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Sylvia Caproni
UFS Civilian
UFS Civilian
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<spoken in a cool, calm slightly accented female voice, deeper than expected in timbre, showing notes of exhaustion>

Begin log, computer.

What a bloody mess. I landed here, and of course there was no expectation that I would actually dive the wrecks myself. Apparently... they are used to scientists sending probes hither and yon to gather information and bring it back. But I cannot do that kind of exploration. I need to get my hands on that wreck, and I did! It took what seemed like forever to get the dive gear here, and I have to say I got some very strange looks indeed at the requisitions. I still have to perfect my stare, so when I hit Commander, if ever (ha!) I will have a great CDR stare. A good friend told me that was key....

Well, the food here is passable, the company as well. Folks are friendly enough, but I keep to myself, reading, and learning more about what kind of people the ancient residents of the planet were like. They clearly were highly sea-faring folk, with advanced boat-building ability such as Wreck Alpha demonstrated (see duty log of today's date). I am going to have to cave to a submersible at some point, because preliminary scanning (sonar) shows there are many, many, MANY wrecks to explore in the fjord alone, and that water goes down to a good depth of perhaps 100 m sounding.

<sighs> I'm tired. It was a good dive, and great getting back in a wetsuit and getting salt in my hair. I've missed that. Goodnight, computer. End log.

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