TranqRP-A026 - The Hunt for the Sorvat Tal'Vok

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Stardate: 23025(Sunday) @1000 hrs SLT
Prepared by: Rich Lombardia
1. Mission Briefing
2. Status Report & Current Orders
3. Important Participation Notes
4. Supplemental Information


Captain Log,

I have been contacted by the Romulan Ambassador, Vrenka. He urgently asked me to board his vessel for a private discussion. While skeptical of his motives, I agreed to meet with him. Something in the tone of his voice felt off. After beaming aboard, I was met by two Romulan security officers, who quickly brought me to the Ambassador. Vrenka activate a device to block out background noise and spend a few minutes ensuring it was working properly before saying a word.

He looked tired.....nah, exhausted. He spoke softly, and his eyes shifted as if he was concerned someone other than myself would be listening. Vrenka stated that what he was about to tell me was classified by his government, and they would deny all knowledge if I were to speak openly about it. They have been developing a ship with advanced cloaking and combat capabilities. There is a single prototype vessel called the IRW Sorvat Tal'Vok. It's a modified Mogai-class vessel. It had a special torpedo that had advanced destructive capabilities. Enough so that a single torpedo could destroy Tranquility, even with its shields up. A rogue Romulan Captain named Remius has 'stolen' the vessel. They have a strong indication that vessel on is it way to Tranquility with the intention of starting a war. He needs our help to assist them in hunting down the vessel and destroying it. There is a fleet of warbirds in pursuit, but the Ambassador is sure that we could intercept the vessel well before it came close to Tranquility. Vrenka's intelligence operative were sure it would use the nebula in the middle of the sector to lose its pursuers. He proposed we strike when it exits the nebula. I stated I need to get permission from Starfleet Command for such a mission.

I spoke with Starfleet Command, and they are torn between the threat this 'rogue' ship poses against the track record of Romulan lies. I can't say I blame them. There is an opportunity to get closer to this new Romulan cloaking technology and weapon system. They have grudgingly accepted the Romulan's proposal but have instructed me to attempt to capture the vessel instead of outright destroy it. There is definitely more to this story than they are willing to divulge. I'm assembling the crew and will brief them on route to ensure the highest level of secrecy. I have also alerted the USS Shackleton and USS REnown for support, but it is unlikely they will arrive in time and have only the bare bones of the mission.

Computer end log, lock log - clearance level 879-Beta-3

In service,
Rear Admiral Rich Lombardia

Location: USS Sentinel
Report for Duty: Tranquility Ops (for briefing)
Alert Status: Yellow
Damage: None

STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)

*I will assign duty station at the time of the RP

Tranquilly Duty Stations
CO: Rich Lombardia*
Ops 1: Power distribution, secondary sensors
Ops 2: Communications, resource management (personnel)
Science: Science station (primary Sensors)
Tactical: Tactical Station (weapons, shields, tactical sensors)
Security: Internal sensors
Engineering: Engineering Station (damage control -if only engineer)

Engineering 1: Engineering lead
Engineering 2: Engineering support

Science Lab
lab tech 1: Science Analyst primary
lab tech 2: Science Analyst secondary

Doctor 1: Medical Lead
Doctor 2: Medical Support

Intelligence Information Center
Intel Agents:
*Primary Role: Perform analysis and collect information as situation warrants
*Secondary Role: Fill in various duty stations, assist with damage control

Ships Assisting: IRW Rovaran - Romulan, USS Yamuna (runabout), USS Colorado (runabout), USS Connecticut (Runabout)

1) Joining in late? Not sure what to do? Talk with others in your branch/division/department to be briefed. If they are unavailable, contact the CO/XO to get an update and request assignment.
2) Have a major twist you'd like to implement? Message the Mission Creator (person who wrote the briefing).
3) Don't want to participate? Make sure to observe only and not interrupt the Roleplay.

Confused about the mission? In this section, you'll find background supplemental information about our mission, the area of space we're in, supporting ships, and so on that you can use to help build atmosphere and add detail when participating or to your logging, if you like!

Key Players
Ghethgronian Republic: A race of humanoids that have a united planetary government and have only recently developed the capability to travel at light speed. They have a seemingly natural 'shroud' that conceals their planet from sensors and appears as if it is anything but an M class world. They progress has been setback by the unprovoked attacked by a rogue A.I. that has caused a planetary crisis.

Melain Protectorate: As far as we can tell, they are a collective military pact that defends an unknown number of worlds. They have weapons on par with the Federation. They have made strides in shield and A.I. Technology. It is unknown if the shield tech encountered is standard, experimental or was somehow enhanced by the Rogue A.I.

USS Shackleton
Intrepid Class vessel :voyager:
Has most up-to-date weapons and defenses
Includes traditional warp core and Quantum Slipstream drive
Crew compliments 140/ 140

USS Renown :excelsior
Refit Excelsior Class
Has most up-to-date weapons and defenses
Includes traditional warp core and Quantum Slipstream drive
Crew Compliment 750/750

IRW Rovaran :warbird:

D'deridex Class
Affiliation: Romulan Star Empire


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Romy Magic
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RAdm Rich Lombardia CO
Commander Romy Magic Tactical/Security
Commander Erika Lancetti Intel
Commander Fema Firefrick Engineering
LT Cmdr Ferre Flamand Science
LT Cmdr Dr. Narek Siva'nek Medical
Ensign Jyclops Jansma Security
Ensign Zoey Fhang Engineering
Ensign Heath Amat OPS
Crewman PO3 Blane Yalin Intel

Mission Name: Alpha-Shift – The Hunt for the Sorvat Tal'Vok
Stardate: 230326 10.00
Report by: Cmdr Romy Magic
Link to Mission: viewtopic.php?f=986&t=34489

=/\= MISSION LOG =/\=

We gether again at OPS, as there are many officers on duty today.
The Briefing begins,
While th Romulans want the Rogue ship destroyed we are here to help detect and disable that vessel. If we can do it before our Romulan allies destroy it then we can get some answers.
The Romulans have deployed their fleet in a pattern to force the Sorvat Tal'Vok into the nebula that is at the center of this sector.
We are going to be aboard the defiant Class USS Sentinel. We are going at warp for a bit and reaching the edge of the nebula.

Now the positions:
Romy, Tactical
Jylops, Ops
Heath, Helm
Ferre, Science
Fema and Zoe, engineering
Narek, medical on bridge
Erika and Blane as intelligence on the bridge at the back table to help on damage control or other issues that arise.

As we take out posts, we are on the way to the nebula, and the Captain record a log…
Captain's Log - supplemental. After a long haul we are approaching the edge of the nebula. Although we cant detect her, I have no doubts the IRW Rovaran will stay close ready to pounce once we locate the Sorvat Tal'Vok.

As she was done, he ordered Ferre, to link sensors to the rear table. Intel officers, The nebula gases create a sort of shimmering affect with the cloak. It's still looking for a needle in a hay stack especially since our sensors, shields and even target lock will not work right.
As he is working on it, Rich taps a console button to communicate with Engineering =^=We are entering the nebula shortly. Anything we can do to boost the sensors once we enter?=^=
Fema answered =^= engineering to CO...we are investigating Captain,,, A matter gain adjustment may or may not work,,,, =^=

The captain ordered to go to Red alert. Shields would useless but best have our weapons ready. I complied.
For now The Captain, ordered Ferre that we could perhaps utilize some probes, can we launch several and position them at key locations, equidistant around the ship, making some sort of sensor net… The probes where launched.
In the meantime Engineering reported that all defensive and offensive systems are online and nominal, though with proximity to the Nebula, we may need bypass a few things.

Disruptor fire was registered at 37000 k to our starboard, but however, I could try everthing, my shield dint work, even is did commanded it. So Held must bring us around, turning to starboard, Course 90 mark 0.
Engineering reported in again, Shields have failed do to nebula proximity, manual over rides inoperative,, Deflectors failing
behind we had to keep them powered down, we can distribute the power to the weapon and sensors.
Ferre got his science report, On first sight it was a hydrogen emission nebula but there's more going on.

Then multiple system fall out, the Probe, the Tractor beam unavailable and the Deflector Auxiliary functionality where all unavailable
seen we saw on the sensors that the Sorvat Tal'Vok appears to be in a fight with the IRW Rovaran, that bad news, as we still have no shields.
Heath Amat sets a course bow on to the Tal'vok, as he assumed the Captain will want to engage with phaser cannons.
First we try to hail the ship, to Order it to surrender immediately. But no responce from the hail.
Then I noticed on my sensors ... the Rovaran has extensive damage to its engines and can't maneuver, as we moved in between the ships

Then the Captai asked the engine room, anything we can hit them with to make tracking them easier? As Engineering answered, Nothing that I can determine Captian,,,, I have restored the Tractor Beam, but it may not hold and will be very close range at best
As I look in my sensors, and see They are cloaking and veerign off.
We opened the hail again to Hail the Rovaran and ask them if they need assistance, as we got a message back. Negative sir, they want us to pursue and demanding to know why we didnt attack them when we had the chance.
Then we send a message that we are in pursuit. If they want to divulge some addition info on to best locate the ship that would be nice. They just gave us a frequency to tune our sensors too... we need to be with in 50k of the ship but then can track them. And passed Intel and science the frequency.

As we watched the view screen we see a flickering screen intently, seems like the Romulans have tracking beacons on their ships... makes sense.
Helm reports the Target vessel is on course 243 mark 15, with a speed of 1/2 impulse. As we have to Keep us with in 50k of that signal. And I had to send them out on all channel "Do not attempt to reach federation space or you will be fired on. As I watched my sensors, she tries to target the ship below us and standing by to fire.
I saw a message pop up ... They have decloaked and we are being hailed. As taps on my console and put the hail on screen …. but suddenly the smaller vessel shadowing us fires upon the decloaking ship and the transmission is cut off. Sensors are showing the little ship decloaked and is a romaulan shuttle its firing on the decloaking Sorvat Tal'Vok
It seemed they think we fired on them, I had to send the message to tell them we didn't fire... it wasnt us. “Romaulan vessel please stop, we did not fire upon you, i repeat, stop firing”
and the Captain ordered helm to Evasive action, pattern Beta 4

We had not other choose but to fire back, as I target their engines first, Fired the torpedoes and then their weapons Fired an another torpedoes.
Engineering reported Damage, incoming fire has shorted several systems, Tractor Beams are again inoperative,, Ablative Armor damaged,,, Hull integrity is down 11% ,, Shields are still out,,, Warp maneuvering is offline,,, Impulse Thrusters are failing,,,We are attempting manual overrides on all decks.

I noticd they are breaking of fond and resuming course, we needed to warn the other runabouts the Sorvat Tal'Vok is on its way... we are pursuing but damaged
I prepared and sending the message to every runabout on its coarse, soon enough I got answer, all runabouts received and acknowledges the message.
But later I did saw on my long-range sensors that the runabouts are engaged with the ship.... how ever .. but this is allow us to catch up but they cant hold out much longer.

Heath eported, the nebular gas density is dropping, I believe we are about to leave the nebular.
As the Captain aksed Fema, Rich Lombardia: =^=Fema, do we have enough power for a short duration warp boost? We just need to catch up to that ship. =^=
Commander Fema: (Reg.) =^= Chief Engineer to Engineering,,, Reset the Impulse Manifold and I can re-calibrate form Damage Control! =^=,, "BREAK" =^= Chief Engineer to Bridge,, We should have Impulse Drive restored in a few minutes,,, Temporary repairs underway. But I can promise how long they will hold,,, DC teams are also working on Warp Drive =^=
Rich Lombardia: =^=Acknowledged.... best speed when impulse is restored=^=
Rich Lombardia: =^=We are clear of the nebula, do we have enough power to raise the shields?=^=
Commander Fema: (Reg.) =^= re calibrating Impulse Generator,,, Main Impulse Manifold is still fluctuating but controllable, on manual override,, Full Impulse available in 4 minutes! =^=

Then I see the shield sensors go online, we have shields back. As I see on my sensors, the three runabouts are disabled, luckily not yet destroyed.
Yet I needed to fire when ready, and disable the other ship. I did raised the shields, then targets the ship, locked on the target and fire…. Me sensorse sad our shields are down... but did we loose them….
Helm brought us around to 231 mark 15, it did gave me a good shot. As I fired all weapons…
Ship was disabled…

We hailed the ship and opens a channel: =^=Sorvat Tal'Vok, do not attempt to raise your shields, fire weapon or move your vessel. You are now prisoners of Starfleet. acknowledge=^=
Romulan Captain: =^=.........*static..... 'You don't even kno........ we ..... warning....... *ship explodes as the Rovaran suddenly decloaks and opens fire destroying the vessel. =^=
Ambassador Vrenka: =^=Thank you Admiral. You have assisted us perfectly. You may collect your damaged runabouts and return tt the station. We'll handle the clean up of our vessel. out=^=

Engineering reported in: Commander Fema: (Reg.) Engineering to Bridge Warp Drive is out of the question for a minimum of 27 hours. Impulse Drive is holding on 53% Minor hull breaches on outer decks is sealed on Emergency Bulkheads, We can not promise how long the Shields will hold as they are taking 32% power consumption, Sensors are still for short range and internals only ,,, as long as we keep our distance form the Nebula,, Life Support is down 14% on all decks Both Reactors are online and nominal =^=
Rich Lombardia: =^=Bridge to Engineering. Outstanding job to the whole team. We are grabbing some disabled runabouts and heading home. =^=

Rich Lombardia Goes to speak but the comms close "Well that is .... *shakes his head* "Blane can we get a visual on what the ship hit us with?"
Stand down from red alert, as I muted the Red Alert and went back to neutral.

Let's beam over any survivors and tow these runabouts back to Tranquility.

As the Captain went to his Ready room, he bave me the Conn, we are on a Course back to Tranquility. We Maintained repairs and keep us headed home.

Rich Lombardia: saw the canister materialize on his desk and looks it over before finding a small latch, inside is a hand written note. "Telepathic Empire Agents everywhere. Romulan Ambassador and others compromised. Trust no one. "

=/\= END LOG =/\=

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