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UFS CO Meeting Minutes
220820 @ 11:00 SLT
Location: USS Veracruz

1. CinC/DC Report:
So I wanted to just note a few things before they are brought up as questions.

Yes there is currently an investigation ongoing into Copybot allegations, no i will not divulge any further on that. Why? Simply because while I want no association with any copybotting whatsoever I also want to ensure the evidence is gathered before someone quickly removes it as they know what they are doing is wrong.

UFS has been wrapped up in copybot stuff in the past and we won’t go through it again.

Secondly, at the Town Hall after P&A something Refreshed is coming, and is a great step forward into a new Era.

And lastly, UFS has a new motto it was “UFS Strong” it is now “Boldly Going Forward”

2. Vice Chief of Staff Report:
Just a reminder from Luc, aside from what is necessary for new crew and such, formatting and editing MSR setup is not allowed and gets you a warning. Same goes for sharing(add/remove/edit) setting. Not to be done unless approved by CoS)

And we both want to remind CO’s. mission reports must be submitted the Thursday, the week of the meeting to be added to the minutes as we don’t read them during the meeting. If nothing is submitted before then, it will be recorded as such.

3. FLOPS, R&R, Personnel Report:
One of the other things that is happening at the moment is that on the HQ MSR, there are 81 unassigned members. Recruitment and Retention has reached out to all of these people and is in the process of getting status, some are returning others have said they don't have time, however i think this communication with our members is a good step forward.

4. Ship of the Line Reports:
  • SS Astraios:
Mission activity at Astraios has centred around a refit and relaunch of our flagship USS Neil Armstrong. The refit sees us stepping up from our aging starship to one with a sophisticated array of bridge consoles; full systems' integration with shipboard computing; new engineering topography; advanced defence, transporter and sickbay systems, and more. The step-up in modernisation required crew undergo refresher training. We followed an hour of ship-board tuition with simulator training and best practice tuition led by XO Maven.

The maiden flight on our new ship (220812) was a routine diplomatic mission to the newly warp capable Yadhi of the Jin stellar system. We were invited to assist in a ceremonial investiture of their new Kajj, a religious figurehead for the Yadhi, acting as his escort from the sister planet Yinjin to Jin Prime so that he could take up the seat of his predecessor. This escort service is considered a great honour and a mark of friendship.

Part of the ritual is a rite of passage—the new Kajj is “attacked” on their way to take up his seat. Their escort beats off the attackers to prove the Kajj is worthy. This "attack" on the transiting Kajj is ceremonial, the attackers shoot fireworks. Things, however, did not go to plan. The ceremonial passage was hijacked and an attack was made on our craft with state of the art phasers, a technology the Yadhi are not known to possess.

Our shields held against the attack and our faster ship retreated from the “battle”without firing weapons. The attacking ship overloaded its engines supplying energy to its weapon systems, which it was not designed to carry, and exploded leaving no survivors. Until we know who was responsible, who supplied the weapons and what their intent might be (was it an attack on the Kajj or on the Federation?), we are treading a careful diplomatic line. Intelligence has already supplied good background and have been further tasked to delve into this mystery. A faction of local religious zealots was pointed to by the Kajj as perpetrators of the attack, but we have not confirmed his belief, and if it is the case, they had off-planet allies.

This is an ongoing mission.

A full report including extensive Intel briefing notes has been posted here:viewtopic.php?f=892&p=213255#p213255
  • SS Nimbus:
Nothing to report
  • USS Maxwell:
The last month saw the Maxwell engaging what will be her final missions. We started a diplomatic and good will cultural exchange mission in the Kaulor Prime system, home of the V'Kaulin republic. On a tour of their lagrange point trade hub station, we were ambushed by an old enemy of ours: Cor-Mith'xotep, one of the elder god cosmic beings we had encountered once before. He lured the crew into a trap, disguising himself as a traveling scientist performing a demonstration. When he had us in his trap, he transported us to an environment where we were relatively the size of ants. He gave us a challenge to survive for a week with no casualties, and he would let us return home.

We successfully survived for a week without our gear in a hostile environment where we were the lowest link on the food chain, culminating in an attack from a giant spider on the last day. The trickster god was true to his a point. He returned us to the ship, then with a swish of a hand, he sent us hurtling and badly damaged back to the edge of the Pinastri system.

Most recently, we returned to Pinastri with the help of the USS Milo fleet tug, then while the crew started some well earned R&R, I went exploring the mesas with Commander Crystal, and we fell into a cave network under the west-most mesa. The crew is currently exploring these caves which already show signs of ancient Rajan presence.

As some of you are aware, the Maxwell and the Maxwell sim are coming to a close after this next week. We will be transferring to the Hestia class USS Atlas, launching on August 29th. Before we leave though, we will be having a launch ceremony on the 28th at 11AM, and you and your crews are all welcome.
  • USS Durant:
My First Officer Captain Hal Jordan and I decided to choose one crew member to be the main character in each of our upcoming Mission story arcs. The story would center around one of the crew members, one at a time. Each crew member will get a chance to be at the center of the story. We chose Lt. Selina Otsuka to be the main character in our current story arc. The mission started in Sector 009D with Selina and 3 Ensigns taking the Hemmer Shuttlecraft out for a test flight after repairs had been made to it. An ion storm enveloped them and the Durant, and we lost contact with them. We have been trying to find them. Since Selina is the highest ranking officer, she is in Command of the shuttle and the Ensigns look to her for leadership and orders. The shuttlecraft and some of the shuttle crew were severely damaged by the storm and they took refuge on a Class M planet. The planet is similar to earth during the Jurassic Period, but the difference is there are cavemen, cavewomen, and dinosaurs on this planet.

The Priki Tribe has moved to a new home with more spacious caves and caverns, but since the move, many people in their tribe have died. They don't know why the tribe members are dying, so they prayed to their god Sagundi for help and that's when the shuttle crash-landed on the beach in their vicinity. The tribe does not know what to make of the 'Strange Ones', but some believe Sagundi sent them to help the tribe. The Tribe healer has not been able to heal anyone, since this strange sickness started.

The ion storm cleared and Lt. Colonel Elsa Mitchell and Lt. Sandra Lacrima volunteered to search for the Hemmer Shuttle crew using the La Forge Shuttlecraft while the Durant is undergoing repairs because of damage from the ion storm. The Rescue team found the Hemmer crew, but just when they were evaluating the Hemmer shuttle crew's injuries and illness, a giant Pterodactyl swooped down and carried Ensign Ellsworth away to its nest high up in the mountain cliffs. The Ensign dropped her phaser but her combadge is working and she is sure her fellow officers will rescue her. When the Pterodactyl dropped her near its nest she was able to run and jump into a crevice deep and narrow enough to protect her from the prehistoric bird. The Priki Tribe offered to rescue the 'Strange One.' but Sandra assured them that no help is needed. So, that's where we will begin with our next RP.

Durant News:
We have transferred our honorary members Admiral Taylorholic Durant and Admiral Peedy Thor to headquarters. We also transferred the inactive members Admiral Mike Calhoun and Captain Lady Tornado to headquarters.

We have two new crew members, Medical Officer Ensign Evey Riley (Evey45 Resident) effective 220812 and Medical Officer Ensign Gunnar Ragnarsson (Gunnar Nova) effective 220814.

Lt. Ginrai Yamabushi was promoted to Durant's Chief Engineering Officer on 220814.
  • USS Thor:
Continuing the story of James Williams: Fugitive. We had one week where the crew played the roles of his captors where they enjoyed tormenting him. Looking to conclude this storyline within the next couple of weeks. Apart from that, been a quiet month
  • USS Veracruz:
The USS Veracruz has been dealing with a rogue Kazon ship, which has been infiltrating Federation space and coordinating with someone on Charon's Beacon. We're going to be visiting Charon's Beacon shortly, to get to the bottom of matters.
  • Denkiri SS:
Mind Meld sessions continue every second Tuesday @ 1030hrs & Friday @ 2200hrs PDT/SLT. Brainstorming & discussion on a variety of topics to do with creativity, imagination, science, technology, virtual community, and the hope of a better world. Dress casual, all welcome.
Held at the Denkiri Cafe, UFS Astraios Colony (3rd Rock Grid)

On 220807 we held an Art Exhibit Opening for UFS Commodore Lizzy Gracemount (Austin), whose RL artwork will grace the Astraios Art Gallery until the end of August. Reviews have been very enthusiastic and it's well worth seeing.

On Sat Sep 3 @ 1100hrs PDT/SLT, we will host a 'Boldly Go Trekking' talk in honor of Star Trek Day (ST is 56 yrs old!). This will take place at the Astraios AstroTheatre and be live-streamed to YouTube. DJ Tek will open the event at 1000hrs PDT/SLT, and singer Kitzie Lane follows.
  • SS Tranquility:
Short version:

Royal Pains (TranRP002-004)

Quelthoniais a federation trade partner whose entire Royal family was killed in a natural disaster leaving the 8th in line for the new emperor. Ul'Raq was suddenly the new emperor, but he had been targeted for assassination, which tested the crew's technical and tactical capabilities and eventually lead us on a chase which culminated in a fight against a cunning ship that used explosive drones it fired from a cloaked vessel. We devised a way to defeat it, but not without taking heavy damage. A flagship with Ul'Raq cousin arrived and threatened to destroy us if we didn't turn him over. His cousin admitted to everything and said only he could sustain their empire. Ul'raq agreed to beam over if his cousin accepted a challenge to personal combat for the throne, which he did. Before the flagship left, the cousin said there was much to learn from the Federation.

Holodeck Hijinks ( TranRP05)

After several difficult missions, we decided to engage in a holo-novel based on an old earth table-top game called dungeons and dra..... Goblins and Grottoes. ((This series just began and takes the Elder Scroll universe and combines certain elements and adventures from D&D.)) There will be a tie in back to trek eventually.

Long Version:

We concluded a story arc where we were contacted by the government of Quelthonia: Quelthonia is not a member of the Federation, but our trade relations with their empire has been mutually beneficial. Quelthonia went through a very xenophobic period until the new emperor broke tradition and, in an unprecedented move, opened a dialogue with several entities outside their boarders. Unfortunately earthquakes have decimated the royal family, which makes Ul’Raq, a gregarious singer/ composer currently residing on the station, the new emperor. Ul’Raq was eighth in line for the throne.

As we sent security to locate him, there was an explosion from his quarters. We found a dead LT from the Judge Advocates office, but no Ul'Raq. Turns out Ul'Raq and the Lt had a fight over Ul'Raq woman Agna. We were unable to locate Ul'Raq. The explosive was a drone that exploded outside his quarters window. The drone had the making of Dopterians, but the explosives were Flaxian. We still had no motive.

After some investigation work, it turned out that Ul'raq had purchased transportation out of the station and purchased an illegal device that made him invisible to sensors. After we arrested the person who sold him the device, they traded the tech specs for a reduced sentence. We used DNA analysis and a modification to sensors to bypass the device and found Ul'Raq hiding in an escape pod. Although we located him, his sensor inhibitor prevented us from transporting him out. Several drones were crawling on the hull toward his location.

Crew members went out in worker bees to manually pull the drones away from the hull, so we could shoot them. He requested Political Asylum as we managed to rescue him. Turns out Ul'Raq has no desire to be emperor and wants to run away with Agna and get married. Interspecies marriage would never be accepted on Quelthonia, especially for an Emperor. The Federation is concerned that if one of his xenophobic rivals took the throne, it would end our relationship. Ul'Raq's cousin was next in line and was a key speaker for the return to xenophobic ways.

The Quelthonia Flagship was almost here to take him away, and there was a decision to make about his asylum. More drones were using the jefferies tubes to target Ul'raq. It turned out they were tracking him by DNA using our own internal sensors. The doctors devised something to alter his DNA which made him undetectable to the drones. At Ops we cross-referenced every ship that had been to Flaxia and Droptopia and found one, the freighter Grevo. A mysterious call came in and a disguised voice appearing robotic in nature had drones surrounding a passenger liner with 2000 people aboard. The demand was simple. Turn over Ul'Raq, or he would destroy the liner.

Unfortunately, Ul'Raq escaped and managed to be beamed off the station before the shields were raised. He was on a freighter called Grevo that went to warp and was out of range. With no choices left, I told the assassin where Ul'Raq. The Drones disengaged from the line and docked with an unknown ship that seemed to have a cloaking device. I ordered the Temperance ready to depart with minimal crew. I was hopeful we could catch the Grevo before the assassin.

The Grevo flight plan was bogus, we had to locate the freighter manually. We also discovered that Ul'Raq's cousin had been to Falvia and Dopteria and had ties to the Grevo Captain, Hivik. It appeared as he was making a play for the throne. We caught up with tGrevo and Captain Havik opted not to surrender Ul'Raq, so we had to disable the shields and beamed him off, but they had already made an attempt on his life, but Agna shielded him and was killed.

The assassin ship arrived and released several drones with some kind of stealth that made targeting them impossible, causing severe damage. The Grevo was destroyed, but since we had beamed Ul'Raq off, we became the target. We fired off multiple probes looking for distortions, but were unable to detect any. When another wave of drones was fired, we had all the probes give off a gamma ray burst and managed to disable two of the drones. We hacked the drones, which had reverted to a maintenance mode, and we sent them 'home'. This led us straight to the assassin ship, which de-cloaked to fire, and we finally could target it. We made short work of the assassin ship but suffered severe damage to shields, weapons, sensors and other systems. We had several hull breaches and casualties which hindered our already skeleton crew.

The Flagship arrived and was commanded by Ul'Raq's cousin Cha'Thop. Cha'Thop had declared himself emperor and admitted to being behind the assassination attempt of Ul'Raq. He stated that a musician such as Ul'raq didn't have what it took to hold an entire empire together, and with him on the throne, the empire would descend into civil war. We were ordered to turn over Ul'Raq or they would destroy us. We would have been hard-pressed to defeat the flagship even at our best. Ul'Raq decided to issue a personal combat challenge to his cousin. Once we beamed him over, the Quelthonia departed. It was expected Cha'Tomp would be victorious, and the Federation would lose a trade partner. Oddly, Cha'Tomp was impressed by our ability to prevent Ul'Raq's assassination and decided there was much to learn from us and wouldn't be too hasty in severing ties


Chief of Operations:
From the Operations section of things, I would like to remind people that there are specific roles and positions for departments. With the exception of Command, no department should be overseeing another on a regular basis. Away Teams and Missions are one thing, of course. (cont'd)

Working together is to be expected and encouraged, but we shouldn't be encouraging one department to have a superiority complex over another by seeming 'taking them under their wing'. I encourage you to tell members to speak to their Department Heads to see what roles one has on a ship or station, if there are any questions about it.


How are things going on your ships/stations besides RP and Activities? Crew Morale good?
Evelyn - Morale is very high on my ship. Everyone is happy and enjoys the Missions and everyone has the chance to be the center of attention in a story arc. We recently had a visitor to our Mission RP and he participated..the next day he told me my ship has a very cordial and very friendly crew and he enjoyed Rp'ing with us. So that was nice of him and it made me feel good.

Drew - I would say morale is pretty good on our crew, despite the many changes the last couple months have brought. We've had several visitors which have turned into new crew members, with more wanting to ride along with us. I am sure most of you are aware that the Maxwell sim will be going away at the end of the month, and we will be moving to the USS Atlas, with a launch ceremony to be held next Sunday the 28th at 11am. You and your crews are all invited.

Next meeting: 220917 @11:00 on Denkiri SS
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