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UFS CO Meeting Minutes
221015 @ 11:00 SLT
Location: SS Nimbus

1. Deputy CinC Report:
We are always looking at ways to improve UFS, not only with communication but in how we present our “brand” too. If you have suggestions please do let us know

The Banquet will be coming up next month on the 19th, so this will probably be the last CO meeting until the new year, with Dec being busy for all with the holiday season. With the Banquet approaching, don’t forget that the Yearly Awards are available to be submitted now.

However, just because there is no CO meeting doesn’t mean the communication has to stop. There is a Command Channel in Discord where Co’s and Xo’s can discuss things, organize cross RP’s or Events and show solidarity as a Fleet not as individual ships and stations.

We need to again get that feeling of the fleet back.

Miles and I are always on hand for any questions or concerns, or even just to chat.

2. Chief of Staff Report:
Greetings and welcome everyone.

As this will be the last CO meeting of the year. With Banquet next month and December being full for more people with their RLs. And on january 21st will be the next meeting held at Denkiri CC if all goes to plan.

As some or most know I am still working on the CO Manual so hope to have it out and ready by the start of next month and I will send you all a link to access it once it’s up and out for use.

I will in December send out next year’s MSRs to you all so you can at that time go and fill out your MSRs again with the information you need on it

3. FLOPS, R&R, Personnel Report:

4. Ship of the Line Reports:
  • Pinastri HQ:
Pinastri continues to provide a 24/7 environment to the members that choose it.

We have a couple of people wanting to get involved in this aspect and I want to remind everyone that HQ IS a Ship of the Line. Just because we do not have a regular RP day does not mean it should be excluded from lists.

In the new year (Once the Banquet and Xmas is out the way) I will be looking at adding a regular RP day that does not coincide with any other ship and stations.
  • SS Astraios:
Our missions have continued based on the Yadhi/Treman/J'halidex arc, utilizing our primary mission time of noon SL on Friday and the second mission slot on Sundays at 3 PM SL time. Missions and social events have been well attended. We have a "special" event coming up for Guy Fawkes day (November 5th), where we plan to blow up our old HQ building and "dance in the ruins." We invite all UFS members to join us. The HQ will be replaced with a more modern structure that will be fully mesh construction and of known provenance.

We are taking SJ photos for members on behalf of Personnel, and CMO Genny7 Markus can now do crew medicals as required by the MSHIP programs. This is of direct benefit to UFS members who do not have a Second Life account but want to participate fully in UFS programs.
  • SS Nimbus:
Nothing to report
  • SS Tranquility:
Please look at the forum for the mission logs.
  • USS Atlas:
The last month has been a busy one for the USS Atlas! We first returned to Nehan, a planet in the Hapke 8026 star system. A science team went with one of the local archaeologists to take a look at some Rajan artifacts they found in a new dig site. (The Rajans are a species we thought originated in the Pinastri system, but the USS Maxwell found evidence that they originated on Nehan in the Hapke cluster and migrated to Pinastri.) The artifacts and architecture that the locals uncovered appeared to be from a different faction of Rajans than the ones that eventually made their way to Pinastri. The science team found a sarcophagus with a cryptic inscription and a constellation emblazoned on the lid. With that information insinuating that this faction fled the planet in the direction of the constellation, we set course to follow their potential steps.

Next, we encountered an isolationist Kazon sect called the Kazon Ezoduk. Their Maje was totally resistant to all peaceful cooperation and talk, opening fire on the Atlas with his group of scouting ships. We were able to disable or destroy enough of the ships to retreat the system they laid claim to and move on in our survey.

The next system on our survey as we made our way toward the edge of the Hapke cluster seemed to evolve in symbiosis, with every living thing on the planet somehow connected and evolving together. Unfortunately we found out about the symbiogenetic evolution of the flora and fauna of the planet when a deer analogue jumped into the transporter beam taking Dr. Emma Edwyn back to the ship, wherein her DNA was scrambled with the deer creature. She is currently recovering in sickbay as the doctors are running tests to determine the extent of the transformation. We do not have the resources to properly separate her and the deer at this time, so this will be a long term situation for our doctor.

We are currently orbiting Hapke 9256-III, an M class world that seems to be of similar technological level to our own, but apparently abandoned. We sent an away team to investigate an overgrown city. Their last report was before entering an underground vault that seemed to be the source of power and lifesign readings. We have lost contact with the away team and are mounting a rescue operation.

Got 3 new crew members since the last meeting.
  • USS Durant:
We have finished our story arc on the Class M Planet in Sector 009D with the Priki Tribe. It started when Lt. Selina Otsuka took the repaired Hemmer shuttlecraft out for a test flight with 3 Ensigns and they were caught in a powerful ion storm. We could not find them on the sensors. Selina crashed-landed the shuttle on a Class M Planet that was inhabited by primitive tribes.

Lt. Colonel Elsa Mitchell and Lt. Sandra Lacrima volunteered to find the missing shuttle, flying the La Forge shuttle, and they did. However, while on the planet the crew members interacted with a primitive tribe called the Priki.The Priki Tribe were primitive like earth's cavemen, but they were surprisingly intelligent, and quick learners. Before the officers arrived, the tribe had found a new home in a large cavern of caves, but after a while they started dying. The caves walls had radioactive material in them, lovely streaks of a blue mineral that was causing them to die. The tribe did not know why they started dying.They asked their god Sagundi to help them and that's when the shuttle came from the sky and landed on the beach. So, the tribe believed the strange beings were from Sagundi, answering their prayers.

Ensign Carol Ellsworth (Evey54) interacted the most with the tribe, talking with the tribe members daily, teaching them about plants to use as medicine, and treating them with advanced technology. Some tribe members overheard the crew talking about the walls and realized that something in the walls was poison, killing them. Carol, and Selina helped the tribe find a new home that was safe. One of the tribe members Ahnee gave Carol her necklace that had belonged to Ahnee's great grandmother, and promised Carol that the Priki would never forget her helping them to survive and caring about them. That as long as there is a Priki she will be remembered with the story and drawings on their cave walls. Carol told Ahnee that she and the officers were people like the Priki but from beyond the mountains, and they did not live with the god Sagundi. The tribe claimed Carol as a member, telling her she will always be Priki tribe, and her descendants also. They asked Carol to come back and visit them. Ahnee told Carol to tell the story to her descendents as well, so they will know they have a home with the Priki if they ever come there. Carol met with Ahnee and secretly gave Ahnee a necklace she had made from stones on the planet that change color. So they each have necklaces to remember each other by.

Another crew member Lt. Sandra Lacrima, unknowingly accepted a proposal to become the mate of one of the cavemen, Ruark, by accepting his gift of an animal claw, but she quickly broke the engagement by giving it back to him as soon as she realized her error. Sandra reported she had not encouraged a friendship, and had never spoken to the Priki male until that moment. She purposely had very little contact with the tribe members.

All of the officers interacted with the Priki tribe in varying degrees, except the unconscious injured officers. So, when they returned to the ship there was a hearing to find out what happened on the planet and did the officers violate the Prime Directive .If so, how far did they go in violating the Prime Directive, and should they be punished. Rear Admiral Cheryl Skinstad returned to the USS Durant to preside over the hearings. Each Officer accused of violation was questioned by the lead prosecutor, Fleet Captain Evelyn Rieko, and the defense Captain Hal Jordan. The accused officers each answered questions and then gave their statements. Fleet Captain Rieko, and Rear Admiral Zania Turner each gave closing arguments as the prosecution team, and Captain Hal Jordan gave his closing arguments as the defense for the officers.

Rear Admiral Skinstad gave the verdict. She said the accused officers were GUILTY of the Prime Directive violation. Then, she said, however, it was violated because of extenuating circumstances that she took into consideration, along with the testimonies, opening arguments and closing arguments. Admiral Skinstad said the punishment would be that each of the four officers would retake classes on the Prime Directive. It was a very enjoyable RP Mission! Now we are on a mission to deliver supplies to a colony on a planet in the Midgar Sector, and we just found out there is some type of force field in space in every direction we take.

USS Durant News: Evey Riley (Evey54) was promoted to Ltjg. Great morale among the crew. We always have a great time together!
  • USS Thor:
Things are fairly settled at the moment. The addition of the extra RP on Mondays has gone down well so we will be looking at making that a permanent thing. Nothing else to report.

RP wise, we’ve concluded a story where thanks to a mistake by a research team, a period of shore leave for the crew became a fight for survival. We’ve now started a story where the Thor has been ordered to assist a rather eccentric science officer in his investigation of a ship that disappeared in the Alpha Quadrant before the Dominion War, but that might have somehow ended up in the Delta.
  • USS Veracruz:
The Veracruz was sent in to assist in the transfer of a prison colony due to environmental concerns - concerns that turned out to be artificial in nature. This led to a successful escape attempt by the Mirror Universes' Kyle Asbrink, who did a lot of damage to the ship in the escape. We've since investigated the discarded Lionheart, and gotten extensive repairs underway.
  • Denkiri SS:
Mind Meld brainstorming meetings continue four times a month. Denkiri has added a Creativing Writing Group to our offerings, it started meeting twice a month in October. A new exhibit for the Denkiri/Astraios Art Gallery will be scheduled in November.

Creativing Writing Group: Fridays, time depending check schedule for correct dates and times.

5. Q&A

Deputy CinC:
Question regarding Promotions. Text will be added later once voting is complete.


Next meeting: 230121 @11:00 on Denkiri CC
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