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Greg Esharham
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Engineering - Commander
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Computer start personal log

" 15,000 credits are they kidding what could cost 15,000 credits to ship here ? "

As I opened the PADD to see exactly what was costing me most of what I had saved in the last 12 months a feeling of sadness came over me reading a note from my step father Ivan.

" Hi Greg I wanted to let you know I have shipped all of your mothers archeology research papers to you, I am sorry it's ended up being half a Cargo container worth but you know her preference for old fashioned pen and paper not PADD's when taking notes and I thought it appropriate to send them to you in her handwriting not converted to electronic medium. Anyway I just thought you might like them and also to point out some information in the Box marked " Eureka "

" Talk to you soon and please take a deep breath, Your Sister Irena is headed your way good luck and I think you will need it shes ummm lets say a little more random than usual, Ivan"

I look at the boxes piled on my cabin floor and look for the one my father has mentioned. and placed it on the bunk to open . Right on top of everything in the box was a book " Norse mythology and Saga's " opening the book i find a hand written note from my mother on the inside cover.

" Hello lovely I knew one day you would get all of this, I know that you always preferred Engineering to Archeology but I also know you have always been fascinated by our families History. I found it my love the link and I've left enough clues for you to find it as well , But I won't make it easy for you. Follow the clues and you will see what I mean xxxx Mum"

Computer give me a map of Scandinavian countries and the Esharham family tree locations

And the detective work begins !!!
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