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Greetings all.

As transparency is one of the key elements for our group I will be starting to post the Meeting Minutes from our monthly Captain’s Table Meeting that is held every 3rd Saturday of each month. This is a meeting held for the CO/XOs in UFS to get together and discuss and talk about what they are up to and get any questions/concerns answered. If you wonder about anything just send me a message and I’ll answer.

UFS CO Meeting Minutes
220716 @ 11:00 SLT
Location: USS Thor

CinC/DC Report:
Miles sends his apologies that he couldn’t make it, his exact words were something along the lines of “Why would I want to spend time with those reprobates, I have better things to do, like drink” …….. Also he is at the behind end of moving into his new home, so he has to pack all that bedding into his new fox hole.

So things seem to be going well with UFS at the moment, you can see there are manual updates being done, and our aim is to make sure we are being fair to all, and everyone is singing from the same song sheet.

There are more things being looked at and just to reiterate again, that we welcome feedback, questions and comments (constructively, don’t just IM Miles and say “you Ugly” it upsets him, try “your face is perfect for radio).

Anyway not going to take up too much of the meeting, just this other 458723 things to get through …… I Jest (i know not like me right?)

2. Chief of Staff Report:
Well I don't have much to say this time, we split Pinastri HQ into 2 so the RP part of them has been moved to SS Tranquility while the unassigned, Civilians, inactive people remain at HQ and will be overseen by Kermie and myself along with that paperwork. Good luck to the Tranquility crew filling in the shoes after the crew that had the station before you years ago.

I have also appointed Alia and Ellemir as acting-CO/XO of Astraios as Capt. Vala needed to retire due to RL. Congratulations to them and good luck in the future, keep up the good work.

Hope you all have been keeping up to date with the manual changes regarding active/inactive crew, Promotion Manual update about alts and all those things. And I will answer any questions at the end of the meeting.

3. Vice Chief of Staff Report:
Just wanted to remind everyone again, if Luc isn’t reachable right away, do not be afraid to reach out to me on discord or via email, it’s what I’m here for afterall. Luc and I divided the sub groups of this JC office when we took over, I oversee Fleet Ops and personnel. Anything with either of those, please come to me. I know people like to go to the main person but most of the time he will just hand it back to me anyway.

That said, I am here to help with ANYTHING Chief of Staff related, let me do my job and share Luc’s workload.

I am also CoS to the CinC, so if you need him to see something or want me to pin him down and get clarification on something, I’ll action it for you.

4. Ship of the Line Reports:
  • SS Astraios:
Following Kem’s retirement we’re holding a Change of Command Ceremony and a farewell party in his honour on Friday 22, 1200hrs SLT at Astraios Colony. All are invited, please come if you can.

The loss of Kem and Eboneezer in the same month, two of our most experienced and talented officers puts us into a rebuild phase. We’re focusing on recruitment in the Opensim grids. We’ve moved our mission time to Friday noon which we think will be a friendlier time slot for new players.

Due to the experience pool we’ve lost and the fact we expect to be bringing in sign-up replacements, we’re implementing a training programme to fast-track our recruits. The programme includes a flight simulator (just coming online) that demonstrates scenarios, allowing us to pinpoint good practice to trainees. All welcomed.

An upgraded USS Neil Armstrong makes her maiden flight in the next few weeks too. This upgrade takes us from the 10-year old clunker we’ve been nursing to a state of the art mesh rebuild. Same specced tug but lots of new features. Should be fun

In our new story arc (Intruder) an object dropped out of hyperspace and tethered itself to the space station. The station’s perimeter and onboard weapon defences powered down along with hand weapons, docked vessels and shuttlecraft. A humanoid intruder beamed aboard. Our attempts to deal with the intruder have so far been fruitless
  • SS Nimbus:
Nothing new really going on. Fairly quiet with people enjoying their RLs during the summer.
  • USS Maxwell:
The past month has been weathering the various holiday weekends and continuing to adjust after Nora stepped away. We wrapped up a couple of fun stories, watched fireworks for the 4th of July, and last week was our biggest attendance in a couple months as we started investigating a rare Class 9 Nebula and the rogue planetoid inside it.

We also had a couple ride-alongs in engineering and science last week. Both are eager to return, and our engineering recruit has already put in the transfer paper to request to join us.
Other than that, we are looking to recruit more in engineering and security to shore up our ranks.

  • USS Durant:
We have had three crew members leave, one transferred to HQ because of RL. Two asked to be transferred to Denkiri Centre. We also transferred a crew member to HQ.

We have just finished our story arc where the Durant was in an alternate timeline. Everything was different. We all led different lives, but now things have gone back to normal and we are in the prime timeline. The Federation Department of Temporal Investigations found out a Governor Ruel of the planet Cronon had changed the timeline and they were able to change it back. That was a very exciting and fun story arc. We played different roles, and I really enjoyed that. I was a Civilian, married to a former Captain of the Durant, but he ws in love with someone else. Hal was the CO, and kept feeling like he didn't belong in the center seat. It was fun.

Now we are in a new story arc. Repairs were done on one of our shuttles, our Helm Officer Lt. Selina Otsuka and 3 Ensigns Gunnar Ragnarsson, Evey Riley, and Sara Acros took it out for a test flight and they never came back. We lost contact with them. There is a nebula they went to observe and there is also a large Ion storm with unusually high levels of radiation coming toward the Durant. We are searching for the shuttle.
  • USS Thor:
Been continuing our storyline of Commander Williams: Fugitive. Crew have been grappling with the possibility he might actually be a traitor whilst the XO has been juggling ship rooms as and when they are needed. We will be doing something slightly different over the coming weeks. Where James has been playing an alternate character whilst “he” has been absent, instead he gets to be himself again whilst the rest of the crew will be in the roles of the people behind his predicament.
  • USS Veracruz:
We lost one crew member this month but have one potential engineering recruit.

The Veracruz has recently concluded a mission where we discovered a crashed version of ourselves. It seems we were stuck in a time loop, thrown into the past, and crashed. Our present-day selves discovered the crash. We were able to get our way out of it thanks to clues left behind by our 'past/future' selves, and the crew was left grappling with the circumstances they found themselves in.

We just started a new story in the Mirror universe where we get to see how our OG terror Skellos is up to in the other universe.
  • Denkiri SS:
Denkiri hosted its third "Boldly Go Trekking" talk, with Commodore David7 Bravin speaking on the topic of 'Classic Sci-Fi meets Star Trek.' It was very enjoyable and we had a good crowd. Next talk will be on Sep 3rd, with Captain Bodan discussing '56 years of Star Trek'. We continue to hold our Mind Meld brainstorming sessions (open to all), our topic this month has been dreams and imagination, and how they fuel our creativity.
Also, our crew wanted a project to work on as and when they have time.

Thus Denkiri is researching Star Trek canon, Icelandic & Scandinavian archaeology & anthropology, the linguistics of Old Norse & associated languages, and SS Astraios RP logs as a creative interdisciplinary & collaborative project established as an enjoyable OOC activity for our crew. We will occasionally be posting our 'findings' with regard to linguistics, myths & prehistory, on the forum (or perhaps develop another Astraios history class for UFS Academy)
  • SS Tranquility:
Continuing with our story arc on Aries IV. The Starfleet team discovered that a ‘queen’ seems to control the others with some sort of telepathic ability. They were able to create a transceiver that allowed a Betazoid crewmember to communicate directly with the queen but required them to be within 10 meters. . There was a misunderstanding where ethe Arachnids thought the mining caused the quakes that caused titanium to fall into their nest which is fatal to their young. They took this as an attack. Once the report got back to me, I dispatched my Adjutant along with a Betazoid ambassador to negotiate mining rights since it appeared Aries IV was theirs.

Unfortunately, some of the mining were not keen on the possibility of a permanent hold on the mining operation and took matters into their own hands. They used explosive devices to destroy the arachnid nest and took 4 hostages including my Adjutant and the Ambassador. The Starfleet team conducted a simulation of a possible assault on the attacker location, and it went as expected, a complete disaster. They will be taking a different approach this coming week.
The Pinastri colony reconstruction efforts now close to complete, and largely self-sufficient, the USS Weaver (NPC Aerie-class ship) will soon be departing, presumably it will be briefly sent to spacedock for retrofits before it is reassigned elsewhere.

5. Other business?
  • New Inactive Policy
So, for a Tl;dr version, AWOL is no longer a thing, if someone is inactive on your ship/station, move them to Pinastri HQ - Unassigned, what will happen then is HQ and Personnel will take over, communicate and see what’s what.

Why are we doing this?

Our own manual states that a member is responsible for communication, if they are not communicating, then they are not keeping up their end of their membership.

We should be going about quality not quantity. We could have 900 members, but if only 200 of them are active, then we have a problem.

Resources are being taken up by inactive people so we need to look forward, still take into account RL happens of course which is why over the course of a year we will be attempting communication, after that if there is zero then we consider that they don’t want to be members.

We also need to make sure that our members email addresses are still valid, so perhaps a nudge to your crew if they can check to make sure the email they signed up with is still valid for communication purposes.

Open Floor / Q&A

CO's send the UFS Chief of Staff their SOTL RP mission reports on Wednesday (same week as the CO meetings are held). CoS will then send out the Meeting Agenda by Thursday for all to look over and can comment on. Will also post Meeting Minutes on the forum and as usual share the document with the current CO/XOs.
  • 1. What is the current metric for active/inactive crew? Is it a length of time they haven't been on a mission? Lack of activity in the group in general?
Answer: I would say length of time of no communication with the CO or XO. Now take into account that all Co's and XO's should be on our discord server, if you see that person that has not spoke to you speak up in there, then technically that is communication, however that is also your judgment. We are allowing the CO's to make their own policy on what is no communication before you transfer someone, end of the day you directly know whats going on with your crew, I recommend 3 months of non communication whatsoever (unless they previously told you where they are) before sending them to HQ

Please take a moment to review your ship/station/npc ship specs on the LCARS to make sure we have captured them correctly or noted any changes. Also please note that any "special ability or tech" on those ships/stations/ect need to be signed off by ASDB as well.

Examples include cloaks, Ablative hull armor generators , or sensors that can see across two quadrants when they are not a normal part of the design.

Next meeting: 220820 @11:00 on USS Veracruz
In Service,
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