sorry Admiral, my clients pay extra to avoid being hassled. Your crew are not welcomed aboard.
Admiral Lombardia: Captain, if you do not immediately comply with an official order from a Starfleet vessel in Federation space I'll have to bring you up on charges. You could loose your merchant's license and go to jail. Don't force us to take stronger actions.
Hivik (of the Grevo): Do what you must but you have forced my hand. and he cut the Comms out

We knew what would happen ... and went on Red alert, locked on the weapons. The task was clear, we need to knock them out of warp then can lock on a tractor beam.
Ellemir Maven recommended we get in front of the Grevo, detonate a photo torpedo in her wake and attempt to disrupt her subspace field. And so we did, increased speed so we get ahead of them, stand by the aft torpedoes. Locked on the target and i was ready to fire, i fired in Elles mark and fired on target.
The Grevo has come to a halt, the Subspace field is now disrupted and she is temporarily unable to go to warp.
To push any further, the Admiral ordered too fire phasers at will, and he asked the transporter room to beam Ul'raq out of here.
Transporter room reports there are two people present. One matched the genetic signature of Agna. And had to transport them both on board, we can leave Agna there.
As soon we where able to transport them out of there, we did beam them on board. Transporter room reported thay have Ul'Raq and he was holding a female bolian, Agna and she's dead. Ul'Raq himself was a little banged up, i had my security team taking them to Sickbay and stays with him at all times.

Then we saw the Grevo explodes killing everyone who was left aboard. An additional explosion rocks the Temperance. A drone exploded just under the main deflector dish.
Report damage got in several around the ship, engineer report critical level, but analysis is in progress ... level 15,16, 15 are damage and broken. the shields did catch some damage and will be restored soon at 100% and luckily the phasers are still working.
Navigational deflector is operational but requires realignment before we go to warp, Medical reported 6 crew members are injured in the explosion all heading or being taken to sick bay at this time.
the Admiral had Ferre scan the area, we need away to track it. We must assume this is a professional. They wont fly in any kind of describable patten. They are going to use those drones to attack from various angles to mask its true location. What we know is it briefly de-cloaks to launch drones. We detect some kind of power transfer but not the ship it self.
Ellemir Maven deployed 2 class 5 probes to scan for the power signature and look for background anomalies in the presentation of space.

The assassin de-cloaks and fires a group of two dozen probes. It fires a plasma energy weapon at the closest probe, destroying it. The ship re-cloaks and deliberately tries to avoid the probes we just launched.
Several drones are destroyed by defensive phaser fire, two others are disabled by our probe field. The rest impact the ship shaking it hard. Starboard shields drops to 12%, over all shields down to 67%. Massive damage to decks 12-17 with multiple hull breaches. Starboard phaser array is down. Starboard nacelle is offline. Power fluctuations all over the ship and 26 casualties reported thus far.

As a gamma ray bursts and energy release should damage the probes and light up the other ship's shields, so we see where they are.
The admiral ordered to load all torpedoes bays and prepare to fire, so i prepared and loaded torpedo's ... standing by, Phasers standing by .... The Gamma burst causes the Shielding dropping at 88%, multiple hull breaches on decks 12-17.As Ellemir Maven sends a distribution pattern for the torpedo's to me, based on a 30 degree spread towards the last de-cloak, and launching two volleys.
Locked Target ... awaits Command to fire, then i got my order to fire.

The Temperance torpedoes explode as another salvo of drones approaches. Phaser fire in point defense mode and are able to take out all but three that impact the saucer dorsal section. Shields drop to 52%, the hull is breached. Three are 2 casualties.
The Assassin, seeing their drones fail decides to de-cloak and comes in for an attack run. It fires multiple plasma energy weapons and several plasma torpedoes. The ship's computers are unable to lock onto the ship, defensive phasers attempt to stop the plasma torpedoes with limited success. The Temperance is hit along the lower Saucer, port-side torpedo bays, and along the port nacelle. Shields ar 42%, 28 casualties, multiple systems damaged.
Admiral ordered to return the probes to their dock for repairs, i as Tactical had to stand ready to unleash everything i have. i got the Command and hit the fire button.... unleashing all i had.

The Assassin ship notices the drones returning and quickly opens fire. Its just enough time for the Temperance to develop a shooting solution and open up with all weapons. The Assassin ship, being unshielded has no chance and explodes brilliantly.

Then we got incoming Call from Cha'Thop, Audio only.
Cha'Thop: Federation ship. This is Emperor Cha’Thop. We have come to retrieve my cousin. Please turn him over immediately.
in the meantime i getting reports, security has finished interrogating Hivik and he claims that Cha’Thop paid him to kill Ul'Raq.
Admiral Lombardia: Emperor? That's interesting. Your own government stated Ul'Raq was the new emperor since he is next in line for the crown.
Cha'Thop: That was a bit premature on their part. Regardless. You are holding a Quelthonian citizen and we demand you turn him over immediately. Having to chase him all over the quadrant because Starfleet can't be bothered to hold onto a member of the Royal house is an embarrassment Admiral.
Admiral Lombardia: Well considering you hired half the assassins in the quadrant to kill him certainly made our job a bit harder. =^=
Cha'Thop: Who would have thought a musician would be so hard to kill.
Admiral Lombardia: So you admit to it. That you ordered your own cousin's death so you can usurp the throne?
Cha'Thop: I deny nothing. Ul'Raq is not the kind of ruler our people need. Aside from being difficult to kill he knows nothing about governance, nothing about politics and has spend previous years away from his family and home-world. Putting him on the throne guarantees civil war among my people. I'm saving millions of lives.
Admiral Lombardia: Saving lives. How many innocents have died for you thirst for power. Most of them have been Federation lives. Many of them my own crew!
Cha'Thop: Inconsequential. I'm playing for keeps in a game of thrones. Holding together an empire is sustained on the glue from innocent lives. I do regret the loss of those lives but its a necessary evil. Only a true ruler knows this. But you have a decision to make. You must turn over Ul'Raq or more innocents will die. Even on a good day your vessel would be hard pressed to win against us. This is not one of those good days judging by the damage to your ship. Save your crew and turn over Ul'Raq.
Admiral Lombardia: You're a monster. You'd risk all out war with the Federation just for a legitimate claim to the crown?
Cha'Thop: It wont come to war and you know it. The Federation is tired of wars, tired of fighting. They're hoot and holler and in the end will sue for peace. WE have the resources to pay for it. Nothing will come of it but you all will still be dead and I'll still be emperor. So decide now. Life or death?

The admiral wanted to speak to Ul'Raq,
Admiral Lombardia: Ul'raq, I'm so terribly sorry about Agna. It was your cousin Cho'Thop that wants you dead. He is here in the Quelthinin Flagship and is demanding your surrender or will kill us all. Ul'Raq: You and you crew dont need to sacrifice anything else on my account. Tell him I'll beam over and demand Mu’mat’e. It's ritual combat. We'll fight for the throne.
Admiral Lombardia: If that is what you wish...... I'm sorry we couldn't do more to protect you.
Ul'Raq: You did more than most would. This is up to me

Then back to Cha'Thop:
Admiral Lombardia: Alright, we'll turn him over but he has challenged you in Mu'Mat'e.
Cha'Thop: He doesn't have a chance but I will honor him and when i kill him will give him an honorable burial alongside the rest of his family.

They had to make the touch choice to beam Ul'Raq over to them,
Admiral Lombardia: I hope your crown is worth it.... I hope severing ties with the Federation is worth it.
Cha'Thop: I am going to revitalize the Quelthonian Empire and rise to the like never before. But don;t sell yourself short Admiral. There is lots to learn from outsiders. I think the Federation and Quelthonian Empire have a lot to learn from one another. You may have lost today Admiral, that doesn't mean you have to like it. But you have my utmost respect. Until we meet again. and the Comms where cut.

As soon Ul'Raq beamed over, they left. and for us no reason to stay and we went back to Tranquility Station

=/\= END LOG =/\=

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Stardate 220809

Mission Name: Alpha-Shift - A Royal Hunt

Officer report: Lt CMD Erika Lancetti - Intel
Others officers on duty:
RAdm Rich Lombardia CO
Fleet Capt Jorden Allen XO
Cmdr Kestral Roffo 2nd officer
LT Cmdr Oola Quan OPS
LT Cmdr Romy Magic Tactical/Security
LT Ellemir Maven OPS
LT Ferre Flamand Science
LT Cmdr Dr. Narek Siva'nek Medical

Mission photo report









End log
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