TranqRP-A015 - In Gods Footsteps

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Stardate: 221120 (Sunday) @1000 hrs SLT
Prepared by: Rich Lombardia
1. Mission Briefing
2. Status Report & Current Orders
3. Important Participation Notes
4. Supplemental Information


TO: Crew of USS Shackleton
FROM: Captain Yidan Rahn
SUBJECT: Request for Assistance

We have been ordered to the planet Ashgrave IV, also known as ‘Footfall,’ on what I hope will turn out to be a minor diplomatic mission. The planet is considered neutral, and attracts many pilgrims from several different species and faiths. They say it is a holy place, so Starfleet decided a light touch since this place has open access. We must do our best not to cause offense. Normally the people of a million faiths, as the populace is sometimes called, has lived and worshiped in relative peace. At least, until recently. A militant group has been disrupting this peace thus far. The planet doesn't have law enforcement equipped to deal with the issue.

Our orders are to find and apprehend a militant group that has committed acts of vandalism. Not something that usually requires a starship, but with the place a potential tinderbox, I’m not surprised the planetary governor is being very careful. I’ve already noticed an increase in religious activity on the ship, and many of the more religious members of the crew have asked for shore leave when we get there. Our search for Dr. Hadley is still underway. Word has reached us he managed to evade those looking for him. We are awaiting additional information.

If we are lucky, the presence of a starship will remind this militant group they need to calm down. Otherwise, we will be walking a very fine diplomatic line. I only hope the rumors that the place inspires calm and tranquility are not unfounded.

In service,
Captain Yiden Rahn

Location: USS Shackleton
Report for Duty: Tranquility Ops
Alert Status: Green
Damage: None

STARTING OBJECTIVES ( * = indicates leading assignments)
Note: if your name is not listed, do not worry. We will add you to a team.

Duty station assignments will be handed out during the briefing.

Ships Assisting: None

1) Joining in late? Not sure what to do? Talk with others in your branch/division/department to be briefed. If they are unavailable, contact the CO/XO to get an update and request assignment.
2) Have a major twist you'd like to implement? Message the Mission Creator (person who wrote the briefing).
3) Don't want to participate? Make sure to observe only and not interrupt the Roleplay.

Confused about the mission? In this section, you'll find background supplemental information about our mission, the area of space we're in, supporting ships, and so on that you can use to help build atmosphere and add detail when participating or to your logging, if you like!

USS Shackleton
Intrepid Class vessel
Has most up-to-date weapons and defenses
Includes traditional warp core and Quantum Slipstream drive
Crew compliments 80/ 140 (a bit shorthanded but still enough to be fully functional)

RP areas
Deck 1: Bridge, Ready room and conference room
Transporter room
*Careful when going through doors, some lead to the "void"

The following is freely available in the Starfleet database:

Ashgrave IV was discovered by Talaxian explorers centuries. They recorded the place had little in terms of mineral or agricultural worth. However, upon completing their survey, a high proportion of the exploratory team claimed to have a religious experience. Many became adherents of one religion or another soon after. This inspired others to visit, and many reports of religious experience were recorded. Several different species began to make claims on the planet, and so the Talaxians decided to retain control but treat it as neutral territory. They would operate a small administrative colony and allow any species to visit for the purpose of religious observance

Over the years, several theories have been offered for why the planet seems to inspire religious feeling. But a true study has been made difficult due to many of the inhabitants resisting the idea of codifying what they see as a matter of faith. Meanwhile, the religious community was quick to form their own multidenominational opinion. It is generally believed that the ‘aura’ of the place is due to the past presence of the creator of the universe. It is said that when they had crafted the universe, they took physical form to truly see it in all its glory. Ashgrave IV is the place they chose to stand, and to this day it remains marked by this divine ‘footfall.’

Today, the planet is governed by Governor Indira Chahal and her administration team along with a a handful of constables. They maintain a light touch that allows settlers under certain rules.

No one may build any place of worship to a particular denomination. This was to avoid ‘land claims’ by any particular group. Any businesses may only trade in the main colony. Any form of farming or mining is also prohibited and the planet is considered a heritage site. This has led to there being only one main colony town and a series of small non-denominational shrines scattered across the planet. The main colony contains around 500 residents who mainly work in service trades (hotels, souvenirs, and restaurants) for the approximately 2,000 pilgrims that might visit at any time. Around a thousand or so religious residents live outside the colony, but most prefer to visit rather than live on this rather barren planet. The right to visit or to become a resident is restricted to those with a special visa granted by the Federation (for Federation Citizens, of course). They keep numbers low to maintain the peace, but there is constant pressure to increase the amount of visas year by year.


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Stardate 221121
TranqRP-A015 - In Gods Footsteps

Duty log: Lt Commander Erika Lancetti Intel

Others Member:
RAdm Rich Lombardia (Captain Rahn) CO
Commander Kestral Roffo Science
LT Cmd Oola Quan Ops
LT Cmdr Romy Magic Tactical/Security
LT Cmdr Dr. Narek Siva'nek Medical
LT Ellemir Maven OPS
LT Ferre Flamand Science
Commander Fємa Fiгєƒгiçк Engineering
Crewman 1st class Blane Yalin Intel
Ensign Lanha Direhn Intel

We have been ordered to the planet Ashgrave IV, also known as ‘Footfall,’ on what I hope will turn out to be a minor diplomatic mission. The planet is considered neutral, and attracts many pilgrims from several different species and faiths. They say it is a holy place, so Starfleet decided a light touch since this place has open access. We must do our best not to cause offense. Normally the people of a million faiths, as the populace is sometimes called, has lived and worshiped in relative peace. At least, until recently. A militant group has been disrupting this peace thus far. The planet doesn't have law enforcement equipped to deal with the issue.

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End Log
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RAdm Rich Lombardia (Captain Rahn) CO
Cmdr Kestral Roffo 2nd officer
LT Cmdr Oola Quan OPS
LT Cmdr Erika Lancetti Intel
LT Cmdr Romy Magic Tactical/Security
LT Cmdr Dr. Narek Siva'nek Medical
LT Cmdr Ellemir Maven OPS
LT Ferre Flamand Science
Ensign Lanha Direhn Intel
Crewman 1st class Blane Yalin Intel
Commander Fємa Fiгєƒгiçк Engineering

Mission Name: Alpha-Shift - In Gods Footsteps
Stardate: 221120 10.00
Report by: LT Romy Magic
Link to Mission: viewtopic.php?f=986&t=34101

=/\= MISSION LOG =/\=

We gathered at OPS, we seems like we need a bigger table or more chairs, more officers joined for today.

as for the briefing ... we are continuing our search for Dr. Hadley but don't have a current location. Word of a federation ship in this sector has spread and we have been routed to assist with an issue on Ashgrave IV.
Toward the end of the brief is some history on the planet
The planet is considered holy and people of all kinds of religions come here.
Up until now there have been no issue with people worshipping as they see fit.
One group has demanded all others join their belief system
The planetary governor is concerned that things might escalate when people do not conform.
An entire starship is normally over kill but since we are know for our diplomacy they are hoping we can convince this group to abandon their forced religious unification.
I am hoping that our presence will give them something to think about.
There is one primary colony site where a majority of people live and worship. There are no dedicated churches only small shrines in people homes and scattered across the planet.
Aside form pockets of plantlife and vegetation the planet is a rock.
As we are going to beam over from here but, we beamed down from the USS Shackleton which is in orbit. Standard away team gear should be equipped, tricorder, phasers and med kit for medical
also you'll notice the original colony buildings are present, they build the new colony around it.

We beamed down right in the middle of the Market, the Captain spoke with Governor Chahal, she mentioned we should be to the colony center as she likes to mingle with people. She is in a white dress. we found her at the other side of the Market.
as we all are amazed at how just over 2000 people are crowded into this small area.

Governor Chahal was there on the other side of the market, the captain thanked her for allowing so many of the crew to visit for shore leave. These crew members are here to assist in the investigation.
The Govenor compimanted us: They look like fine crew members in deed. I'm sure you think this is a bit absurd that we'd require Starfleet to get involved. The group hasn't dont anything ...dangerous. They call themselves the Voice of Purity.
Fairly well. I pride myself on knowing most of the people who reside here and many of the visitors. The group is lead by a woman named Annalisa Duval. She arrived with a group of 10, their group had no name.
But they are now calling themselves ‘The Voice of Purity’ and are insisting everyone on the planet bring their beliefs in line with theirs.
While these beliefs are actually pretty close to the common core of most religions, no one is happy about someone telling them their faith is 'wrong'.
We spoke very briefly before her group disappeared. She said 'God has spoken and will be obeyed or their will be punished.' Its the way she said it that made the Govenor nervous.
They decided to move their group to a location outside of the main colony. One day every resident had received a pamphlet who God's command to conform their beliefs. After that things have been write non the walls.
I sent the constables to her camp but the entire thing was abandoned. I am hoping you can find them. I dont have the technology or the resources to locate them.
There are hills several kilometers beyond their old camp.... there are many caves in that region. I'd go there if I were trying to hide. You have ot pass through the forest.... we call it a forest but its very small.
I dont have anyone to spare and certianly no one that has knowledge of the hills. No, everyone on this world is normally very calm and collected. This is a holy place.
If they can't be swayed then we might need to take steps to protect the people of Ashgrave IV.... I may have to revoke their privilege to be here. They would need to leave the planet.

As Captain Rahn did understand that legally the Talaxian government has allowed you to banish people/restrict them but if this is an extremist group I dont imagine they would be willing to leave quietly.
Governor count image so.... let us pray you are successful in talking them out of their position. Good luck Captain.
As we are traveling together, as the Captain thinks there are safety in numbers here. The Governor's file states she is agnostic.... Interesting choice for a religious planet but then again that makes perfect sense since she want favor any particular religion
The strategy will depend greatly on their position and how many of them there are. Also if they are armed and predisposed toward violence if their demands are not met.

And so we continues to the Fields, though it looked more like forest.
After about an hour's walk the team reaches the forest, a further thirty minutes into the walk and everyone seems to suddenly get an uneasy feeling.
I looked around me ..... but something doest feel right, im pretty sure we are being watched.
anyone actively scanning with their tricoder detects energy readings of unknown type all around us.

The reading cease and 4 several massive, monstrous life-form appear and start rushing toward the group.
the Captain approached the life-forms,
The creatures roar to send fear into the group and the move their claws into a position to strike.
The captain ordered a warning fire, so i fired a warming shoot.
The creature swipes at Fema, slashing at her with its massive claws with enough force to knock her back.
The creature takes the hit and pauses then comes for another attack other creatures start attacking at whomever is closest.
Computers are reading these as unknown-life forms. However, the energy previously detected seems to be from the planet itself. Further analysis is on-going
The beast disintegrates
Trees and splinters fly as another swipes at the crew but smashing through the forest instead.
One by one the beast are destroyed
Tricorder detects one humanoid signal dead

Then a person appeared, a Fanatic: I heard fighting and came to investigate.... You're Starfleet, she said you would come... this way, this way. She will be thrilled!
We are the Voice of Purity, Annalisa said Starfleet would hear our plea and come. I'm to take you to her.
the Captain asked the fanatic Are you not the least bit surprised by those things that attacked us?
Fanatic: The Demons? That's God's punishment for those who will not follow the one true way. You must have been caught up in it by accident.
From where ever dark things live..... its just this way. There are no demons among us. We are the faithful. You will be safe with us.
We followed her to the cave where we should be safe.

once in the cave, we met a person called Annalisa, she said "Welcome Starfleet, I am Analisa" says the woman at the altar "We are the Voice of Purity. We were foretold of your coming. I am thrilled Starfleet is taking us seriously. "
"We've prepared food and drink. " the woman who lead them inside whipsers something to Annalisa then walks away "I'm told you were beset upon by the demons. Is everyone alright, we have medicine if needed?"
I know why you are here. The Creator wills it.
the captain answers, The creator, right. The Governor is concerned that your God has mandated that everyone on world conform to a particular religion.
Annalisa: We recently came to understand that the numerous religions on this planet were causing the creator great pain. The true mesasge ahs become diluted and corrupt, as a result demons are appearing in great numbers.
I tried explaining this to Chahal, but she refuses to lsiten. She refuses to prioritze our religion or any religion over another.
Dont you see? That is why we have stepped up our activism. We need to save these people. To save the whole galaxy! If we fail, demons will consume everything!
Captain Rahn said: I understand you want to save people and to help. But forcing others toward a particular religion isn't the right answer. We can help you investigate why these 'demon' have arrived.
Annalisa answered: There is nothing to investigate *she shouts then composes her self before speaking again* We know why theyare here and how to stop them. I have been told by the herald of the Creator.
The Hearld appered to me at the holy place.... I can't promise the Herold wil lapear to you but if you are fairthful and pure then you might just be able to see and then you will agree with me and we cna save this world together.
Rest here tonight adn I will pray on it. In the morning I'll take you to the holy place.
Captain Rahn said This hearld sounds like the next course of actions. If someone or something is forcing them to act then we need to get to the bottom of it. It's probably not safe to return to the colony with those demons out an about. Let's spend tonight learning about these people and their religion. I want two people on watch at 2 hour intervals when we sleep.

we will camp here till the next mission.

=/\= END LOG =/\=

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