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UFS CO Meeting Minutes
230121 @ 11:00 SLT
Location: Pinastri HQ

1. CinC/DC Report:
Welcome all to 2423, this year started off with a clean slate, and one that we want to build on, we want to really focus on improving UFS as a whole, not just on the individual ships and stations of UFS.

We need to be showing a united front, this is with addressing concerns, being able to not only receive constructive feedback but also to give it in a polite way. To be able to not demand, but to listen and compromise where we all can.

As you may have seen Miles has done a few forum posts and we are looking for people to help out and offer feedback with some ideas and help develop them. So make sure to get the word out to your crews to check the forums, to get involved on Discord and we can boldly move forward as a fleet.

2. Chief of Staff Report:
Greetings and welcome everyone. Been a bit things happening since our last meeting. Astraios and Denkiri are no longer with us. So for now we only got SOTLs in SL and RL, and we also got a ship coming into Runabout on 230201. USS Shogun under Ulrich will start up and if all goes as planned, be commissioned on May 1st.

There will not be any other Ships/Stations approved and placed into Runabout at this time while we try to fill up what ships we have. I do urge our current CO/XOs in mind that you can hold other Shifts on your ships and stations so you can cover more timezones for RP. Like your main mission time is Alpha Shift but you can hold Beta, Delta etc shift so people who don’t make it for the main mission time can still join your SOTL and be active.

3. FLOPS Report:

FLOPS - The biggest update as of late has generally been the introduction of the new MSR template this month, which I hope you that are all finding pretty easy and straightforward to use. SOTL levels have also been reviewed and updated based on how each SOTL is meeting program requirements, and is reflected on your January MSR.

With specific regard to the new template, I wanted to take a minute or two to cover what we’re generally looking for when your filling out the crew sections, since a few things have changed over the previous version. (This is slightly lengthy due to the depth, so am going to break it up slightly)

Because the number of crew box is now automated, and now only counts members who are marked as ‘Active’ (it does however exclude civilian members from the count), it’s important to only have people who are actively participating on your SOTL marked as such. It’s important to note though that if a member has newly arrived or departed from your SOTL during that month they should be placed in either the Arriving or Departing crew sections (will cover that more in a moment)

The first category is for ‘Active’ crew; for anyone who is a currently active member of your SOTL should be placed here. Most crew should ideally have their status as ‘active’, however if someone is on a short-term LOA it’s okay to mark them as LOA in this section.

The second category is for ‘Inactive’ crew; for members who are inactive, on extended LOA, or just generally aren’t participating as a part of your SOTL. Typically ‘Inactive’ or ‘LOA’ should be used for a members status in this category. Also as a quick reminder, if a member is inactive for more than 3 months on a SOTL the policy is the member must be transferred back to Pinastri HQ. (If I see this occur I always try to give you a heads up at least a month in advance so you can try to touch base)

The third category is for ‘Arriving’ crew; for members who have newly arrived onto your SOTL, these members should only be placed into the ‘Arriving’ section with a status of ‘active’, but should not be placed in the ‘Active’ category until the subsequent month. As an example if a member arrived onto your SOTL in January they’d be placed in the ‘Arriving’ section, and then moved into the ‘Active’ section for February.

The fourth category is for ‘Departing’ crew; this is intended for any crew who have left your SOTL (regardless of reason), there are two main types of how to use this category, the first being an intra-fleet transfer (aka transferring from one SOTL to another), and the second being when a member retires or resigns from UFS.

- For members who are transferring from your SOTL to another, mark their status as ‘Transferred'.
- For members who have either Retired or Resigned from UFS please mark their status as ‘Retired’ or ‘Resigned’ as appropriate.

In either case please make sure to only have one instance of that member (e.g. move them from Active to Departing, there should not be 2 instances), and also include a 'Reason for Transfer' with any relevant information or comments/notes (e.g. if someone transferred; what SOTL did they goto? If they resigned and you were given a reason that was relevant you could notate it down.)

Please also try to remember to enter the date which a member was processed by Personnel into the ‘Date of Transfer In/Out’ box for both the Arriving and Departing crew sections.

I also want to quickly remind you all that your January MSR's will be due on Monday February 6 at midnight SLT/PDT. (The formal reminder will be sent out on Friday January 27)

Otherwise, that's all I got; please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding your MSR or the process itself, I’ll also be including this info as part of the MSR reminder so that you can reference it more easily if needed

4. Ship of the Line Reports:
  • Pinastri HQ:
Firstly I’d like to welcome Lan into the fold as my XO, Lan has shown a growth and determination in helping move not only HQ but UFS forward into a new age. He also looks good in a speedo.

You may notice we now have a functional HQ area, this has been a fantastic effort by both Lan and Ben to provide us with somewhere we can showcase what life on a colony could be like, to immerse as a Starfleet Officer at HQ without having to fly off every week on a ship.

The aim for HQ is just that, to provide an immersive experience, we have some plans with RP coming soon, including a Murder Mystery, which requires you to actually go and find items to solve the case, not just RP it out.
  • SS Nimbus:
Not too much to add, will hopefully soon start up with monthly meetups by video chat, and get some daily RP going.
  • SS Tranquility:
Tranquility just complete a longer story arc that began with an intruder alert on the station that ended up with Admiral Lombardia brain dead. The traditional method of bringing him back was not working. All the tech that allows his memories to be inserted into a new device was no longer working. All Ancient technology seemed to be rendered inoperable. The crew went looking for a specialist doctor while trying to track the hacker responsible. After a several missions they found the doctor who had been captured by Romulans after they had a plot to frame the federation for creating a super weapon aboard a innocent looking civilian ship. During the mission everyone awake in a strange location. A creature simply calling it self as the guardian had brought hem here and admired it was behind the Admiral's condition. It guards ancient technology. It was too poweerful for teh Federation, Romulan Empire and most other races to have so it was removing it. However, Admiral Lombardia had assisted the Ancients in the past and was owed so they were going to restore him. However, mentally he was caught up in a memory of regret. The crew were plugged into a machine and is inserted to his memory to help him over come it so his entire memory could be restored. THey were successful and Rich was brought back to life but for the last time. He could never again be restored via Ancient technology.
  • USS Atlas:
  • USS Durant:
The Durant is on a mission to bring supplies and medical assistance to a colony on the planet Macreen in the Midgar Sector when suddenly our long-range sensors detected a forcefield up ahead, and we discovered it was all around us.

We are trapped inside a forcefield box and there is no evidence of why the box is there or who placed it there. It seems to be a type of trap. With telemetry from a probe we sent out we have found out that there is another ship in this force field box with us. A Pakled ship and they have asked for our help. We also found out that the force field emitter is inside the force field and that it is damaged. The emitter is leaking radiation and plasma. The plasma leakage will cause it to explode. We want to escape from this enclosure before that happens and assist the other ship to escape as well. The radiation leaking from the emitter has caused most of the Durant crew members to become ill, with various levels of illness. Our Medical staff is treating the crew.

The Pakleds have requested that we transport a Durant Engineer and Medical Officer to their ship to help them. Some of them feel ill and need a doctor. Their ship is damaged and they also asked for an engineer to make them go, and they want a Starfleet Officer to fly their ship out of this enclosure when we leave. Our scans show that their ship is damaged and that it is a hodgepodge of different operating systems from different races including a lot of Romulan tech. We also suspect they have a cloaking device. There is also an unidentifiable phaser array system on their ship that our probe detected.

The Durant Away Team is over on the Pakled ship now doing scans, making repairs, treating the sick, and giving the Pakleds a crash course in flying their own ship.Two of my Betazoid officers are sensing undercurrents of deception.We shall see what happens.

Durant News
Our Operations Officer Lt. Cmdr. Selina Otsuka will be leaving Durant at the end of January to take her place as XO on the USS Shogun. A wonderful opportunity. Selina is an excellent officer and she will be missed. She has been a great help to me, the crew and the guests we have had. She contributed greatly to the wonderful morale on our ship and our Durant family. We have many good memories of our adventures together on our many fun missions.Selina will be an excellent First Officer. We said our goodbyes. We all wish her well and Congratulations!

We have 3 new officers that have joined the Durant:
Ensign Mac Gaelyth - Operations
Ensign Mikie Rhiadra - Intelligence
Ensign Saraphinadarksoul - Engineer

Each of these officers bring their own special quality and energy to the ship, and they are great! We are happy to have our new crew members. All three feel like they have been with us longer than they actually have because they fit right in; we all enjoy ParaRP, joking and teasing and making each other laugh. We continue to enjoy our mission adventures together.
  • USS Thor:
Our last RP storyline turned into a little epic with lots of lovely gruesome departures :). Accompanied by a rather antagonistic science officer, LaKiffe, we followed various leads to eventually discover the lost wreck of the SS Princess of the Galaxy. Unfortunately in doing so, we became trapped in the same mysterious gravity “storm” it was entombed in.

Whilst coping with the extreme damage that resulted from the passage through the storm, the motives of our guest became clear whilst exploring the wreck. LaKiffe was not interested in solving the mystery of what happened to it or how it ended up in the Delta. Instead, he was after a bizarre machine that could manipulate the emotions and perceptions of people over a wide area. It was being used by the star performer, a singer from Betazoid, developed by her husband, a researcher into Bendii Syndrome.

It is revealed that his motives for acquiring the device are to stop it falling into the hands of so-called undesirables and so it can be studied and developed for the “greater good” This starts to confirm some of the crews suspicions about him and his legitimacy as a starfleet officer. Realizing that this machine can also be perverted into a weapon, the crew took the decision to destroy it. Before they could do so, LaKiffe, using a cadet he had been manipulating, activated the machine and tried to use it on the crew. The terrible potential of the device is displayed as they listen over the comm channel to a squad of marines sent to stop him, fall under the effects of the device and kill themselves.

LaKiffe demanded Lt Amaya to be brought to him, intending to use her telepathic abilities in “testing” the machine. Using this to gain access to the wreck, the crew managed to gain access to where the device is located, whilst the Captain and Major Woods kept LaKiffe occupied. The unfortunate cadet is plugged into the machine. Amaya linked with her, and they managed to reverse the effects of the device, turning it on LaKiffe, killing him in the process. Sadly, the result also resulted in the death of the cadet.

With the machine now destroyed, along with any records, and LaKiffe out of the picture, the crew devoted their full attention to getting out of the storm. A need that became more pressing when it was revealed that the storm was contracting, meaning anything in the eye would soon be crushed under the extreme forces. Using the knowledge that the energy strikes that had been striking the ship during its passage, and causing severe damage, were attracted by the ships power signature, a desperate plan is concocted where the ship would be powered down and a stripped down shuttle would essentially tow the ship out using tethers, navigating the gaps between the gravity waves in the wall of the storm.

With no other options on the table, and the squeeze literally on, the plan was put into operation. At first, it was successful, and the Thor made it through the inner walls and was nearly out when the gravity waves unexpectedly increased in strength. Disabled, all seemed lost until help came from an unexpected source. The Thor is pulled out by cables fired onto the hull. Their rescuers were LaKiffes colleagues, in a ship that dwarfed the Thor. The storm collapsed into nothingness, taking its horrors and mysteries with it.

With the Thor essentially crippled, they were unable to offer any resistance as some of its crew boarded the ship, removing the cadets remains from the morgue, and tried to access the Thors records of the device. They claim to be acting in humanities best interests, and displaying the same dismissive attitude to non-humans that LaKiffe did. Taking what data they can find, they depart. Leaving their true identities and motives a mystery to be solved another day.
  • USS Veracruz:


Ok, so in regards to LCARs (wiki) access. Compops are fine tuning the namespace thing, (for those that don’t know what that is it’s essentially protecting pages so that only certain people can access them and not access anything else) this should be completed in the next few weeks.

One thing to note is that each person that gets access to edit their own ship page will be asked to sign a form that will basically state “I agree to only edit my own pages and not to deviate from the templates”

As I said this is being tested and you should all be contacted soon by compops to set up an edit account so you can update your own ship pages and Crew manifests.


Suggested holding a SOTL TownHall style meeting for the members to meet the CO/XOs and ask any questions they may have. Holding a Fleet Week, open up a Captain’s Table Meeting for public.

Next meeting: 230218 @11:00 on SS Nimbus
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