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Greg Esharham
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"OH MY "

"Computer start log entry"

Ive contacted the Museum in Tromsø for information on the Stone my mother found there that, became a focus of her research But as yet no reply.

I have been able to use what was sent to me to zero in on a much closer time frame of between the 4th 5th century for when the crater in Norway was formed, with the stone dating from the mid to late 8th century. This is becoming interesting indeed.

I've been talking to the Admiral about something else I think I might have missed before that could be a possible link to the three dots on the stone. But I will keep that between her and I for now as I don't want to get my hopes up.

I am no where near the archeologist my mother was I'm not even in the same league but I think that could be the reason Ive been thinking out of the box, more as an engineer, If I am right I have a feeling we night have a definite dig site in mind where the Admiral has set up a camp.

Time will tell, I wish the museum would hurry up with what I asked for SHHHHH calm down if its waited this long it can wait a few more weeks can't it?

Computer end log
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